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  1. Well in 2012, the winners of the old First Division received something in the region of £70,000, that's now ten-fold because of the SPFL. The TV deal is ever-changing and tbh there was 16 Championship games live last season on BBC Alba, and I imagine Alba were paying a lot less than £700k, and no-one was complaining. Clubs also get a lot in commercial money by having live games on the BBC, I saw one report that missing out on Sportscene Highlights cost us a six-figure amount. I'm not a massive fan of the 7.05ko time, personally, I would like to see a 7:30pm ko, with the Nine being shortened to half an hour on a Friday - which is what C4 News do.
  2. I believe it was £20m Eleven paid for La Liga and Serie A combined.
  3. Because Championship clubs get revenue from Live Premiership matches. All TV, Sponsorship, and other Money is put into a pot at the end of the season and is awarded to the 42 clubs (and the side relegated from L2). So if in your case that all the Championship TV money just stayed with Championship clubs, then the total prize pool for all the Championship clubs would be £700,000. Under the current model, the championship winner receives roughly £650,000. So it's a completely pointless argument.
  4. Benji Siegrist - Punt: I think there's a good keeper in there somewhere, but there have been far too many mistakes from him this season. Every time a corner or cross comes into the box it's a heart in mouth moment and I think that's testament to why he should go. Callum Booth - Keep: I think he's been quite good since the turn of the year. Probably not too much better than Championship level, but has been solid for us recently. Mark Connolly - Keep: He's a big improvement but is still prone to odd faux pas, the goal on Friday proves my point. Mark Reynolds - Keep: He's been brilliant for us, hopefully, he stays and we can give him the captaincy. He could play for any side out of the top 4 in the Premiership. Paul Watson - Undecided: He's a goal threat from corners but is probably best suited to being cover in this league, and I'd defo punt him if we did go up. He's not a particularly great a gash attacking Right-back, but I would keep him as cover if we stayed in Championship for another season. Charlie Seaman - Keep: I really doubted him when he came up here, I thought he'd be Brandon Mason 2.0, and he was terrible in his first 3 games, however, I think he's came on leaps and bounds and would defo keep him if Bournemouth let us. He would need to bulk up a bit over the summer though. Rachid Bouhenna - Undecided: I personally really like Bouhenna as a player, I think he's a decent passer who can build from the back and provide another aerial threat. However, he's just not been seen under Robbie, so I get the feeling he's on his way out. Jamie Robson - Keep: If you asked me this in January, I would say punt ASAP. He was really lucky to stay at the club in January and not get punted to Brechin out on loan, and boy am I glad he's stayed. Ever since the St Mirren cup game he's been playing with more creativity, he seems like he's got his confidence back. Moving him further forward has only added to that and I think has taken the pressure off him, as he's not being targeted for long balls by the opposition anymore. Callum Butcher - Keep: I absolutely love the dirty b*****d. 100%. Ian Harkes - Keep: He's definitely a player - had a poor game on Friday, but would be well suited to the Premiership, especially if he's got help from Butcher. Megnuts all the way. Fraser Fyvie - Punt: I feel bad for him, but I think his career is finished, he just looks a liability anytime he comes on. Sam Stanton - Undecided: He's been pish this season, but it's probably worth keeping him as he's got a year left on his deal and if United are in this league, there's no point in Stanton going to a rival next season. And we know that he can play well. Albeit if United go up, I think he's defo a goner. Jimmy Gomis - Punt: I think he's passed it now as well, unfortunately, but he's still a cult hero. Has the rare ability to shoot from 30 yards and end up in the Jerry Kerr. Aiden Nesbitt - Punt: He looked promising, but I don't think he's good enough for us, having the inability to shoot it not something you want from an attacking midfielder. Peter Pawlett - Undecided: He's been far too inconsistent for my liking, but does have the ability to have a moment of magic, for example away to Dunfermline. The jury is still out on him for me. Yannick Loemba - Punt: Hopefully Celtic will be preparing their £3m bid and offer it any day now. Cammy Smith - Keep: I genuinely forgot United signed him. He's a quality player but hasn't played enough yet for us. Nicky Clark - Keep: Dunfermline fans, ye raging aye? Paul McMullan - Keep: See Clark. He's finally starting to show the potential that he's promised. Pavol Safranko - Keep. We need to sign him in the summer. No Question about it. Osman Sow - Keep: Purely for the money we spent on him, he needs to get up to fitness though, clearly off the pace.
  5. Still find it bizarre that reserve sides are allowed in the pyramid at Tier 6.
  6. What is the latest on that are the West Juniors taking the SOSL's place in the pyramid at Tier 6 or does nobody know? I really can't be bothered going through 40 pages to find a half answer.
  7. An Ayr win here would give them a massive chance of second - they should be super hyped for this one.
  8. You do know loanees can play in the playoff games,
  9. We won't be in the playoff - we'll be down by the final game. Was hoping you guys were able to shitfest your way to 10th so we could hump yous three times next season in the Premiership, but alas. Really hoping for St Mirren. Hamilton are always jammy as f**k in the playoffs.
  10. I can vaguely remember this, can anyone tell me which pod it was from. Also will not hear a bad word about Joel, the boy is a motherfucking hero. Saw Ricky Ross and Fowler chatting on Twitter earlier - all I want is Ricky Ross singing Beautiful Sunday on the show now. The show's been great, getting better and better each week, I'm trying to get my non-football flatmates to watch it, they seem to like it. The BBC showing games on the Friday seems to make it more difficult for them, I've noticed that they're always skirting talking about the Championship - particularly the promotion hunt the last two weeks. Maybe for Season 2, they could have it on a Thursday night? But again that brings its own set of challenges, esp with filming two days in advance.
  11. nonleaguescotland.org.uk is your best bet with a list of upcoming fixtures. Also worth checking the Groundhopper app
  12. Another shout would be to make the two top HL and LL teams start in Round 1, with the bottom two HL sides starting in the Final Qualifying Round. Then there would be 32 automatic starters in R1, and that would create an additional six slots for teams who make it through the Preliminary Rounds. This gives 44 teams playing in R1, with 12 of those being winners from Qualifying/Prelim.
  13. Campaign isn't a right off until the Russia games (unless we lose to Cyprus) Other than the usual names, Clarke (sorry @craigkillie) and Neil - I would suggest a bold appointment in Shaun Maloney - I suppose he's never managed before but he's Assistant to Roberto Martinez at Belgium. So he knows the current crop of Scotland players and he has some experience of the international scene with a team that made the World Cup semi-final. Would probably need an experienced assistant to help him, but could be worth a shot.
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