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  1. Do you think it will get played at murrayfield?
  2. That was how hearts set up to play. With the injuries Hearts have they had no chance getting anything from the game any other way
  3. I watched this is a hibs boozer, all the hibs fans said nothing wrong with that, Gordon fault
  4. What im saying is if you have a 50/50 split of the roseburn stand all paying 23 or all paying 19 it makes sense hearts charging more. Hearts don't care about building bridges, who cares what other fans think.
  5. Hearts have sold 12,000 season tickets so far. Tynecastle holds around 17,000. That means over 70% of the stadium will be full of season ticket holders, this means as it stands there will be 5000 seats (30%) for walk ups and away fans. I have no problem with £23 as the price matches demand, tynecastle should be pretty full most games Hibs for example, have a bigger stadium and less of a crowd. whats the point bumping the prices for a stadium that will never be close to full?
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