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  1. From what I have heard from speaking to someone earlier this week, and they got this direct from what I would say was very reliable and in the know source. Contract was offered and he was going to sign it. Then obviously the release came out he was turning it down. Knew about BW leaving back in May
  2. Boyce was actually an Adams signing. But he came good, like RCC, under a different manager at the club
  3. To be fair it wouldn't be difficult to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of ICT as there's less than 30yrs history to go through. Gaining an encyclopedic knowledge of The Caley would take a bit longer but there would be no entries after May 1995 as that's when they and Inverness Thistle ceased exist
  4. You lost 4-0... but I thought you were this fantastic club who were going to promoted and be the next big force in Scottish football under the leadership of Scot "I FORGOT TO ORDER THE SEATS" Gardiner and Billy Dodds. Though to be fair you're the 3rd biggest club in Inverness behind Clach n ICT Ladies Team. The 2 best things for me from tonight were in no particular order Shaun Rooney scoring in both legs against ya (with the 2nd being the cheesiest wee chip to show just how tinpot of a club you are) and also the fact that your fans were right Devine would be the difference for you - cos without him your defense wouldn't have decided to play musical statues last night But truly the icing on the cake was the fact Broadfoot is leaving this summer but he wasn't even that committed to ICT as only actually trained with the squad on Thursday and Friday. So basically your big summer marquee signing rooked you for a part time gig just so he could mug you off in the summer after 1 last big payday cos you threw money at him in the hope he'd somehow lead you to the big boy table with your more successful cousins on the other side of the bridge. Caley are headed for the seaside leagues.
  5. Top 6 Bay Bay. That should put to bed the reasoning behind Malkys appointment. Top 6 in 1st season
  6. I have it on good authority that Stewart getting his first Scotland cap is one of the clauses in the transfer.
  7. Interesting you bring up the Dundee Utd racism incident. Courts jumped the gun whereas Mackay waited for all information before making a statement. Police and SFA investigations both.fojnd jo cade to answer. Even Utdsboen stewards said they didn't hear anything- so are they all wrong and Courts is correct. In terms of Malkys previous issues, he went through the FA advised courses then paid to go on courses of his own volition. And on top of that Kick it Out applauded the SFA for employing him and showing that people can be rehabilitated and deserve chances to prove they've learnt from their mistakes. Incidentally there was a situation regarding a player being racially abused at County recently and Mackay backed said player fully. Please don't pick and choose your information to back up your argument without knowing full story as makes you look really silly. I purely came onto this thread to see who would the new QOS manager. Will continue following it - only posted here to try and correct misinformation being posted as gospel truth.
  8. Hearing it will be McGhee as manager and McPake will be back at the club as his assistant
  9. Having spoken to one of the Cove players recently I doubt Hartley would leave there as Cove may be part time but bring run like full time club and will probably be full yine by the summer
  10. I would check your facts. The investigation did not lead to him being charged. He admitted himself that some of his messages were not his proudest moment and were not of highest standard. #Foreverinourshadow
  11. He got kicked out of the club for things outwith the football club which every man and his dog seem to be aware of.
  12. Derek Adams is available now as well having just left Bradford. Proven track record of promotion from League 1 n Championship plus keeping teams in Championship too
  13. Pretty sure Malky said a fortnight ago that the free agent signing was a 2.5yr deal
  14. No chance of you getting him unless Cormack digs deep and offers obscene money. He's in midst of a long term plan at Ross County and Roy won't want him leaving plus doubt he'll want to up sticks and move to a shambles like Aberdeen. Mackay failed to win his first 11 games as County boss and at no point was fear of sack hanging over him. He'd lose his job at Pittodrie long before he reached that figure. He's in a safe and secure job. Who in their right mind would leave a secure position for 1 where chairman could sack ya for being 3pts from 6th position.
  15. I heard at the time that Brandon Barker was the free agent we were signing. Obviously all still quiet but now being linked with the Ex-Southampton youth player Josh Sims, he's a winger apparently. So could it be 2 we are signing or was Barker a red herring
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