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  1. How can we get a second referendum and win it?

    "Why do you people no like us? Oh did I mention 1966?" Please just f**k off.
  2. Why?

  3. Poll tax

    ^^^^^ knows nothing.
  4. Poll tax

    That is not what happened.
  5. The Vow

    He's sitting at his front door waiting on his letter fae the Queen.
  6. Poll tax

    I do hope he raises that higher rate of tax before he steps down. That would tickle me pink.
  7. The Vow

    It must be very reassuring to all those NO voters, that after Scotland voting to stay in the UK, that Westminster is now taking steps to lock Scotland out of the UK. Just dandy.
  8. The Vow

    Wonder who it is that Brown thinks will sign this " petition"? Is it Labour voters? Staunch NO voters? Suckered NO voters? I for one ain't signing it.
  9. The Vow

    Hahaha. Gordon Brown. Petition. What a fucking dick.
  10. The best of both worlds

    Taking your eye off of Mr Putin for a while then are we Mr Bairn?
  11. The best of both worlds

    Are you implying that this new UK-US conflict jolly, will be done and dusted by 2016?
  12. Which P & B yes voter is the most seething?

    Move on? That's funny. Oh and it's not the " Scottish people".