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  1. clatty c**t how is the beckham thread "gold"? a wee fud talking shite? it's not really very funny is it? same goes for that pish about a fort. p and b gold should be about toilet humour and the truely bizarre like strathclyde and big tellys
  2. trs is your dad alan partridge? this thread is feckin brilliant
  3. dugs seem to love shite for some reason
  4. i once baked a hangover shite from greenock to inveraray in my mates motor. it was a wee burgundy lada and there were 5 of us in it. i was farting the turtles breath the whole way much to the chagrin of my chums. anyhoo by the time we got to inverary the dolphin's nose was nudging my gussett and i couldn't find a bog. i ran down to the shores of loch fyne, whipped off one leg of my jeans and y's and opened the bomb-bay. f**k me, this thing felt like king kong's thumb. i then made the mistake off bending over to have a gander at it through my legs. it was like a big nik-nak that had been dipped in cuprinol. as it swayed in the wind - one end still lodged up my bangle - it became a temporary landing strip for a colony of blue bottles. i waggled my bum till it snapped off and then had to wipe my freckle with a wee bit of snottery hanky. i'd have got more wipes aff a spangles wrapper. anyway the last i saw of that behemoth was it steaming on a rock while an alsatian barked at it
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