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  1. Surely not? that's like us saying we will let haber move on because yordi is signed up. Id rather keep Gadz and have mcpake on just a pay as you play contract with a basic wage in a coaching capacity too. Considering gadz is already on miniscule wages even if we tripled them he would still be nowhere near our highest earner
  2. Good to see my pal Doddsy is doing away not bad with you guys, hopefully keeps it up. Hows the forward doing that you signed from swifts?
  3. I think Julen, Kosta and Odea are our 3 best center halfs evem when all 5 are fully fit and available especially when playing 3 at the back. If in a back 4 then its Odea and Kosta for me, just preference.
  4. Haber has been brilliant so far, great lay off for Kosta
  5. Starting to feel sorry for the kid, poor soul. Been in here for weeks and still hasnt got a bite lol. Maybe if he knew where to have full stops and capitals in his post id maybe understand a little of what he is saying. oh p.s enjoy Morton and Queens away.
  6. El bak is shite, not just his chance but overall offers nothing of note to us
  7. El bak misses massive chance to equalise. Massively out his depth in this league unfortunately plus he is on a 3 year contract. Oops
  8. Curran starting is the weirdest selection ive seen us make in years
  9. Maybe if Yordi stopped pretending to be injured he may of had a look in at some point
  10. Yeah kosta needs a 2 year deal on decent terms as he deserves that! ross i would bin. Kosta has been outstanding this season, speaks decent english now and is obviously happy and playing with confidence he maybe didn't have initially
  11. If bain wants to through his career away then so be it. A massive lack of respect to Hartley who ignited his carear in football in the first place by taking im from both Aberdeen to alloa then alloa to Dundee. The goal yesterday looked as if he just couldnt be arsed to deal with it genuinely
  12. Seems strange that he is very highly rated yet we want to offload him
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