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  1. Recently Browsing - 14 members Let the celebrations commence .
  2. That is a dangerous looking defence if Dundee are looking towards play offs.
  3. I like the idea of 14-10-10-10 with an earlier split. More games against teams that are at our level. Top 6 play 2 less games to free up for cup runs/europe. Bottom 8 get more games. However I do not like it just for saving hearts. If it is done it has to be permanent.
  4. Mental thing is that I think most the lower league teams will go for this. Especially the ones that aren't bankrolled by a rich owner.
  5. Opportunistic from Rangers. Basically bribing lower league teams.
  6. Anyone think Accies will reverse their Season Ticket decision, now that their will be virtual season ticket up until we can go back to games?
  7. Scottish Premiership clubs are to get the option to sell 'virtual season tickets' this will allow fans to see home games that they would normally miss when football returns in early August. Source:- https://spfl.co.uk/news/scottish-premiership-to-return-as-part-of-new-de
  8. https://spfl.co.uk/news/coronavirus-joint-response-group-update-29th-may No news as of yet for the diddy leagues. Good to see we are on track for football to return in time for the 2020/2021 season.
  9. Hearts should stop greeting about going down. Finding temporary league structures etc... that no sane club would entertain. Use the remaining money to win the Championship (an absolutely small time league with clubs that have nowhere near the support Hearts does). Honestly they will take a slight financial hit but if they use money (which a club of hearts size should have) wisely it will take 1 year to return maximum. It is a league with either part time clubs or diddy full time outfits.
  10. I genuinely believe we had that chance when Rangers went bust and were demoted into the 3rd Division. If we had a fully functioning pyramid Rangers returning would have taken an extended period of time (not 3/4 years). This would have forced teams into relying on 1 Old firm teams money (and potentially after a while learn to be self sufficient on 0 old firm games). Scottish football not having a functioning pyramid allowed Rangers the clear route back to the Premiership that was required for the TV companies and scottish football establishment could see. This enabled the TV companies to be patient on Rangers return to the top flight and framing 'The Journey' fairytale that was broadcasted for everyone to see before normal service resuming once 'The Journey' was concluded. Scottish Football had its chance to take the spotlight off the old firm however due to decades of resisting a functioning football pyramid, that particular opportunity was lost. Thankfully the pyramid is starting to take very good shape and this gives me hope in what scottish football can become in the future.
  11. I am now completely anti reconstruction now. The Scottish Premiership has never looked more interesting than next season. 1st - Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round 2nd - Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round 3rd - Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifying Round 4th - Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifying Round Scottish Cup Winners - Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round Record Prize Money and first time Scotland has had 5 European places in a long time. Reconstruction will only hold back Scotland's Establishment teams and the game as a whole.
  12. It's lucky that we don't have a play off... although I have full confidence, regardless of what Championship pish gets thrown our way, that Accies would comfortably win over 2 legs.
  13. Had to check that to be sure. Jesus we are. We are part of the establishment now.
  14. Hahahahahahahahhahaha. Poor Morton, Dundee and Alloa. Boo hoo. Boo hoo boo hoo.
  15. Onwards, Always and Forever. The Premiership Machine looks to take on 2020/2021 Scottish Premiership. Our foes:- Aberdeen Celtic Dundee United Hibernian Kilmarnock Livingston Motherwell Rangers Ross County St. Johnstone St. Mirren None of which are a match for Brian Rices Premiership Machine. With the additional money coming our way from the new lucrative SKY SPORTS deal, we will be approaching wealth that is similar to Donald Trumps at this rate. Now for a few smug images:- As usual f**k the rest of Scottish Football.
  16. Dundee United are going to get bullied next season.
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