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  1. What height is Declan Gallagher? The internet says 6ft 6 but that can’t be right surely
  2. Doyle Hayes is a good signing for you. "Footballing" midfielder probably the best way to describe him. Don't know what formation you've been playing this season but I'd guess he will be in the advanced centre mid role.
  3. Hickey is a good left back. probably the 4th best Scot in that position.
  4. Bolingoli starting tonight in the champs league. Well done on him moving to a top tier team
  5. I don't think McKenna should be brought in but think Clarke likes his height at the centre of defence. I'd suggest the back 3 will be Tierney, McKenna, mctominay
  6. **** flying at the moment. V happy with a point.
  7. When a guide dog does a shite, who picks it up?
  8. Who are Celtic fans going to blame now that Greg Taylor isn’t playing?
  9. I went to 62 various games last season and stayed to the end of 4. The earliest I left was 40 minutes into Harrogate v Wrexham. Honkin!
  10. Glorified friendlies surely with no relegation or promotion.
  11. Alexander was rightly sacked IMO. Salford have a huge budget for that league (mid table league 1) yet he failed to get them near the play offs last season. Players like Towell, Wilson, Hladky, Henderson and others are on 2k+ a week. They can certainly get a better manager.
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