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  1. Return of the Obra Dinn. Quite interesting
  2. Always looking for a rangers loss. Covid could be the winner today
  3. Rangers fans gathering today is no different to the Thursday protests in Glasgow.
  4. Just interested as I knew he hit the ground running when he first came up here. Mainly sub at Ipswich this season but out of contract in the summer.
  5. Question re: Aaron Drinan. How good is/ was he?
  6. Mitch Pinnock has to be one of the worst signings ever. Minging
  7. Branescu wasn't that bad. Not in the class of Bachmann but definitely better than Rogers. He's on a free at the moment...
  8. I'm exactly the same. Sneakier that the sneaky c***s. At least I'm genuinely sneaky unlike these people who think they are
  9. People who turn off the received message notification (blue tick) on Whatsapp. Sneaky fuckers
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