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  1. M74 is best way,and go by Morrisons to the big new car park just before the train station
  2. Cumnock 2 Cambuslang 0 Injury time goal finished off a spirited lang performance
  3. Whitletts 1 Arthurlie 1 h.t Champions Cambuslang 2 Thorniewood 0 h.t
  4. Renfrew 2 Cambuslang 2 10 man lang fight back for a draw,1 more point to win the league [emoji846]
  5. Renfrew 2 Cambuslang 0 H.T Lang down to 10 men
  6. No,win next week at Renfrew will do it
  7. Will be soon going by the rain in Ayrshire, especially Darvel
  8. Scott Williamson,43 goals in 27 matches, now signed by Queens Park,but finishing the season with Camslang
  9. With his talent was always going to go higher,this will only be the start. Will obviously miss his goals but been great to have him for this season
  10. Thought Williamson was excellent and big Gemmell should be shot for those misses
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