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  1. Quick Question Thread

    I've just been given a promotion at work, which is obviously nice, but it's put me in a situation I'm not great at and would appreciate some advice. I'll need to drive every day now as opposed to getting the train, so need to buy or lease a second car. I can't get one via work as my MD already agreed to give me more money than my predecessor because I dug my heels in. I assume that would kill me on tax anyway? (I'm repeating shit I hear other people say there - I'm pretty useless at tracking financial stuff tbh. So my questions are twofold. 1) Lease or buy? I understand that if I lease then I have to deal with less upkeep, but I don't really want to waste money on something I don't own. But I realise that may be an old-fashioned attitude. 2) What car type should I get? I'm not a ponce and don't want something super fancy, but we do have 2 kids and could do with a bigger car. I'm keen on MPG and reliability, and although I drive a lot of hire cars for work, I have no real knowledge of their price. I know that the fancy Mercedes saloon I had last week will cost more than the VW golf a week before, but truth be told I don't really care as long as it's nice to drive. I had a nice Volvo a few months ago, but can't remember the model. I don't mind if it's new or second-hand and will probably base my decision entirely on resale value if I buy. I walked past some BMW place the other day that had stickers on the cars claiming that they would "still be worth" £9k or something after purchase. These were £22k cars, and I know depreciation is crazy on cars, but it seemed a reasonable deal. I've got maybe a month to play with. Work has got a hire care for the next few weeks, and there's a pool car I can use if really needed after that, but I'd rather get it done. I really don't want to make a cock of myself in the sales place. I can't pay cash upfront for it because all my savings are currently being screwed on a kitchen, so will need to pay monthly. I know this will rip me off and accept that. I don't really want to pay more than £400pm, but f*ck knows what I'm in for. With all our crap and 2 kids maybe I need an SUV, but I don't like them. How do PnBers find this stuff out?
  2. Work colleagues

    Well that's not lucky. If you'd been in you could have posted the full details of the fallout.
  3. Work colleagues

    True. That does seem insane.
  4. Work colleagues

    Clocking in and out using a machine is also a bit hillbilly anyway tbh. I work in the head office of my company, and everyone just comes and goes, and miraculously the work all gets done. No clocking in. No flexi. No bollocks like that needed. We have to put clocking-in machines in the regional service centres and workshops because otherwise the assholes there simply wouldn't turn up. And, speaking from experience of their antics, would claim overtime for the days they weren't in.
  5. Work colleagues

  6. C**** on a Train

    For the record, I take no part in any ranking. I merely want to gripe about the eating of smelly food. And I don't see any particular difference in these pics and folk commenting on randoms caught in the background of a "Horrific Club Photos" picture. I'm like the Devil. I don't make people do bad things, merely facilitate them. *I accept I am not as cool as the Devil. ETA: Mulling it over, I do find myself in agreement with DA Baracus here. Pic now taken down. Sorry chaps. But you can creep on women in every train yourselves. Anyone quoting it will have to also remove it though.
  7. C**** on a Train

    She looks alright there to be fair. Maybe I was just in a bad mood. The eating one is still making me furious.
  8. C**** on a Train

    Here you go. *pic removed to protect the innocent
  9. C**** on a Train

    The slutty one wasn't anything special so I cropped the photo - I figured posting her probably was beast material. Hang on.
  10. C**** on a Train

    Ha, that bag wasn't hers; it belonged to some slutty piece sitting opposite her who was wearing a greyhound skirt and thigh-high boots.
  11. C**** on a Train

    That did occur to me. But I was really annoyed. The smell was boke-inducing.
  12. C**** on a Train

    Some girl on the train from Stirling to Glasgow eating a smelly home-cooked mix of beige vegetables. She has annoyed me.
  13. People who don't know how to behave in public

    Good. At least the smokers know they stink, and thanks to legislation already feel pleasingly ostracised. Grown adults wandering around though clouds of f-cking butterscotch or candyfloss scented guff is a total riddy. I liked the days when it was just normal tobacco. If someone had rolling baccy you knew they were either old or a crusty tink who liked it as an affectation. If someone smoked silk cut they were a total pussy. If someone tried to pass round a joint and they'd used a menthol fag everyone would rightly despise them.
  14. Work colleagues

    Yeah, but I'm tired.
  15. Work colleagues

    We've had our fair share of useless/lazy morons in my work. In fairness to them, it was a failure of their management tree at the time that they were employed, but maybe they just talked a good interview. Whatever the case, it would have been better to get shot sooner. We lost a couple of big offshore contracts solely down to the asset holders getting frustrated at the antics of these morons, and if someone had acted decisively it probably could have been sorted. Playing devil's advocate, I guess their managers didn't want to sack them, but in effect they sheltered some people earning ~40k a year and managed to lose the company contracts worth ~3m a year. Maybe an extreme example, but it's since made me realise taht you shouldn't piss about with this sort of thing - even more so if they could take others down with them.