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  1. Was really impressed with some of the football against Nairn on Saturday. Bit of a slow start which felt like something of a trademark at home last season. The Fanbase app looks good, ST purchase very smooth and hopefully more added to it as we progress. Feeling optimistic.
  2. This is beautiful but not the actual home top I don’t think?
  3. Anyone selling a spare ticket for the Friday?
  4. I wonder if it will even be the top story on 6 o clock news.
  5. When will Peterson Park be ready for BSC games so we know?
  6. One for romping ahead in the league and the second for another rollercoaster Scottish Cup ride?
  7. Any news on season tickets? Money burning a hole in my pocket and I’m trying to convince a few others to sign up.
  8. When are the west/east/south playoffs scheduled for?
  9. It’s a strange one, seems to be linked to a new breed of internet inspired nuts who believe in destabilising society by whatever means necessary before coming to power. They actually advocate rape and sexual abuse as a legitimate means to do so. The order of the 9 angles is mentioned a lot, many of them seem to be very young and educated. I’m assuming your more trad NF BNP type fascists remain in the ‘fetch the noose’ camp when it comes to such things.
  10. Elgin game is all ticket. Out of interest what is considered to be the capacity of Holm Park.
  11. Brilliant performance on Saturday in front of a cracking crowd in the sunshine & a great draw in the next round. Not looked forward to Saturday’s at the fitba this much for a long time.
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