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  1. Well... Here it is. This was the post I wasn't expecting to be made but here goes. On the game:- They are bad but today we were utterly dreadful. Our time wasting when attempting a throw in was laughable. Shows how badly we require both Mackinnon and Miller. Anyway lads it's been a pleasure. I still believe we will be a premiership club at the end of this season. @accies1874 it's now your duty to create the annual Accies threads. Adios chaps.
  2. Lineups for ‘THE BIG ONE’. Hamilton Academical Dundee
  3. Biggie the Grass Cause of Death - Red Dots NDD Cause of Death - Today. The show must end.
  4. Enjoy your visit to Scotland’s greatest town. Hope the journey home is a long and tedious one. Hopefully nobody remembers you once you are gone for good.
  5. One thing I must say in case I’m in my last hours. That metaphorical Premiership Party thread a few years ago was fuckin hilarious.
  6. Let me rephrase that. Has anyone came out in support of NDD? [emoji23]
  7. Have any Dundee fans came out in support of NDD?
  8. I'd like to wish everyone hoping for a Hamilton Academical victory tomorrow the very best of evenings. Hopefully I'll be on this magnificent forum for years to come.
  9. Trump with special guests God and Jesus will be at the Hope CBD Stadium tomorrow to witness 'THE BIG ONE'. They sent me this postcard. Mon the famous red and white hoops. THIS IS WAR.
  10. Non Deluded Dee - Deed Phoenix of the Ashes - Deed Jackson's Guarantee - Deed Dundee-FC92 - Im_Rodger - Winner Party in the Accies thread from 17:00 tomorrow, everyone regardless of what team you support welcome to join.
  11. Remember ladies and gentleman, NDD was this confident when Accies shagged Dundee 3-0. Let's not party on his metaphorical grave too hard when his precious Dundee FC lose tomorrow. We're slowly making P&B great again by getting rid of all the Dundee posters. Will there be any left by Christmas?
  12. All things Dundee FC

    Alex Neil would never make such a vast step down.
  13. As a man of integrity, my word is my word. If Dundee win I will be gone. Why would anyone be obsessed with your god awful team?