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  1. The North of the Tay line only applies to teams coming down from the SPFL. Any club is welcome to apply to the EOS and its up to its members if they wish to accept them.
  2. We just weren't at the races yesterday. 2 of the 3 lads who had been away with futsal picked up knocks so didn't start. Better team won on the day and we just have to get our mojo back as away to Linlithgow next week
  3. We had 3 involved. No cancellation as we are behind in games oh and the SFA never informed the club of their call up until it was too late!!! Home nations is normally at start of December so hopefully no call ups for a while unless their teams qualify for the Champions League.
  4. Thanks. Perths not really a football city but we are working hard to get more through the gate. New committee only took over December 18 so we have made huge strides since then as old ones were happy to stay where they were but allowed us to make decision.
  5. Apologies. They are hurting financially a little bit although wouldn't have had much of a crowd today due to St Johnstone being a home in the Scottish Cup. Enjoyed our battles with Mussey this season
  6. Frozen pitch embarrassing. Most games in Perthshire have been called off today. Are you saying the same about Bonnyrigg?
  7. Not our trees. They belong to the golf course. We have asked numerous times with no joy from council
  8. Jeanfield v Sauchie is off due to a frozen park. Well frozen goalmouth at the golf course end. The trees from the course don't allow the sun to get to that section of the park.
  9. I am lead to believe that Luncarty are applying for East of Scotland league for next season.
  10. First clean sheet in 23 competitive games. 1st home league win since opening day. More that deserved though. Dominated game for spells
  11. The good news is your playing a Jeanfield team this weekend who haven't played a competitive game since November 2 and at present can't keep hens out of a close.
  12. Jeanfield v Blackburn off due to a frozen park
  13. Only 3 players away this time. Had 5 for the European qualifiers last season in Bosnia. The fixture that would have been postponed due to frost anyway.
  14. The trees at the golf course end don't allow much sun through them. 80% of the park was playable but the goals at that end were frozen solid
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