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  1. Accies - St Mirren

    We lose this then the motivational Trump videos will return. Never thought we would need them this early in the season.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    What's the story between Cuthbert and John Hughes? Haven't heard it and genuinely interested.
  3. Accies - St Mirren

    Same. Love it when opposition fans get over confident.
  4. That play off first leg was the most eventful 0-0 I've ever witnessed.
  5. Don't think I will anytime soon. I only make the call when I'm super confident of the victory. This Accies team does not have me not confident at all.
  6. It’s been a while. It also seems to be the only thing that works. Record:- Hamilton Academical 1-0 Dundee United Hamilton Academical 3-0 Dundee Hamilton Academical 2-1 Partick Thistle Favourite one was the 3-0 Dundee as it absolutely shown NDD up big time. However it can’t be forced. It needs to feel right.
  7. Accies - St Mirren

    I'm not worried about the squad we have. We have a team that can finish 10th. What I am worried about is the manager and how he picks the team. That is what will cause us a lot of unnecessary bother.
  8. Accies - St Mirren

    McGowan has to start. Killa as well. Bingham has to start... in the river Clyde. Scotty is correct though, It'll be truly heads gone from me if we lose this one. However I do see beating Dundee the following Saturday as the bigger priority.
  9. Livingston v Hamilton Academical

    How dare you insult Arbroath like that. They'll be a bigger club than Falkirk next season.
  10. Regardless of whatever us or Dundee do in our next match, our game against each other will be the biggest game of our season so far. Trademark 6 pointer.
  11. Livingston v Hamilton Academical

    Dreadful today. Massive 2 games ahead of us now.
  12. Livingston v Hamilton Academical

    1st game of 3 massive fixtures for us. Expecting a minimum of 5 points from the 3 fixtures. However I'll probably end up being fine with 3 points from that 3rd game alone.
  13. Livingston v Hamilton Academical

    Please don't lose tomorrow Accies........