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  1. The Binos v Elgin City

    Twelve pointer? May stay at home and pick the Ouse oot of ma belly button.
  2. QP v Stirling Albion

    Next missed chance the winner.
  3. Binos v. Borderers

    Should be a short highlights package this week.
  4. Binos v. Borderers

    On Monday I arrogantly thought this result was a shoo-in. I was toying with the idea of asking Who has been your most difficult opposition? In recent years Peterhead have always managed to get my back up. Now BRFC have beaten the champions elect. It would be easy to sit on fence and plump for a draw. I fear Stirling will be losing more matches and this could be one of them.
  5. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Firstly full marks to Clyde FC for enabling the game to go ahead. Clyde worthy winners, no complaints. I didn't watch a dirty game. . If you cast mind back to your Managers interview after we won at Forthbank recently, he said that his team were an easy touch. Referrred to games against Peterhead week before and Clyde game. re above comment, PH took 4 yellow cards in last 30 mins, disrupting Stirling attacks in final third and Clyde received 2 for time-wasting. KR was referring to Stirling becoming more streetwise. Clyde continued with similar tactics yesterday. Scored then sat back. Time-wasting? Best demonstrated by Luggie Moore's conversion to centre spot. Q Which Clyde team has a greater chance of wining playoffs. First half or second half. Finally some of your support have been called morons, scum and vermin. Root then out.
  6. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Will the surface not be able to cope with a 1/2cm of snow. Surrounding roads might be a problem. When was snow last responsible for a postponement at Broadwood?
  7. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    It's not my function in life to educate certain fans, but here goes. Pro means paid employment. If manager tells team to perform in a particular fashion, they follow instructions. Why would a manager instruct a team to risk injury/suspension when points aren't necessary. Meaningless game, not pointless....that would be boring.
  8. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Meaningless game for both teams. Nil,nil. clyde to win on yellow cards 5-1. 4 for time wasting.
  9. Stirling Albion Thread

    I was surprised to learn he was younger than Binnie our other No1. Strengths: alert, very agile. He can't be much more than 6' yet is fearless at high crosses. weaknesses: his goal kicks can be lofty and barely pass half way line. I'm certain he has a future. If you think SA fans are being carried away . Ask QP fans, he broke their hearts in Jan.
  10. Stirling Albion Thread

    Folks I share your anger/disappointment, but the rather rotund lady has only left her dressing room. Lets not do the work of others. "When they go low we go high" I' m sure the management and players will continue to give their all. For that reason I'll be at Central Park cheering Stirling on.
  11. Stirling Albion v Clyde

    Has the pie gone off on this thread. Clyde fans back-pedalling over result. Could Clyde be playing for a draw as they don't want to peak to early?
  12. The Binos v Peterhead

    Glad to see your keeping awake at the back. Unlike our defence. Occasionally.
  13. The Binos v Peterhead

    No complaints, PH worthy winners. In first half Stevenson was controlling things, pinging the ball all over the place. The open goal miss, lightened my mood. PS Any chance, in our next meeting, of letting us have a point.
  14. Stirling Albion Thread

    I'm sure we're all raising our game. I will buy an extra pie and pint at Sat fixture.
  15. The Binos v Peterhead

    Yes, that was my point. We seem to be freely scoring goals and if Peterhead want to take something from game they may have to score once or more. Month or so ago I would have happily lost the games against PFC and EC. Not now. For those travelling hope the by-pass makes your journey less of a pain.