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  1. Like US Marshals on The Fugitive. Although I will gladly watch either tbh
  2. Sorry for the multiple quotes, but I made a fud of it. Anyway. Thorongil - you're having a head's gone on this. That's fine though. Thread is about being annoyed about petty things. The thing about this is that it's not about the supermarket per se, it's about the locale. The same supermarket chain will have stores where you don't need a pound/token and stores where you do. This will be based on the behaviour of their customers. Nowadays most trollies have an inhibitor once you get out the car park, so it's not even about lost trollies, it's about having to reclaim them from areas of the car park where they've been abandoned by morons. Put simply, if your supermarket makes you use a token for a trolley its because most of your fellow local citizens are lazy scum who don't put the trollies back. (None of this is hard and fast, I think all Aldis and Lidls still have tokens needed, but that's a reflection that they're not willing to spend money on a person collecting trollies that posh folk have abandoned). During covid lockdowns a lot of the supermarkets stopped making people do this, as it was seen as unnecessary opportunity for transmission, but they've gradually slipped back to it. I do admit to avoiding places that do it. Lidl and Aldi get a pass as I can usually fit stuff in the big baskets, but I don't have coins any more and can't be arsed with a token. I live in Bishopbriggs and my local supermarkets are Morrisons and Asda. Neither make you use tokens. The next Asda over in Robroyston makes you use tokens. So I don't go. So if your closest supermarket annoys you by doing this, blame your local residents. They are the reason.
  3. I think The Good Spirits Company are pretty far on with this - on a cask level though. Barrel in the shop, constantly topped up. No idea if contents are good though!
  4. Proof, if proof be need be, about the way Edinburgh has always been.
  5. The team is still worn out with all the REMEMBERING they did last week.
  6. I see that utter c-ntress Michelle Mone is up to her eyeballs in this PPE scandal.
  7. There's one in Dundee that does the rounds on a fairly regular basis, spotted last week. Probably due to all the circles they have there.
  8. That's all more or less true, but given the increased influence of lunatic fringe parties such as UKIP/Brexit, the Lib Dems getting some degree of power during to coalition years, increasing influence of The Green Party, the forementioned rise of the SNP in Scotland, and in fact all of the factors involved in Devolution in general, I'd say that we're still further away from the usual 2-party situation than at any point since WWII. For all that the Lib Dems made an arse of it, they still actually got a portion of influence, far more than achieved since the old SDLP days. I just don't see that we've moved towards an Americanised system at all. You could definitely make the case that the way the media treats politics and the personality-driven context in which political discourse is now occurring has followed in the footsteps of the colonies.
  9. As annoying as it is when people do this, I'd say that if anything people have moved very slightly away from this model in the UK, not towards it. While across the UK as a whole Labour and Conservative still hold most of the votes, and while Westminster is still mainly a 2-paerty affair, I would suggest that it is less so than 50 years ago.
  10. That list is going to keep me going for a good while. I can't believe I worked in EK for a good 5 years and never saw the Dollan Baths. The Anderston Centre is an interesting one to me. I remember when I was young we went on a bus to Glasgow and it stopped there. The place had its own shops (I think even a music shop), its own bus station, and seemed pretty busy. By the end of the 80s it was a failed experiment it seems, although I understand that it's now a pretty decent place to live. I guess they wanted a cheap version of the Barbican, and if they'd ended up with anything like that it would have been amazing. I ended up googling stuff about it. Found some pretty cool pics.
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