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  1. I'm actually quite pleased McCann seems now to have started to live up to his potential at Falkirk, still hope he has an absolute stinker on Saturday though.
  2. That was the very definition of grinding out a result. Euan was our standout player today. I'm wondering if there are still folk left queuing to get out of the car park.
  3. I don't know Gary personally but I've written to the club as a season ticket holder to ask them to reconsider their decision as the punishment given out for what was in essence an adult carrying out a childish prank for which they have subsequently apologised is way, way over the top.
  4. As we don't carry the huge (I hear the population of the capital almost doubles during their visits) support of Dunfermline and Falkirk I take it from the purchase options on the website all the fans are expected to fit in the 500 seat stand? Will Ballantyne be available or has he picked up enough points to be suspended for more than one game?
  5. ADULT - £18 CONCESSION (Over 65) - £13 CONCESSION (Student, Unemployed, Disabled, 16-17) - £11 CHILD (Under 16) - £7 PARENT & CHILD (Under 16) - £20
  6. I don't see why there should be any work permit issues in signing players from either part Ireland as long as they hold Irish (CTA includes employment rights) or UK citizenship.
  7. https://glasgowlife.sportsuite.co.uk/activity-finder/activity/football-tiny-tots-18-months-3yrs19 Likely similar activities to above in other local authority areas outwith Glasgow. The SFA mini-kickers part of the player pathway doesn't start until age 3. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/football-development/participation/childrens-youth-football/mini-kickers/
  8. As I'm in the Glen Clova area for the first match would have been fab had we been away to Arbroath first rather than Cowden. Apart from Edinburgh City good to have fixtures against teams we've not played in a while.
  9. Have City been in touch with Scottish Athletics at all about the new stand at Meadowbank as I imagine they would be keen to host events there with a greater capacity than 500?
  10. Over the two play-off games Queens Park probably just shaded it although as it went in to second period of extra time I thought the game was destined for penalties. It was great to have the main stand full of Airdrie supporters, been a long time since that last happened. Disappointing end but it's still been an enjoyable season of entertaining football to watch and I'm sure been much more fun following the Diamonds as opposed to the Bairns. So best of luck to both Cove and QP in the Championship. League 1 next season is going to be quite tough but good to have 4 new places to visit.
  11. That was an eye bleeding spectacle, the inverse of Saturday's game in entertainment value. Fortunate to come away with a draw but given that's as poor as we've been since the last away trip to Peterhead (again salvaged by Afolabi) hopefully play to our strengths on Sunday.
  12. McDonald had a torrid time in the first 20 minutes but it was a misunderstanding between Paterson and Currie that gifted Montrose the lead. You'd expect the keeper to be screaming instructions at the fullback and not sure why Paterson would play in back towards his own goal, can only think it was a moment of panic/nerves caused by the pressure Montrose were putting us under in the early stages. Gradually we then settled and began to carve out some good opportunities and finished the first half the stronger team. Second half Airdrie again had really good chances to equalise but the poor decision making is borne out by the match stats showing only one shot on target, Gallagher's shot into the side netting rather than cutting it back one of the most frustrating for me on the night. That said, all to play for in the second leg with hopefully a good home support. As a side note, to Montrose fans, since you get your kit from Teamware your fans can likely order items on-line and collect it for free in the Airdrie stadium shop on Saturday!
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