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  1. Tynecastle 3 Jeanfield 3 - Kelty Tournament Swifts win 4-3 on penalties
  2. Jeanfield 2 Penicuik 3 - Kelty Tournament
  3. It was Swifts under 19s they were playing
  4. Shane's no longer starting as not registered
  5. Does this cup still exist? Just with Jeanfield Swifts becoming a member of the SFA you'd have an 8 team competition now.
  6. That's the far side. That's off one light on each. There is 2 other lights on each pole facing the other direction which we use for training. These will be turned round.
  7. That's a 2 minute walk from our ground right enough
  8. Last train to Edinburgh from Perth is 2245.
  9. Next board meeting is June 20th so I have been told
  10. They do have lights bit unsure if they are good enough for matches. Great to see our city rivals joining us in EOS though
  11. Its is Jeanfield Red Under 19s who are playing Fort William.
  12. That's correct. There is a disused ball court opposite the ground from which we have received the lights.
  13. Bonnyrigg were audited on 12 december, 16 hours after the 2019 criteria was released
  14. They only opened the application process in November again I am sure after suspending it in the summer
  15. The manual for 2019 was sent to applicant clubs on December 11.
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