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  1. Football is utterly depressing at the moment.
  2. Poor night but Scotland certainly has contributed to Boris Johnson’s majority and that will do me. Time to see what the conservatives can do with a Scottish leader. Looking forward to the 2021 Scottish Parliament election. Also props to the SNP, another majority of seats in Scotland.
  3. That’s one SNP gain even I can get behind. She has to be one of the least likeable politicians in existence.
  4. To be fair the Tories vote is up slightly. Didn’t factor in labour voters tactically voting. Anyway it’s going to be good to be Referendum-free for 5 years.
  5. Had a queue at my polling station. First time that has happened for me and that includes the 2014 Referendum.
  6. Odds have shortened again for the Conservatives in Lanark and Hamilton East. 7/4 now. Source = Oddschecker.
  7. In my constituency voting Labour would let the SNP in. Put down the shandy.
  8. Means nothing UK-Wide but my household was 3 Conservative votes and 1 Labour vote when the election was called. Now it’s 3 Labour votes and 1 Conservative vote. Going to say this now, Corbyn is by far the strongest leader.
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