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  1. Thank f**k. Sick of these *** bangers in work saying theve improved . 13 points behind (could be 20+ by the end of the season).
  2. Kent banned aswell now i guess. Hilarious. Heeds gone ****.
  3. Cant stop watching Mcgregor everytime I see the **** play. Why is he such a raging mess these days. Plus, anything along the ground goes straight in the net.
  4. This thread has turned into abit of a snotter-fest. Luuuvly.
  5. Glen Kamara and Ryan Jack. The two most over rated ****.
  6. I assume the camera guy just happened to get stuck next to the biggest roasters in Arbroath.
  7. Enjoyable. The Jim Duffys Clyde 1 Locomotive is en route to the play offs.
  8. Does ikpeazu actually know how to play football or does he just ram c***s off the ball. Getting the celtic fans raging. Hilarious.
  9. Steve Clarke hits out at sectarian abuse he receives. **** go into mass whataboutery mode. SFA suspend Steve Clarke. Media sweep it under the carpet. Scottish football trumbles on.
  10. Stevie Clarke to get a ban for calling out the blatant cheating. Alan muir still to be given top flight matches. System is mental.
  11. Mon to f**k Killie. Do it for the banter (years) and the meltdown on RM.
  12. 100% a red card. Shouldve been higher. Games been pish.
  13. Two of the subs Valencia brought on cost them €56 million Euros. Celtic still made a rip roaring c**t of it though and where masters of their own downfall. They couldn't string two passes together or hold a line. Sinclair was their best player and he got subbed. Rogers trying to play attacking football to one of the best defenses in Spain. Valencia to field their youth team in Spain and still win to nil.
  14. Deliberately getting booked knowing theres no chance of getting put out.
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