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  1. I guess that it’s cheaper to change the badge to a one colour design but it’s being done too much recently to blend in with the main colour of a shirt. What’s wrong with using our proper badge?
  2. From what I’ve seen, Macron with their professional kits will pretty much let the clubs choose the design rather than use stock templates. Motherwell have certainly designed a lot of theirs in house over the past few years. these poor design choices are down to Dundee United alone I think.
  3. We’re at home on the first day. Get that Easter Road trip booked in for December!
  4. Exactly where I first met him. Didn’t seem that much older than me at the time but always a voice of reason when us young ones maybe pushed it a bit far! Really sad to hear of his passing and will miss his sensible and reasoned thoughts and posts online. RIP Andy
  5. Did you vote for him in the POTM?!
  6. Celebratory curry from Mushtaqs tonight!!
  7. From a very quick skim read, my favourite is this part Look at their over 30’s players. Defoe is older than Scott Brown but when he plays he seems, at times, to be years younger. Surely even the most stupid Celtic fan realised that it’s the fact Defoe isn’t sitting in pub doorways at 3am with a kebab in hand?
  8. Pat Bonner talking after the game about the big dressing rooms without a hint of irony! 😂
  9. Every time I see this thread title, I can’t help thinking that’s a generous price for Celtic, even with their defensive troubles...
  10. This angle shows just how good a finish it was too...
  11. Was it not fingers in his ears as if he’s not listening to what people are saying about him? sure he’s done similar before
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