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  1. What's Tam O'Brien's day job? Quality CB
  2. It's worth noting that English players wages are payed by the PFA until August 31st if they have been freed by a club. So players are generally in no rush to sign.
  3. Not saying Van Been is bad. I'm just saying he has the talent to play at a higher level than league 2 in England. He just needs to use it. Will play well in some games but I suspect he may be a target for the boo boys if things are going badly. Personally hope he comes in and scores 15 goals but we will see!
  4. Doyles-Hayes is a better player than Newell IMO. Good on the ball, has an eye for a pass and is only going to get better. He's a good signing for you. Pisses me off as the last 2 Killie managers (Alessio, Dyer) passed on signing him. Would have kept us up last season.
  5. Kevin Van Veen. Lazy Lazy Lazy striker but has talent. Will bang in goals if he's "up for it". Personally I wouldn't sign him but if they manager can get a tune out of him, he will do well.
  6. He's been asked on multiple occasions. Continual no's.
  7. Ticket for the home game v Czech and already planning on a trip to Budapest or denmark for the round of 16
  8. Naismith isn't known for being the best "professional athlete"
  9. Return of the Obra Dinn. Quite interesting
  10. Always looking for a rangers loss. Covid could be the winner today
  11. Rangers fans gathering today is no different to the Thursday protests in Glasgow.
  12. Just interested as I knew he hit the ground running when he first came up here. Mainly sub at Ipswich this season but out of contract in the summer.
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