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  1. Every time I see this thread title, I can’t help thinking that’s a generous price for Celtic, even with their defensive troubles...
  2. This angle shows just how good a finish it was too...
  3. Was it not fingers in his ears as if he’s not listening to what people are saying about him? sure he’s done similar before
  4. Certainly not if the CEO of another Lanarkshire club is anything to go by!
  5. They’ve had Doncaster in the studio a good few times on fixture release day and normally do a trip to every Premiership ground in the week leading up to opening day. However their coverage naturally drops when the EPL kicks into fashion
  6. Fair point, I got my sums mixed up in my earlier post. This way of doing gives Sky the Big Bang they’ll look for as pet of the new deal but going forward it’ll likely go into the back burner again a bit
  7. I had forgotten about the stooshie that article caused and the vehement denials! Still gins it strange that there could be a number of weeks with no games but that should hopefully mean more 3pm Saturday games and (SG permitting) more fans at the games.
  8. That’s surprising as it would lead to at least 7 fixture rounds having no live games. I’m sure that under this deal the SPFL were hoping to have a regular “appointment to view” TV match time.
  9. Sky appear to be televising 13 of their allocated 48 fixtures in the first month of the season. im guessing that means they’re getting extra televised games this year too as part of the agreement to give up exclusivity
  10. Hearing they there may be an announcement about next season’s programme from the BBC today.... prepare to be leased!
  11. We would likely have all missed out on the hilarity of his huff, picking up the ball and walking off the pitch at Tannadice a few years later
  12. Rangers players also hounded oUt a manager who asked them to manage their diet better and stop eating so many chips and crisps.
  13. I missed the team returning to Fir Park as it took forever to get out of Toryglen car park. Was so gutted at the time.
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