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  1. If Humphrey’s there, the risk is that Peter MacDonald will score against us for the 103rd time…
  2. Agree with all of this but will be glad to never hear that fuckin Aidan Keena song again. Was on repeat there after the game. The young team certainly appreciated all the female students appearing late on after the game too.
  3. Like saying it’s better to stand in dug shite rather than coo shite?!
  4. I think a big part of the lack of media updates is down to the fact that we have now lost two of four components of the media team this summer. We are now currently running without the direction of the head of digital/media as well as the “senior producer”. Likely that the lack of a suitable applicant for the recently advertised role has left us a bit lacking in media strategy and production.
  5. I certainly don’t see this being a deliberate attempt to mislead and has been explained by AB as an error in judgement and the additional consequence of him being on a flight home from holiday when said tweet was sent by the club. There’s a lot of things that can be levelled against Motherwell but fleecing their own fans is most definitely not one of them!
  6. Given the departure of our recent Head of Comms and the delay in getting a replacement, I see it as a simple but careless error. Unsure why someone unconnected to the club is getting so bent out of shape over it though?!
  7. Suspension for racking up the bookings normally only takes effect 14 days after reaching the threshold.
  8. First clip from the Story of the Match…. Just listen to that roar!
  9. Ah, that explains it. Knocks me out with it being restricted to Club50. Shame
  10. Where’s this detailed? Can’t find mention of it online anywhere
  11. Had heard of this a while back but confirmation that Grant Russell is heading off. Seems like a hefty responsibility for his replacement but hints at some of the clubs’ future plans too… https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/club/vacancies/
  12. Was that the one planned by MFC Community Trust at Muirhouse that was canned due to Sunday league teams successfully campaigning to the local councillors?
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