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  1. Love football related comments. [emoji7]
  2. With the World Cup finishing today, the countdown until the Ladbrokes Premiership beginning has just started. Hamilton and Hearts have signed more players than any other teams in the division. With both teams to still navigate their way through the Betfred Cup Group Stages, it’ll be difficult to predict both sides starting XI. Cannot wait. Mon the Accies.
  3. 1. Alex Neil (Player + Manager) 2. Billy Reid (Manager) 3. James McArthur (Player) 4. James McCarthy(Player) 5. Anthony Andreu (Player)
  4. Nice picture of a youth game. That stand provides the best view of a pitch in the whole of Scottish Football. Anything else you want to say while you’re in your big boy boots?
  5. Better than having cartoon pandas on them. Also that new ‘ultras’ section is almost as much as a riddy as the ‘well bois’.
  6. You’ve just been promoted and you’re acting as if you’re an established club. This is our 5th consecutive season in this league. Know your place.
  7. Your irrelevant club will be in a lot of trouble when the real football begins. Hilarious to see you try and cosy up to the Dundee fans though. Good effort sport.
  8. 4 teams mentioned this time? Desperate stuff at an attempt of being correct.
  9. Last years thread was glorious. Can’t wait for this edition.