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  1. Rice not planning January signings. This sounds exactly like our Archibald's approach when we were relegated. Accies probably don't have the poisonous influences that we did but still, it's a rather risky brave strategy to adopt.
  2. Got dragged along to see Last Christmas last night...
  3. The whole thing is looking like the farce that a lot of folk feared. Just wait until March when the shares aren't handed over.
  4. WADA now saying that Russia can apply as a 'neutral' team for the Qatar World Cup...
  5. If anyone needed any further confirmation of Chic Young's senility, it is that he watched live replays and declared Allan Campbell's goal offside.
  6. Thought Ruiz was an embarrassment - but hey, would I have been any different if I became a multi millionaire World Champion overnight? I probably wouldn't have been cleared to fight. Joshua easily outclassed him but I can't see him living with Wilder's power and I don't think he's crafty enough to work out the puzzle of Tyson Fury in 12 rounds. Pulev would be a good match up and (should be) a fairly straightforward defence.
  7. I never quite understood Everton's determination to appoint Silva in the first place. I've never been convinced by him at all, his teams can't defend; he reminds me of a higher calibre Jackie McNamara in that respect. Similarly, I'm pretty sceptical of their apparent zoning in on Vitor Pereira - another journeyman with a fairly similar record to Silva before he pitched up on these shores. Shame they burnt their bridges with Big Sam.
  8. A midden introducing herself as the Chairman, allegedly....
  9. I don't see how Brown gets back into the squad in the event he makes himself available again - unless he fancies playing at right back. I like Brown and his experience would be useful in the squad but it would be a dangerous tactic to leave out guys like John Fleck, Ryan Jack, Scott McTominey or Kenny McLean, for a player who in all likelihood would return to retirement shortly after the tournament. The aforementioned guys would be well within their rights to say 'shove it' to any future call-up.
  10. Is it just me or is Falkirk -1 at 8/11 incredibly generous? I know you boys haven't been great but surely got enough in the tank to win comfortably tonight...?
  11. 1. Thorsten Stuckmann A big lumbering German who arrived with what seemed like a fairly solid reputation but was slow and could barely kick the ball. Think he's still getting down to Joe Dodoo's second goal. 2. Milan Nitriansky Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Not quite sure how he got a deal in the first place. Got roasted by Scott Wright and was never seen again. 3. Jake Carroll Looked like he'd never played at left back when we signed him - turned out to not be far off the mark as he signed for Huddersfield as a centre mid. His debut (can't recall who it was against) was one of the most inept performances I've seen - the opposition looked like they would score every time they came down our left side. To be fair, I think he improved somewhat during his spell with us and has obviously developed since, earning a move to Motherwell. Could've had a few others in here - Max Melbourne, Dale Keenan to think of two. 4. Gabriel Piccolo A terribly handsome man, I think his looks must have mesmerised some fans who protested until the bitter end that he possessed some kind of footballing talent. The fact he's not played for another football club at any level since tells you all that needs to be known. 5. Danny Devine For maybe half a season, Danny Devine threatened to be a fairly competent centre half. However, it soon became apparent that this was due, almost entirely, to Liam Lindsay (playing in a three also helped). Could be having a solid game but then make an absolute howler, costing a goal. Distribution was absolutely woeful. 6. Brice Ntambwe Truly one of the worst footballers I've ever seen. Came off the bench against Queen of the South when we were defending a throw in deep in our half. Stood beside Dobbie but then did the most bizarre shuffle between marking him and marking space. Literally looked like he'd never been on a football pitch before. 7. Jack Storer I did hesitate in putting him in as he did score probably the best goal I've ever seen live against Morton. But he was a petulant, stroppy liability who despite playing as a striker or a 10, would often be as deep as our sitting midfielders. Now onto his second or third team since leaving us. His Da was good banter though. 8. Martin Woods A complete charlatan. It is no coincidence that he is largely despised at every club he's been at. The epitome of everything that went wrong in our final season in the top flight. 9. Shaun Fraser Shaun Fraser apparently played rugby rather than football up until he was 16 - it told. Somehow scored on his debut and was heralded as the next big thing before disappearing almost as quickly as he appeared. Another like Piccolo who barely played after leaving us, bar a short spell at Stenny. 10. Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo Like most of Archie's signings last season, we were left scratching our head when we signed him, thinking "ehh...he's fucking shite". And lo and behold, he was fucking shite. Stinking attitude to boot. 11. Miles Storey f**k me...
  12. Stuck a few quid on Roman Kemp making the final three. Fairly likeable and probably decent entertainment value on some of the trials. Imagine he might benefit from Capital presenters pushing him to their listeners. Andrew Whyment (Kirk from Coronation Street) and Cliff Parisi (Minty from Eastenders) are listed by the bookies so expect they'll be entering later in the week. Thought Myles and Bruce Caitlyn came across quite well. Expecting Caitlyn to be difficult in the camp but that doesn't really matter in this show. Myles already has a fan-base willing to vote for him (albeit two years is a long time in showbiz). Jacqueline Jossa could be completely anonymous or this year's version of the bird from The Inbetweeners. Probably coming down on the first option on last night's evidence. Haskell could go either way, I think - potentially entertaining but also quite annoying. Him and Caitlyn could be quite funny together. Wright can be funny but also stroppy, if his punditry is anything to go by. Don't see him winning it. Nadine, Adele, Andrew and Kate - don't see them threatening to win. As an aside, I cannot watch Caitlyn Jenner without thinking of Kyle Dunnigan's Instagram videos - if anyone hasn't seen them, click here.
  13. 'Counselling' for Granit Xhaka is one of the most laughable things I've heard. Laissez-faire management is all good and well but Emery should have been dragging Xhaka by the balls to a press conference to apologise, whether he wanted to or not. The fact he's apparently not ready to apologise and 'wants the apology to be genuine' is just a further reflection of Emery's complete and utter lack of authority. I'll be having a bet on Rodgers being at Arsenal by start of next season.
  14. Since we've just completed 25% of the league season, can you summarise each player in 25 words or less? Goalkeepers Scott Fox Still doesn’t command his 6-yard box or pose any opposition from penalties. Mute. Save of season against QoTS. Feel money could've been spent better elsewhere. Jamie Sneddon Good potential but pathway blocked by Fox. Needs games if he’s going to develop. Full Backs Ryan Williamson Bambi on ice. Timid. Decent enough going forward, fairly inept defensively, slightly reminiscent of early SOD in that respect. Don’t expect him to be SOD. Osman Kakay Seems decent going forward, questionable defensively. Did okay on the wing against Arbroath but we need more from wingers than that. James Penrice Hasn’t progressed as hoped. Still unconvinced that LB is best position. That said, he's the best full back we have. Tommy Robson Rarely completes a game. No better than Penrice at LB and got no business further forward. Not a fan. Centre Backs Sean McGinty Cops a lot of flak from some quarters. Definitely unconvincing. Committed though. Not the best we’ve had but not the worst. Tam O’Ware A bit cumbersome and quick to point the finger. Have to remember he’s coming back from long-term injury though. Steven Saunders Steady enough but seems prone to episodes of sheer ineptitude (White goal vs ICT). Ben Hall Haven’t seen him. Doesn’t say much if he can’t get near the team. Away in January surely. Centre Midfielders Stuart Bannigan Not enjoying best form but frankly playing with players not as good as him. Injury has certainly taken some of him. Still vital. Reece Cole Talented but seems too adjusted to passive, non-competitive football. Happier to pass than shoot. Reminds me of Kyle Hutton. Shea Gordon Often does little of any note other than score. Makes good runs into box. Need more from him out of possession. Has to influence more. Gary Harkins Big, baldy, glorious genius but don’t know how physically able he is anymore. Still a game-changer on his day. Craig Slater Just back from injury but tidy player at this level on his day. Cammy Palmer Fairly raw. Good worker. Unfortunate to find himself out the team at the minute. Wingers Rafa De Vita Old and fucking shite. Joe Cardle A thoroughly unlikeable, angry wee man. Slow and one footed. Despite that, better team with him in it. Dario Zanatta Will get you out of your seat on his day. Will also get you out of your seat in frustration when not on his day. Strikers Lewis Mansell Raw but has been a nuisance any time I saw him last year. Did well off bench at Dundee. Alex Jones Didn’t see him before he got injured which was no surprise seeing as he’s been injured everywhere he’s been. Kenny Miller Sceptical but been good signing. Trying to do too much outside box, 8 goals shows where he is best. Not surprised if away January though. Mitch Austin If you say ‘Mitch Austin’ into the mirror three times, he appears with a Playstation headset on. At least we're represented in the e-Sports world.
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