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  1. The youth club does not fund BSC Glasgow, in fact the youth side of things is now a registered charity. They are both separate entities, whilst still looking to provide a pathway.
  2. There are 2 ways of looking at this. If the promotion issue is enforced in an already established league then your scenario is fair enough. However, if teams enter into a new league set up, and know the rules before they start, then they can have no complaints. In my opinion no relegation or promotion means our game stagnates, and we are in no position to further damage the Scottish game as a whole.
  3. It’s not really meritorious then? Say the first 4/5 clubs refuse to go up, how far do you go down?
  4. Kyle picked up a knock in his first game for us, and is on the road to recovery at the moment.
  5. In other news, Elvis is dead, man has landed on the moon etc etc In all seriousness the criteria is far reaching and is quite onerous. Admittedly the ground forms a large part of the criteria, but the rest of it should not be underestimated.
  6. Regardless of previous disagreements, they are good people running the club at Maryhill, with the club’s best interests at heart.
  7. Looks like Danny Stoney sustained a broken leg John, it wasn’t pleasant!
  8. You really need to let go of your anger and loathing, you’ll feel better for it.
  9. It will be on the pitch next to the Badminton Academy, the pitch is on your far right as you come through the gates. No issues re parking at all tonight, the Warriors have an away fixture this weekend.
  10. Believe me we have tried, but The Warriors are not for sharing!
  11. I’m so glad you came up with all of those solutions, we’ve never thought of, or tried any of them before!!! And yes I am HONESTLY telling you they are not available. I could bore you with lots of facts about some of these requests and some of the rejections we’ve had, but you probably know a lot more about it than we do. P.S. Even you must realise that some of the venues you have quoted are just impossible suggestions.
  12. You really think BSC play in Alloa through choice??? The club are continually working towards getting a ground in Glasgow, but it’s not that easy! Trying to obtain land is difficult, before you even consider the cost of it. We are working on it every day, we are not just sitting back and accepting it. As for your point about not being part of the community, I can only laugh at that. We have over 500 members playing and training in the West end every week.
  13. Apologies, yes they will be in attendance as well.
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