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  1. Full marks to the 30 odd hardy souls who travelled down. One in particular. Cove's ultimate formation of 2-4-4 was impressive.There's a back story to this game.
  2. I 'm slightly more optimistic about this game, than I was against EC on Sat. Cove have had their problems when away from home plus Stirling still have something to play for. 2-0 Then game abandoned due to water-logged itch.
  3. Weather watch https://mobile.twitter.com/forthbank_news/status/1237053268301352961?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  4. Of all SPFL 2 teams EC have impressed me most. While SA have had a good run of away wins,.EC have been scoring twice in most games. KR pointed to Sutherland and Hester as VG strikers. To win at Brough a big ask??
  5. Stennie were up against it on Saturday and face another stiff encounter next Saturday. I'm not suggesting SFC will roll over. But og's or soft goals would be nice.
  6. No chance. Conditions will be balmy compared to weather endured at Cowden and Edin.
  7. Potential 🍌for SA, unless Storm Duffy/Bikey blows in.
  8. Top of the town venue, Ballengeich cemetery.
  9. KR is an interviewer's dream. He's asked a Q, then talks and talks. Usually a lot of sense. In recent games Stirling have had VG halves but nothing to show for it. Duffy's lob summed it up. Sometimes it works. Pitch in excellent shape for 90mins. Ref??
  10. If we play for 90 mins, anythings possible. Side issue. What happened to red, yellow card dished out to Cox at Balmoral park?
  11. Assuming no penalties or reds against Stirling , I will be surprised if QP score 2. I notice QP have been losing late goals, while Stirling have been finishing strongly. Don't leave early and miss all the fun.
  12. Hoped for more from this game. First 60 mins evens with neither keeper hard worked. Yet Stirling were 2 down. Albion double sub brought some urgency, but possibly Elgin were happy to sit back and hit on break. To say Stirling deserved a point would smack of sour grapes. Travelling fans were relived come final whistle. Keeps things cosy for play-off places. Apart from his goal I thought Sutherland was invisible.
  13. I'm sure KR will be giving an upbeat pre match team talk prior to this one. As a fan I can be more realistic against Cove allstars. Of course my pessimism is tempered by the fact that SA can afford to drop points against top 2 and still be in play-offs. Can Cove afford to drop a single point? The only way this can become a crunch match. Is if someone uses the Ryan Christie manoeuvre.
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