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  1. I have loser my points are correct 2 offside goals and 1st severe lack off sportsmanship
  2. You replied too me you started it loser I ain't no bigot my wife family catholic LOSER
  3. This smug clever comment started all this seems like you want keep it going loser
  4. Reap wot you sow and it was a poor poor performance
  5. Clap clap clap thanks for the abuse I'm trying to escape too
  6. Here dickhead like I said wheres recording and everything had calmed down till you stuck yer big mouth n big break back in I been watching ammy 35+ and seen it all till yesterdays so fuk off annoying bitch
  7. Look I've just sampled ma gantry so I'll appreciate you as a player an leave it there we all get angry swings n roundabouts and as you say you played too whistle did you no think putting ball out like new farm did wen player down and I'm saying with no TOWN CSLLED Mallice
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