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  1. No chance! Racecourse would be the easiest anyway. Beam it onto the main stand.
  2. You could do it in the car park outside the Odeon with the lack of numbers.
  3. Killie unlucky not to get a draw. About 20 crosses into the box but no real chances. Hibs looked better on the break.
  4. We went something like 16 games undefeated at Tannadice I'm sure back in late 90s.
  5. There will be goals in this game. 2-1 killie with Naismith going through the motions ensuring he doesn't get injured before the international playoffs.
  6. dumpweed


    Battlehawks for me purely based on the badge. Are there any "stars" or top ex-NFL players playing?
  7. I'd suspect Hotel staff. The club have been very good over the past few years keeping targets quiet. I'd be surprised if there weren't more arrivals.
  8. It certainly doesn't help when news leaks for potential signings like this. Club have been working on this one for a while. Will be seen a coup if we sign him but other clubs won't be slow in sniffing about.
  9. Inconsistent bounce of the ball on artificial pitches? it's a flat surface all over with the exact same ground cover! No mud, divots, holes, sand.
  10. 70k is a really low value. Kennedy must have thrown his toys out the pram and told them he wasn't playing.
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