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  1. Stirling vs Clyde

    Guys i'm still on my holidays. We haven't had the BOA games and still frying old tatties. But if we must. Towards the end of last season three teams impressed me Cowdenbeath, Clyde and Edin City. All three performed well in the betfred cup. remembering I'm still on my hols and in a good mood. Here's a Bert Belter for my friends at Broadwood.
  2. Stirling Albion Thread

    Interesting interview with Mike Mulranney. Makes running a part-time squad in champ leg a simple task. 2:49 into programme. https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/b0bcqcgh
  3. Ouch!!! I travelled in optimistic mood, but reality dawned. Will miss your comments on P&B
  4. Guys give car drivers an approx travel time last Tuesday. Any tips?
  5. For those that like stats. On Saturday at Forthbank, Stirling attempts on goal = goals scored. 100% fantastic. My attempt at impish humour may have fallen on deaf ears. I sincerely hope Mackay uses my interpretation on facts rather than the alternative, in his prematch chat. In play-offs points and goal difference go for nothing. In short all bets are off phrase of bet 1. informal the outcome of a situation is unpredictable. "when they get lonely all bets are off"
  6. The guy's a star. The game needs more like him
  7. Last night I had a dream. With 93mins on the clock and the ref lifting the whistle to his lips, Smith was bearing down on goal with only the keeper to beat. I thought, funny, what's Cammy Binnie doing in the Stenny goal.
  8. Berwick vs Stenny

    Stupendous Stennie
  9. Berwick vs Stenny

    Now Stennie we don't want your elite athletes tiring themselves out over the next few days. A steady game of tippy-tappy football and I am sure Stirling will oblige on Saturday.
  10. Annan Ath v The Binos

    Bearing in mind the praise you and others were heaping on an away day at Annan, perhaps he was ensuring the experience was memorable. Re our extended season. Mackays's contract states plays-offs, perhaps next season we should read the small print. Having said that "Project Conspiricy " will still bear fruit. I am being to stifle my laughter at who will be disapointed.
  11. Stenhousemuir vs Montrose

    How mini?? Fine weather for tomorrow. Last season Arbroath clinched title at Forthbank. To witness hunners of fans going mental is entertainment in itself. Enjoy you day.
  12. Clyde v Stirling Albion

    Clyde win tomorrow, to keep their season alive. Dream of play-offs and huge crowds with this pair.
  13. The Binos v The Gable Endies

    Free flowing game with well taken goals. Congrats Montrose. Mon fans bounced and sang through the afternoon. Stirling had six plus,dead balls into 18 yard box in first half. All collected by keeper or headed clear. Not one ball hit the deck where we could have scrapped for it. Not surprising considering height of keeper and defence.Repeated twice more in second half . Which suggests a clear Stirling management instruction. Project Conspiacy or gross incompentence. Not long to wait and find out which. Re Stirling fans downer on ref. First red, classic Robertson indicipline. See comments above re ref feeling sorry for Stirling. Resulting free kick and goal were just rewards.
  14. The Binos v The Gable Endies

    Montrose fans in East stand. Sun in your eyes
  15. The Binos v The Gable Endies

    Something to put a smile on my please. Anything other than a win leaves me fearing playoffs.