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  1. Thank f**k. Sick of these *** bangers in work saying theve improved . 13 points behind (could be 20+ by the end of the season).
  2. Kent banned aswell now i guess. Hilarious. Heeds gone ****.
  3. Cant stop watching Mcgregor everytime I see the **** play. Why is he such a raging mess these days. Plus, anything along the ground goes straight in the net.
  4. This thread has turned into abit of a snotter-fest. Luuuvly.
  5. Glen Kamara and Ryan Jack. The two most over rated ****.
  6. I assume the camera guy just happened to get stuck next to the biggest roasters in Arbroath.
  7. Enjoyable. The Jim Duffys Clyde 1 Locomotive is en route to the play offs.
  8. Does ikpeazu actually know how to play football or does he just ram c***s off the ball. Getting the celtic fans raging. Hilarious.
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