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  1. Live mics for referees?

    I remember STV doing a documentary with the ref (Iain Brines?!) in a Motherwell v Hearts game mic’d up. It showed why some referees don’t get respected as the tone and language used when speaking to players that night was terrible. Would still like it to be used in the future though.
  2. Was that not a league cup game where they tried to bring Blinker on while the player was trudging off? That was a couple of months before we beat them 2-0 at Parkhead with Mickey Weir walking the ball into the net to seal it on 90 mins.
  3. Scottish Cup TV Rights

    They have the same producer for Scottish Cip as BT has for the SPFL, Sunset & Vine. It was always likely that they would use the similar production values on Premier Sports, if not the same presenting team. I imagine none of the on screen team have exclusive contracts.
  4. St Johnstone - Motherwell

    Peaso McDonald to score the winner as usual?!
  5. C’mon now, you cut that on purpose to choose not to show that the “couple” we from South Lanarkshire towns...
  6. One of them has tweeted Bet Park and asked them to get involved... unfortunately not in Turkish though!
  7. Motherwell v Dundee

    Watching Paul McGowan getting right wound up at the end of the game was magic. Him and McCann weren’t happy with each other
  8. My point was in relation to your fervent rant against the main stand.
  9. There have certainly been discussions recently with Ravenscraig about moving there but still a fair way off from what I heard.
  10. What’s the issues and is it more pressing than the paint splatters on the east stand steps?
  11. Project Brave rumbles on..

    History repeating itself with Falkirk prioritising their team ahead of other priorities in looking for promotion. Didnt work out well the last time with Brockville....
  12. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    To be fair, Craig Brown publicly stated he was staying at Motherwell....
  13. Looks to have gone trigger happy on the delete key as now only showing total of 8 tweets. I did spot a tweet earlier though with a kiss blowing emoji which I took to be a sign he was happy with today’s result. Not been slow to stick the boot in since he left.
  14. Dundee v Motherwell wed 25th oct

    Worse than a goalkeeper catching the ball and stepping back into the net and a goal not being given?
  15. Motherwell v Aberdeen - League Cup Quarter Final

    The biggest battering dished out since Lee Erwin left town.... (Hiya Rangers!) What a performance tonight. Back to front we did everything that could be asked and restricted them to a few long range shots while we could have had a couple more too. Also it's great to get one over mcinness and docherty as they are one of the most arrogant management teams about!