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  1. They're keeping the guys in for 2 days, which is more than the others. I don't want to get dragged in to defending BP, because they're dimwits in their own right, but the gamut of other twats are worse in my experience.
  2. Only by the tink operators. BP have been fairly successful in stopping infected clowns heading offshore to a grim diseasefest. The others can't be arsed.
  3. Exactly, it's a joke. Sporting integrity apparently doesn't matter when: folk throw coins at refs, when morons scrap outside the stadium, when a TV company gets upset, etc. EDIT: To be even-handed about this, the league is just as bad when it comes to other derby games. When Hearts and Hibs both end up top or bottom they try to balance those games too. I assume the same applies to the Dundee clubs; I'd have to check the league history. It's ridiculous. It's basically saying to everyone else that it's fine for Hamilton to have to go to Rugby Park for an extra game but not fine for Hearts to have to go to Easter Road. Absolute sham of a league.
  4. I like the idea that anyone cares about sporting integrity in a league that happily manipulates post-split fixtures and ensures that the Old Firm doesn't play each other on the last game of the season. If sporting integrity is what it's about I'm all for it. Start drawing post-split games out a hat, and it makes no difference if Celtic have to go to Ibrox 3 times or vice versa. Roughly one year in 6 should end with an OF finale, and if their moron fans can't behave it gets played behind closed doors. That's what sporting integrity means, and at the moment the league doesn't have it.
  5. That was a disgrace. Pretty recent too, so no lessons learned at all.
  6. I'm currently sitting having a beer inT5 and there's a guy sat opposite me dressed like some sort of Jersey Shore p***k.
  7. Aye, they have the same in the Western Baths over by Byres Road. I think they're a partner facility to Drumsheugh Baths in Edinburgh.
  8. Queens' Park Terrace, Eglinton St (located between Devon Street and Turriff Street). This was built between 1856 to 1860 and designed by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, who was responsible for many of Glasgow's finest buildings. Unfortunately, despite being A-listed it was allowed to fall into disrepair in the 1970s, eventually being demolished in 1981. I think we'd all agree that the current STREETVIEW adds a little more in the way of subtle class.
  9. A couple from Sauchiehall Street: Pettigrew's department store. The first 2 pictures are facing South-East, and the last picture is facing South-West. You can see how the buildings met each other with the lower neo-classical central section joining either corner unit. Here's the current architectural triumph on that site: Sauchiehall Street Centre STREETVIEW
  10. It's time that this long-standing issue was resolved as I have never been comfortable with Purple being used as Worcestershire sauce. I would have suggested a formal review and open debate on the subject, with Orange being my proposal for the bag colour - in line with Lea & Perrins colours. Unfortunately this would conflict with the Capsicum derived flavours such as Paprika and Chilli, so either different shades of Orange would be necessary or an alternative colour. I also quite like a spring onion crisp from time to time. Morrisons stock these lovely oniony ones in the Eastern European section: https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Lorenz-Crunchips-O-Smaku-Zielona-Cebulka/430504011?from=shop&tags=102705|150516|150527 I was also quite partial to Tayto / Golden Wonder's Sweet Onion Bikers. While no match for the traditional Spicy Bikers, which are among the superior offerings in the category I still think of as "10p crisps", the Sweet Onion version was a pleasant alternative from time to time. I will tolerate a lot from the French in this regard, as the below Wholegrain Mustard flavoured crisps, along with similar by other manufacturers, are a treat I indulge in every time I'm in the country.
  11. If anyone who identifies as a "bloke" is spending time in a queue deciding between the drinks you suggest then they need to take a look at themselves.
  12. I love this sort of thing as the "here's what might have been" is endlessly fascinating. It's why I've always thought I'd like alternative history or steampunk style novels, but I've never got my lazy arse around to reading anything like that. For anyone else that likes this sort of thing I strongly recommend getting a copy of this book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unbuilt-America-Forgotten-Architecture-1983-02-01/dp/B01FEKULOA/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=unbuilt+america&qid=1582486149&s=beauty&sr=8-2 Get the hardback, but obviously don't pay big bucks for it. If you set a search reminder on ebay or check every now and then on Amazon it can be had for a tenner. I'm tight as f-ck and always determined to never overpay. It's a fantastic book and filled with lovely sketches and drawings. There's a mix of failed competition entries from Architectural firms, concept art for city redevelopments, completed conceptual pie-in-the-sky stuff, and other proposals that simply didn't get off the ground because the political wind changed. A few examples: Elevated Sidewalk - cover to Scientific American 1913 Spiral Urban Hierarchies How to survive the fallout And lastly, a proposed presidential summer retreat.
  13. The "sliding" bits on these photos are pretty cool, albeit depressing. https://onthisspot.ca/blog/glasgow
  14. I had a few of those. And then later they made a variation of them where you got a figure and the head would pop off the top. I had the eyeball one of those: Wish I still had it now, given the price of them! £107 on ebay Which has reminded me of this thing that I got one birthday from my gran. He said various rude phrases which were activated by you pulling out the eyeball which was on a string. Loved it.
  15. I'm gutted I never saw this. Looks a death trap.
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