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  1. Well anyone can make a mistake so fair enough. I was unaware of a meltdown. Someone had told me the score was 2-2 and I only found out that it wasn't the following morning
  2. Berwick fans will be very worried at the rapid decline of their club and rightly so. Six years ago they were fourth to Rangers in the league and only four years ago they were in the 6th round (quarter-final) of the Scottish Cup playing Hibs at Easter Road. Even their Twitter feed gave out the wrong score on Saturday. Having to take players this season that probably nobody else wanted won't have helped their cause. The pyramid has certainly opened doors for some and opened trapdoors for others. Berwick won't be the last longstanding SPFL club to drop out the SPFL2, I think there could well be one every year for the next few years at least.
  3. No it doesn't guarantee it but having kids teams associated with the club can increase your chances of success when it comes to applying for funding. As for increased support, it may not guarantee an increased support but their chairman is saying that one adult from the area attending one game per season would secure their future so on that basis I'd say the more people they get involved the more likey some of the kids will want to go to some games and their parents would be taking them.
  4. Are Berwick really in danger of going out the game altogether? The Chairman is calling on local businesses to help https://www.berwickshirenews.co.uk/sport/football/berwick-chairman-s-plea-support-the-club-or-lose-it-1-4982184 To be honest, I think the best way to get the local community on board is to get them all involved by having kids teams from the age of five right through to under twenty's, girls teams, a ladies team etc all under the Berwick Rangers name and there would be no shortage of help. The clubs that have this type of set up are the ones who attract financial support and the clubs who just rely on people handing them cash are the ones going nowhere.
  5. An interesting tie would be Tweedmouth Rangers v Berwick Rangers, a local derby between two clubs whose grounds are separated by the thickness of a breeze block wall, 8 inches I think.
  6. If team A wins the first two games to gain six points, would the third game still be played?
  7. Thanks for that info folks. Incidentally, Selkirk were mentioned as a possible addition next season but one of the criteria was that you had to have the previous three years of accounts in good order, whether that just means in good order to look at or whether it means that you mustn't have had financial problems I don't know. Could it be the amateur club Serkirk Vics who would be applying, that would maybe be a way round it?
  8. I'm interested in what happens at the end of this season as regards leagues A, B and C. I can't find any information relating to it on the EOSFL website which is otherwise a very good site compared to what it used to be. Can anyone enlighten me? I did start reading this thread but there's 34 pages and to be honest I got stuck on the very first post as I had no clue what PWG meant. I have heard that the top 5 in each of the 3 leagues will form 1 league of 15 next season and the remainder will go into a league below that, is that right? How is the champion decided? Will new teams still be able to apply to join the EOSFL next season? Thanks in advance
  9. That looks like a pretty fair assessment to me although Heriot Watt finished above Peebles but only by one point
  10. I would actually be inclined to go with the playing each other once idea. They played each other three times when there were the leagues of fourteen outwith the SPL not so long ago so no different to playing once really and only for one season anyway. At least after everyone having played each other once their final position would be on merit. The qualifying leagues are seeded are they not with two strong teams and two weaker teams in a section so not sure how they would decide where the new teams would be placed.
  11. Back in the 90's the clubs in the Scottish leagues outwith the Premier played each other three times in a season in the league so would playing a club once not work for one season of EOSFL as long as each team had the same number of home and away games? That would depend on whether there was an odd or an even number of clubs of course. I think in the EOS league cup it's not on a home and away basis anyway is it? At the end of the season all the clubs would be where they are based on ability over a season rather than hand picked seedings or whatever else.
  12. I personally think at this moment in time given that the EOSFL was almost down and out that it's good to see so many clubs joining and hopefully after another season we will see teams being able to compete with others of similar ability rather than these one sided games which don't do the league or the clubs any favours. Looking a number of years further down the line though, if it does come about that there will be two or even three promotion spots to the LL we could have a situation where two or three EOSFL are leaving the EOSFL for the LL but clubs are not dropping into the EOSFL because they are Highland, Glasgow area or SOSFL clubs. I think whatever the outcome there will be a stonger EOSFL premier at least and hopefully it all works itself out.
  13. It certainly would and I can't see either of them returning anytime soon because there are too many clubs in a small area with a sparse population and not enough good players.
  14. It would be good if they were. They would need a fence now after having been out for more than three years but they have everything bar the fence as it is. Teams who were already in were okay for some of the new EOSFL criteria but new teams joining had to meet the new criteria. It might take 10 years but I think as someone else pointed out some of the former EOSFL clubs currently in the Lowland could find their way back down to the EOSFL and it could lead to the return of two divisions of the EOSFL again. Teams who are getting thrashed every week in the EOSFL would have a league where they would face teams of the same level of ability. Maybe Duns would rejoin if there was a division two of the EOSFL and one or two others who left for the juniors.
  15. Preston Athletic and Coldstream have licenses, not sure about anyone else. A team without one wouldn't gain promotion to the Lowland League. I don't know who if any in the SOS has one.
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