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  1. That result and performance all but confirms relegation for me this season, and it's what we deserve. It's all fine and well putting in decent performances against the cheeks and still losing, but when we absolutely shit the bed the way we did yesterday at home to our relegation rivals then what chance do we have? A 15 minute spell of dominance in the first half aside that was possibly the most gutless, clueless and hopeless performance I've seen since Rice took over. Relatively speaking with the opposition and circumstances of course
  2. Agree with that. He started ok but when he pulled back a promising Accies attack to give a free kick for high feet by Cosgrove he fell apart and gave some dreadful decisions. Yup, and we had at least two strong penalty shouts as well. Aberdeen were by far the better team and deserved the win, no question about that, but if that wee scrote was capable of doing his job properly who knows? We would probably have still lost anyway
  3. Not that we deserved anything from that particularly, but we were absolutely Colllumed tonight
  4. Hibs pen looked like a stone waller from where I was sitting, I must say
  5. Dallas was Dallas but let's not pretend that Accies even made an attempt to get anything from that game. Bizarre doesn't even begin to cover that approach.
  6. Accies pen was a handball, seemed pretty clear from where I'm sitting. We don't look interested in the slightest, strolling around like it's a pre season friendly and letting Motherwell knock it about at their leisure. Very strange
  7. Scored an absolute worldie against Dundee, scored twice against Rangers and.... Nope, that's it...
  8. There's no point in even trying to have a reasonable conversation with fans of the cheeks when it comes to certain things. I have friends who are amongst the most intelligent people I've ever known, but the second anyone dares to say the slightest word against Celtic the green tinted specs come out and the conspiracy theories start. Another guy I know, a qualified lawyer, has completely fucked his career in favour of dedicating all his time to proving some kind of conspiracy against Celtic. He now works in a call centre and regularly references the referee that was sacked years ago for awarding and rescinding a penalty in a game that Celtic won comfortably anyway, but apparently this alone is irrefutable proof of said conspiracy. It's depressing as f**k, the sense of entitlement and knowing that both sets of fans will continue to do and say whatever they want without any fear of punishment from the shitebags that run our game
  9. Sad to have missed this one, sounds like a good win which I fear will be few and far between this season
  10. Seriously worried about us this season if that is the state of our defence. Gogic was absolutely abysmal, as was Easton before he went off injured. And why in God's name did McGowan take that penalty?!
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/ex-hamilton-accies-star-probed-16503087P Eeeeeh.....
  12. Scored a decent late winner against Livi and.... Nope, that's it.
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