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  1. Made a wee edit. If the ref had given him even half the fouls on him that second half would have had had a very different momentum.
  2. The refs must have been reading P&B before Saturday's games
  3. And you won the first of those. Though you looked awful that day and a draw would have flattered you.
  4. Given what we had to listen to I’d prefer they had no stands. Do the powers that be literally turn a deaf ear to this?
  5. They also keep going on about the referee not knowing the rules of football because a RC player didn’t have to leave the field after getting t treatment - when the player who fouled him had been booked.
  6. Listening to the commentators on Celtic TV is quite astonishing. I know it’s club TV and you expect a bit of partisanship but good grief!
  7. The Kamara tackle not even being a foul was the first half I think.
  8. Have the rules changed and is rejoicing about being up to your needs in the blood of dead catholics okay to sing about at football matches again?
  9. It wasn’t advantage. Clancy clearly thought it wasn’t a foul. Bizarrely.
  10. Ah, just scanning and didn't see what it had been said in reply to. Strange things happen - though admittedly given how well he's playing there, this would have been right up there.
  11. Doh! Just noticed that. I'd have thought they'd have them on the table as '0' rather than not appearing at all. Explains why Rangers don't appear on the 'penalties conceded' table then. Until tomorrow of course
  12. Ah okay, thanks. Missed that. So in theory could be available on Saturday.
  13. Probably mentioned elsewhere, but I take it we've decided not to play Baccus until after the world cup now? The very fact he's going to the world cup I'd say makes him our best player. Can see why we've done it, but I'd imagine the rest of the WC squads around the world are not being wrapped in cotton wool?
  14. After the failure of VAR to award us a stonewall penalty late in the game on Saturday; and the difference in how additional time was calculated on Saturday and last night; I've been feeling a tad more paranoid than normal. So decided to have a quick look at the penalty stats this season to see if it was as bad as I'd thought. Sure enough we have been awarded fewest: 1 - strangely equal with Celtic. And we've conceded most: 7 - out in the lead on our own with that one. Not going to go through the ins and outs of how those figures came about, but thought this was an interesting point to put in to context where we are in the league. We're 2 points behind Aberdeen who've had 6 more penalties than we have had, and obviously conceded fewer. So I think in that context perhaps we should be a bit less harsh with ourselves on where we are.
  15. You got a last second winner, why do you need to do wind ups as well. Just enjoy it.
  16. I know we should have played to the whistle, but Saints players looked like they’d almost stopped when the keeper punted the ball forward.
  17. Maybe it’s because of what happened at Ross County on Saturday.. All of the things you mention that happened tonight happened in that game. But they added on 3, and stopped on 3:05 as we were putting in a cross.
  18. Aye, once you see a replay you’ll see it was a red.
  19. You’ll not get that overturned. Your player makes a second move once he’s on the ground and its studs on to shin.
  20. Any St Johnstone fan not think the ref was guaranteed to blow for full time on 5:45s when your keeper kicked the ball up the park? The number of games where you see goal keepers take 30s over a goal kick, sometimes twice, during added on time - and the ref almost always stops dead on the added time. Enjoy your beyond last minute winner by all means, but hopefully you’re able to admit the referee was super helpful to you.
  21. Two County players went in to the tackle. One got the ball; the other wiped the Saints player out. Absolute stonewaller. I've genuinely no idea why Collum didn't alert the ref. It's not like he doesn't like getting involved. Why I remember when, in the pre-VAR days, as a 4th official in a match involving the same two teams the ref didn't even give a foul for a challenge, but Collum - without the benefit of multiple replays - radioed the ref and instructed him to give the Saints player a red card.
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