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  1. The 3rd angle shows that it's the striker who plays the ball first.
  2. There are 3 angles showing the tackle. The 2 going about social media make it look like a bad decision. The 3rd angle (which isn't being shared) shows that it was a red card offence.
  3. Billy big baws in the camp. wont be missed. Could take a couple more with him!
  4. Stuart Findlay - Excellent Left sided CB. Good in the air, quick on the ground. All round talented defender.. Gary Dicker - Our leader and best midfielder. Intelligent player often overlooked. Stephen O'Donnell - Our stand out player and main outlet. Scotland international for a reason.
  5. Read it and thought he's to old then googled him and he's only 31 he would walk this league but can't see it happening. Exactly that as he can't run anymore. Still, he would be a good signing for you. Bradford's best player last season but that wasn't hard.
  6. I just asked a question. Didn't realise the Teuchter league fans were so touchy
  7. Would Fort William have won this game if they didn't have the players on loan from ICT?
  8. Sod was no worse than most of the team on Friday. Players like Mcgregor and Forrest need to actually turn up for internationals. They are the so called top players.
  9. Is there a reason why Dundee Utd are 6/10 at the bookies? That sounds like extremely good value to me
  10. If anybody has a match programme from the Aberdeen game, read Gary dickers music selections and it will tell you everything you need to know.
  11. Defending is all about balance and body shape. A lot of players find it un-natural to defend on the opposite side. Similar reason as why most full backs can't play both sides. It's easier further up the field as there is more freedom in attacking.
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