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  1. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Look on the last page mate
  2. Thought the public were a bit harsh on you tbf...
  3. Official P&b Cycling Thread

    Why would you overtake on the left?
  4. New handsets 2016

    You're probably best waiting on the 3 albeit, I have seen the 2XL going for like £450 (new) on eBay (Link) and I've heard the 3 will be very expensive and will be an October release.
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Good to see a sizeable chunk of the East Juniors jump ship, it was always going to happen but just needed one club to take the leap of faith, well done Kelty. It will be fun seeing Kelty vs Cowedenbeath matches in the LL next year.
  6. Keith Jackson will probably be blaming Alfredo Morelos for this.
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    If Scotland were to win in Dublin by 4 points or more, we would rise to 3rd
  8. Dundee United 2017/2018

    It's quite funny, how despite being in different leagues, it's easily possible that we play Dundee 4 times this season.
  9. Killie vs. Dees 13/2/18

    Im rodger is a right c**t, isn't he? Good to see that you Dees are following in our relegation footsteps.
  10. We're talking about a club that had a shopping trolley stuck on a terrace for 10 years, what do you expect?
  11. Nah not quite As said already Aberdeen only give the c***s 2000 so they'll easily out number them. When in the top flight we give them about 4,500- 5,000 (which they rarely fill) and the crowds at Tannadice for the last few games against the OF were: vs Celtic 15 Jan 2016 - 10,848 (about 4,500 away fans) vs Celtic 22 Aug 2015 - 10,605 (about 4,500 away fans) vs Celtic 26 Apr 2015 - 8,234 (about 3000 Celtic Fans) - IIRC we had nothing to play for and Celtic had already won the league vs Celtic 8 Mar 2015 - 10,504 (about 4,000 away fans) - Scottish Cup game which we were cheated out of vs Celtic 14 Dec 2014 - 12,098 (about 4,500 away fans) - We went top of the league thanks to Ciftci and Armstrong vs Rangers 2 Feb 2013 - 9,564 (150 away fans) - The boycott game which was hilarious. As for Dundee, it depends on how they're playing. They are sometimes out numbered vs Celtic 26 Dec 2016 - 9,195 (4,300 away fans) vs Rangers 24 Nov 2017 - 8,548 (Rangers end was full so there's 4300 away fans)
  12. Dundee v Motherwell

    At least you've got another shot in the Scottish Cup according to Sportscene (bottom left)
  13. Dundee v Motherwell

    It's magic, you know. Dundee and Hampden don't go
  14. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    The fact you beat us 6-1, shows how shite we really are
  15. Not really tinpot, but every year one British media outlet (usually BBC Sport) seems to think that Hibernians of Malta is Hibs, so they always put "Hibs face Red Star Belgrade in Champions League Qualifier" or whoever in the headline. Quite amusing imo