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  1. Wasn’t there on Saturday but I expect so. In our league cup games with the ballot, tickets were sent by email with the code scanned at the turnstile on the way in.
  2. You will be able to buy online and ticket will be sent via email as a QR code automatically.
  3. Reports starting to come through that Red Zones and associated distancing requirement scrapped for players. looks like no more excuses for Rangers and Celtic to stop other clubs but each other attending matches.
  4. I don’t understand the confusion about Cinch being on the flags. They’ll be plastered on anything related to the league (Except Rangers) for the duration of their deal. If come the end of the deal, someone else takes over, Cinch won’t be on the flags the next season; despite the winners having won the Cinch Premiership, Championship….
  5. On the default theme, the line that shows Unread replies isn’t very clear. Font colour is too close to the background one
  6. A certain Andy McLaren was sent off for Kilmarnock at Fir Park for booting the ball at the East Stand I’m sure after too many taunts about his drug taking history.
  7. Textbook Coyne and Arnott there, absolutely tremendous!
  8. “Show me the V5 documents. The people deserve to see them!”
  9. I guess that it’s cheaper to change the badge to a one colour design but it’s being done too much recently to blend in with the main colour of a shirt. What’s wrong with using our proper badge?
  10. From what I’ve seen, Macron with their professional kits will pretty much let the clubs choose the design rather than use stock templates. Motherwell have certainly designed a lot of theirs in house over the past few years. these poor design choices are down to Dundee United alone I think.
  11. We’re at home on the first day. Get that Easter Road trip booked in for December!
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