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  1. The boy is a bell end and I really hope he read this. He seems to just pick a player every season. Agnew last year , Crichton before that and so on for about 5 seasons. Part of me wants to say we are entitled to whatever cause we pay money to get in, but also see if you get your jollies from shouting nonsense at wee lads, then politely f off. Same boy shouted abuse at mcmaster during the St mirre game...HE WASNT EVEN PLAYING! Lunacy.
  2. Good 5 nil today. Boy near us spent the whole game giving abuse to Euan Deveney. Absolute walloper , who comes to a game that we are winning and just launches tirades of abuse at bloody teenager. Glad someone challenged him on it.
  3. I think today we just got thr tactics all wrong which is a gutter. Just a bit of an all round shocker.
  4. I had a bad feeling about the game ! Doesn't help giving away a silly penalty and going a man down. Need a big reaction next week. Will be tough up at montrose though.
  5. Aye we got the tactics very wrong today. Disappointing to say the least
  6. Anyway... I'm actually worried about tomorrow. We've never beaten this mob and it gives me the fear.
  7. I agree to a point. But some of the hysteria has been laughable from folk. Calling people like myself "lemons" whatever that means , using phrases like "playing with fire", "shambles" etc etc I am focused on the positives , always have been. If we weren't playing well I'd understand some grief being aimed at the club. But we are , and it isn't an accident that we are playing well. We aren't lucky, we've set our stall out in every game with a clear plan , and changed it when needed. Folk saying we don't have a plan or strategy when every single interview with Mccabe or Fordyce calls out the need for reinforcements , but quality that makes a different. It's there in black and white every week. But folk just either ignore that or read it and rant anyway about staff that's been covered....and don't even get me started on folk who moan about Calum Gallagher...
  8. It's mad to think how little time Mcinroy was here for. And absolutely agree , it's horses for courses. We've been smart at who we approach for loan moves. It's worked for us...folk still no happy...
  9. Interesting wee read from Dunfermline about how they wanted to bring in more players but basically no one wants to play in league 1 , or send their young players to league 1. Obviously a bit of an over simplification , but just high lights the difficulties clubs down at our level face.
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