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  1. 2 of the last 3 days have been huge spikes in cases. They're normally explained a few days later as an outbreak in care homes or factories but I think Aberdeen will be moved up to tier 3 regardless because the case rate will be far too high.
  2. I don't know what you're referring to. Do you mean about them being essential? Or the silly argument about how they get there and what else they do that day?
  3. The 3 storey Primark on Union Street has a capacity of over 300. It's indoors with no windows, there's no tracing and people moving about at random quite close. It's open 8am-8pm every day. You could have that amount in the South Stand for 2 hours every once in 2 weeks sat one per 26 seats. 1000 across just the South Stand could be 1 in 8. Wailing about saving lives, public health, crowds gathering and pissing the bed over something that blatantly has no risk compared to the other things open in tier 2 is a very strange argument to all of us with brains.
  4. I've explained already why and how Aberdeen won't get into tier 1 for as long as the tier system is in place. It would have to drop to a sustained 7 cases or less a day to reach the rates that the Scottish government seem to want. Dumfries and Galloway just got there and their population density is 1/50 of Aberdeen. That's why Cormack is arguing for fans in tier 2, and the people saying you have to get in tier 1 and have to get the transmission rate down are fucking idiots detached from the population density and economic activity in Aberdeen City reality.
  5. Aberdeen aren't making any more money this season. The plan was always that no one but season ticket holders would get in. They took that into account. They technically have the money they expected to use to let 1/3 capacity in for every game. However season tickets go on sale in March where they would be looking to take in millions to keep things running. With 10% of the city on unemployment benefits, a whole lot more damage to come, people having got to 0 games for their money and already down to 8000 holders this season, sales are in deep trouble.
  6. How long it will take to administer the vaccine to the population then? When will it be safe to return to stadiums in what numbers? I'll pass on the answers to Dave-the-Ego so he stops asking Jason for these meetings about that and writing statements.
  7. Good article with Cormack explaining his anger. He's said before if one person caught Covid from going to Pittodrie he'd stop the whole thing. He has everyone's, especially the elderly including his relatives', safety as top priority. He's shovelling money in every month to keep everyone's salaries paid. The c**t's a multi hundred millionaire and is trying to co-ordinate all this from his home in America. But some people think he's just a tory b*****d trying to damage their party. They're definitely the ones with brains. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scottish-footballs-isolated-depressed-fans-23143484
  8. I've heard for months from friends of directors and the SLO of their efforts to get fans in. It feels like an eternity to me and I haven't been doing the work. They've done everything they can, jumped through every hoop and done hugely detailed plans, repeatedly get knocked back with no explanation and no agreement to a meeting to plan for the future. He's now just on a vandetta against Leitch and co for being lead on (see the path out of lockdown published in July) then fobbed off. It's all very well saying get to tier 1, when no c**t knows what you have to do to get to tier 1. We were sitting between 30-40 cases per 100,000 for a good while and were kept in tier 2. For Aberdeen that's around 10 cases a day. With a population density of 9,080 per square mile and hundreds of thousands going to work or education every day, that's a really fucking low rate which is unreasonable to expect any better without a full lockdown stopping work and education. We're now recording about 20 cases a day and there's talk of going UP to level 3 ffs. We're not going to get to level 1, so there's no fucking use in them replying to Cormack telling us we can't have a single fan in the stadium until then. Cormack wants fans in tier 2 but is getting told flat out no. Which approach will change that?
  9. Mate, it's only SNP ultras or at least closet ultras who've taken criticism of the rejection as a political attack on their party and truly thrown their toys out the pram. They number a few hundred at most. No one else gives a f**k and lots are supportive of the pressure and effort. The naesayers also never know what the hygiene and distancing measures at the events are and start saying things like how will they get there, they'll bunch up, what else will they do that day? The stupidity of the requirement to be in tier 1 for fans to be allowed is that far more things such as pubs indoors and outdoors are open which also leads to much more people shopping etc., therefore there's more stuff for them to do that day and many times more people will be on transport or in venues at the same time. There is in fact less transmission risk for fans to attend when less is open in higher tiers.
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