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  1. I’ve gone vegan as an experiment to see how it affects my fitness, weight and general well-being. While doing it I’ll do some reading up on the environmental arguments for and against as well before deciding what I keep if anything long term. Personally I’m not comfortable with any argument that puts animal ‘rights’ in any kind of similar footing to human rights so I will continue to massacre insects driving my SUV up the A9.
  2. Working in a polling station in Glasgow I would say turnout seems very healthy so far. I estimate 45% of non-postal voters have been in already & we have a large %age of postal votes in this station, which is a relatively deprived area.
  3. United should ditch the fucking horrible tangerine colour scheme and go back to a classy black and white look.
  4. https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/store.nike.com Extra 30% off Nike discount prices online here for your running goodies.
  5. I have become pretty obsessed with this marathon training plan ; https://bridgerridgerun.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/how-to-run-a-3-hour-marathon-a-just-enough-training-approach/ It’s aimed at trying to break the 3 hour mark with a ‘just enough’ approach. However it can be adapted to suit whatever your target time is. I have a 3:42 PB but intend to use this plan to break that at Loch Ness next October. Planning to run an average 30 miles per week with a speed/hill/fartlek at least once a week in preparation and to work towards the recommended 5k time (current PB is 20:07 and reckon 19 minutes is achievable).
  6. He is apparently a massive proponent of Scottish independence though so maybe all is not as it seems?
  7. Gropey, Rapey, sounds like the start of the worst seven dwarfs ever.
  8. You’ve convinced me. Free the Banffshire one [emoji110]
  9. Exactly the course this thread will sadly take for many. I would think part of this is to encourage other victims to come forward.
  10. A bit unlikely he just suddenly became a beast aged 53 so surely there will be more incidents reported.
  11. These Animal Men or S*M*A*S*H should have been the question to be answered in the 90’s. Not fucking Blur or Oasis.
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