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  1. Was it 5-0? I thought that too - but sure I read/heard someone saying it was 5-1, and assumed they were right :-)!
  2. Thought this last night, but didn’t want to post it as the time as it sounded ridiculous. Still sounds ridiculous today, but.... after 3 weeks of watching World Cup football, last night didn’t jar as much as I was expecting it to! Okay, so that may have been partly because my low expectations of Saints given no pre-season games and the huge number of changes at the club, but it looked like we were trying to play a really good, attacking, style of football - and managing it. And yes, a pre-season Killie are not excatly WC-class opponents, but it was very pleasing to see us play well and dominate a very good SPL team for large parts of the game. At this stage last season, we were gubbed 5-1 by Thistle, and went on to have a great season. Let’s hope it’s not the other way around this time :-)!
  3. Saints the better team - not something I expected to see or say tonight. Very pleasantly surprised with all of the new guys. In Stubbs we trust :-)!
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Hope Mallan does well for you. Was a great servant for Saints.
  5. Not been on much recently, and only just saw this. What an absolutely awesome piece of news! This, plus the longer deals we seem to be bringing the new guys in on, shows a real change in mentality from the club. Always a danger you'll get stuck with a dud, but means if we do find a gem, they'll not walk away for nothing at the end of the season. Good work Saints!
  6. Bookmarked* * haven't really, but I believe this is the correct P&B response to such a post.
  7. If, as reported, it's a three year deal, then that's some commitment we are making to him. The Saints board must have been very impressed with him. (I'd imagine there will be some kind of relegation clause included?)
  8. He's 8/1 for Real Madrid and 14/1 for St Mirren. Bonkers!
  9. A bit hasty. It's been really dry as well recently. A wee bit of rain, then yeah. we'll need Coisty.
  10. Ah apologies, forgot McIntyre had been there for a few seasons before the relegation season. Saints have been away from the top flight for too long!
  11. So you think if Hartson had got it you'd have been even more relegated?
  12. If we're looking for someone to fill Jack's cardigans it has to be Neilson over Hopkin.
  13. So, err, Jack Ross?
  14. And what would you be proposing that they offer him in exchange for that commitment? Increased salary? Reduced compensation demands when he does leave? Because nobody in their right mind is going to give that for free. Aye. Looks like the board have done precisely that. Sounds like they understand that no matter how great Jack has been for the club, and how much we want to give him the best chance of managing at a higher level, that for Saints' sake we can't just let him speak to one club after another ad infinitum. And this looks like their way of saying "commit to us, and we'll reward you; or decide you're going, and go". Good move by the club, and let's hope JR says 'yes' and we can get ready for the 18/19 season without any further distractions.