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  1. That’s a fair point; and we’d probably have edged a draw if it hadn’t been for a (no doubt honest) mistake from the officials that led to Rangers late opener. Two different teams now though, and Rangers really seem to have kicked on, whereas although we’ve improved a bit, our ridiculously unsettled defence is a real worry; and although the two new centre halves were on the pitch on Saturday, I think it’s safe to say they’ll be challenged just a touch more tomorrow. No injuries and avoiding a huge dent to the confidence and goal difference would do me. So I’ll go for 1-0 Saints. Kenny McDowell.
  2. I remember he was brilliant in the 0-0 league cup game at Killie. Whole team played really well, and I remember thinking "We're in for some season"! I was right.
  3. Even now, looking back, it's hard to believe how consistently awful Stubbs signings were. How on earth did we survive that year! Thanks Oran... and Dundee!
  4. Sad to say, but in relation to McAllister I completely agree with this. I'd go further though ans say his attitude just hasn't been right for the whole season. Summed up for me in the 'challenge' which gave away the foul from which Livvy scored their second. On our defence, yeah, we've been very unlucky with injury, but shows how little cover we have in that area. Assuming we don't get those players back in the next 2 weeks, any points between now and when we resume after the winter break will be a bonus.
  5. Saints were marginally the better team for the first 25 mins - without creating anything. Well score two in 5 minutes and the game is over. Aside from 10 minutes in the middle of the second half Well let us have the ball knowing we'll do nothing with it. I've missed the last two games (Hibs and Dons) where supposedly we played some great stuff (Willie Miller said we were playing like Barca at one point on Saturday!). As a result was looking forward to a decent game last night, but we were woeful. Any Saints fans that were at those games have any idea what the difference was? Are Well really so much better than Hibs/Dons that we went from Barca to, errrr, St Mirren.
  6. Do Well ticket office get a cut if they physically sell a ticket - might be a reason for the doublespeak wording?
  7. It clearly was NOT violent play. But if the current double jeopardy rule is that giving away a penalty in these circumstances is only a yellow if a legitimate attempt was made to take the ball; then it clearly IS a red for that reason. If Saints score against the sub keeper, then you've got to imagine the Dons would be bricking it for the last 7-8 minutes of the game. But ho hum; yellow was awarded, keeper made a double save - and it's 3-0 to Dons on points collected.
  8. Will be interesting to see it again on Alba. One of those where it just looked so obvious that the ref probably thought “nah, I didn’t see that”. A Bishop Brennan incident.
  9. Strange second half. For first 30 mins of the second half completely one sided. Then a flurry of subs and County came in to the game. And as the ball sailed over Hladky I thought ‘sucker punch’, but no. Great goal like clearance, then a fabulous winner! Ross County lucky to end up with 11 on the park. Don’t remember them being so dirty and cynical.
  10. 1-1 probably right result. Saints with most possession and chances, but County good on the break and looking dangerous. Is there some history between County’s 19 and Saints?
  11. Oh FFS! 5 Uber drivers cancel on me for wanting to go a short distance. Check the scores and it’s 2-0. Oh well, Celtic can do that to anyone.
  12. 0-0. Pleasant welcome home. Doubt it’ll last.
  13. Maybe Lennon still smarting from ‘Fannygate’ and wants to make sure Celtic give Goodwin a sore one? i’m on a 7.35 flight back to Paisley Airport. So will be 20 mins in to second half before I can switch my phone back on again and see the score. Have very little hope we’ll be within 3 goals of Celtic at that point.
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