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  1. That’s three very impressive halves from Power for us now. Booking looked very soft, and if two yellows here is a suspension for the first league game I’d sub him.
  2. Late posting on Tuesday's game, but really impressed with all of the new boys. Especially Dunne and Power - and Tanser and Kiltie - oh, and Main! Liked the fact too that after swapping half the team, so treating it a bit like a friendly, that we still (after a few minute blip) looked good! Thought Dennis made a couple of superb runs too and was unlucky not to score. We're not that far away from having a pretty decent team.
  3. You never want to get the promoted teams on the opening day, especially away.
  4. I really despair of the negativity of our fans some times. Signed a new striker on a 2 year deal. Early in the transfer deadline so he's clearly someone the management wants and not a last minute desperation signing. This is the management team that got us to both cup semis and our highest league finish since Labour were relevant in Scotland. Give Jim and Curtis a break FFS.
  5. Watched the first half of that game, and I’ve never seen a team look less interested in a game of football than Livingston. Bizarre.
  6. His first dive, which the ref bought. And blatant hand ball to gain an advantage.
  7. Like Killie. But Lafferty just as bad as he was when he was at Rangers at ‘the dark arts’. Really don’t want him to have ‘Saviour of Killie’ on his CV. Well done to the Saints on the spirit front at least. The number of goals we’ve scored when behind this season is impressive.
  8. Trying to remember the last time I saw a team dive so much in 45 minutes. Failing. Given that the ref fell for about 6 of them though (especially from the left back) it’s astonishing he booked Lafferty for the one in the box rather than pointing to the spot. Same old Saints though. Just can’t seem to take even easy chances.
  9. Surprised at the number of ‘bad winner’ posts from some of the St Johnstone fans.
  10. Can’t miss two sitters at 0-0 and expect to win. Could have been so different. Quaner won’t sleep tonight. Misses one of those, then a poor pass choice leads to St J’s opening goal. Then misses another sitter at 2-0. Gutted, but think we’ll learn from this. Roll on next season.
  11. The handball wasn’t a penalty. But was it not a pretty clear foul?
  12. Ah, but we rested 4 players against Accies and.... oh, wait!
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