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  1. Enjoyed our encounters with SFC, couple of 2-2. Not bad. Disappointed when Victoria was sent off recently. My kind of player. Please allow me an indulgence. Stirling have faired well against Edinburgh this season. but struggled with Elgin.
  2. Last meeting was probably the worst game I have watched this season. Ball was punted from end 2 end by both sides. Tonight I just hope for some football.
  3. Stirling by 2 clear goals and leapfrog EC.
  4. EC set a fast tempo. Then they slowed it down. They controlled match from start to finish. No if's or buts. Can't rely on rub of the green to beat a side like EC.
  5. EC are no Cowdenbeath. Interesting to see EC lost 3-2 to QP. A scoreline when SA and EC last played. Both EC goals came from dead balls being flick on, then being scored. EC keeper some good blocks and hairy moments. Won't be end of the world for either side. Always favoured league pos 4 for play offs, but as a league place is worth roughly £3K. I therefore assume both sides will want win this one. The prophets of doom reckon Stirling don't play well at Forthbank. Could be a chance for Messrs 7 and 10 to do the business.
  6. In the last meeting Byrne scored only goal, it was a cracker. Ryan missed 6. If Ryan plays and hits a purple patch -/.:,;(?)!’
  7. Not as much as you would like. Yes he has talent and we were fortunate to benefit from that talent earlier in the season. But when he is opposing you, he or rather AR are not invincible.
  8. Bet you wished AR were playing SA every week.
  9. In earlier game thought AR deserved a draw or yes a win. Team-spirit is high at forthbank. Abundance of goal scorers. Yet only winning 1-0. It’s that time in the season where we are looking at other fixtures on the night. Still loads of points to be dropped in the run in. Hope we drop the least.
  10. I like low expectations. I hope it spreads to your dressing room. Reality is that fans expect to much and have short memories SA drew on Sat, I thought there was going to be a public hanging.. 48hours later and club announces extension to management contracts. Much back- slapping from fans. Re game, we have recruited and seem to have gone continental. Rotation, suggests we are in it for the long haul. The thought of missing out on a Ochilview pie fills me with dread. But if promotion beckons I will tighten my waist band. On BSM and cast of thousands. Home and away fans are enjoying the professionalism of the production. From their lofty perch, Statler and Waldorf entertain.
  11. Lots of huffing and puffing. Teams well matched
  12. Come on guys is he a good player or bad
  13. I’m saying SA morale is high. Lack of game time we may resort to stout defending with speculative punts up the park.
  14. I’m not falling for it. Your all trying to rub my enlarged ego.
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