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  1. Subhumans are playing Scotland Calling next April and first album for 12 years out in September.
  2. Is Scotstoun definitely happening then?
  3. Buzzcocks - Late for the Train
  4. When Celtic lost to Lincoln Red Imps they went on to win the league. Hope Killie do the same this season.
  5. It’s to help my daughter get to Dundee Uni, plenty excuses to go to Tannadice erm take her home cooked food I mean. Thanks that link is awesome! [emoji1319]
  6. Cheers I got (5y-23)/4 I think Melting my brain
  7. Do tickets need to be bought in advance? Shirley Knott.
  8. Beautiful day for it. 8-1 win for the Bankies.
  9. Passed the ground yesterday, the mural looks fabulous IMO. Is it a friendly today against Yoker?
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