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  1. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/18/daniel-farke-explains-why-billy-gilmour-brandon-williams-arent-playing-at-norwich-15441496/ Unsure if it’s been posted.
  2. Why the f**k has no-one posted Albert Kidd’s puss yet?
  3. Leave me a Florentine please (you posh twat) Was away to say. Tesco Finest? Pfft.
  4. Just tell her you'll see her there, and walk out of the door. After assessing the reaction, decide whether she's worth the bother.
  5. Go back and read what I posted before; I am hurting to know what can be done because as it stands, men are damaging women in unspeakable ways, in unacceptable numbers. It’s fucking horrible, but I’m not going to accept it’s solely down to culture; that’s reductionist and it doesn’t begin to approach to solve the problem. Shouting from the rooftops “listen to the women and they will say how to fix it” has little meaning if we do everything they say and yet IT STILL HAPPENS. Then what do we blame? More “culture”? I was just asking that particular slant because I was wanting to know what p***kish answer Oaksoft was going to come up with next, to see if he could stay consistent.
  6. Either way it's still a problem with men. Which is fixable...how exactly? Because as I highlighted previously, this overwhelming violence has been an issue since time immemorial.
  7. What do you say about…murder in general? As a broader topic? That’s mostly male on male; is that once again down to “male” culture or is that just down to humans as a species? With no aspect of “culture” taken into account?
  8. Never in doubt, you bunch of negative b*****ds.
  9. Only player I've seen for Scotland who fizzes passes forward and does it successfully, consistently.
  10. Gilmour with another great ball there; if only we had any actual strikers. Not going doom and gloom, we aren't behind and we hopefully make some changes at half time. Still think we will get 2 goals.
  11. Well, they've only had 2 on target so not really.
  12. But we haven't conceded after 5 minutes so, this is obviously a better start. Rankings mean f**k all, we know this, this is Scotland; we f**k up against lower ranked sides, but we aren't playing THAT bad at the moment. They are just defending and moving well.
  13. In what way is it worse? For one, they haven't scored? People are overreacting here, not even 20 in minutes ffs.
  14. f**k me man, what a ball from Gilmour there.
  15. I have a link if anyone wishes it, just drop a Pm.
  16. X-Files began to die for me when Duchovny became less involved/left. Gillian Anderson is a great actress but the awkward chemistry between herself and Duchovny made that show. That, and some brilliant monster of the week type story lines. The overall story arch was a downright mess by season 5.
  17. Is it a matter of more parents failing boys specifically when raising them? In which case why is there the supposed disparity in raising less reasonable boys than reasonable girls? I appreciate the response but it can’t be that simple.
  18. What is the solution to prevent men from attacking women disproportionately? Besides the obvious solutions like educating men not to act like lurid cretins, tougher sentences and more robust investigations from the police into the various types of abuse men carry out against women, providing more services for women that have been victims of this sort of abuse; what else is there if men STILL carry out these sorts of attacks?
  19. Sorry, I should have said in my post that men commit more acts of violence overall; that is undeniably true, whether it's against other men or women. I was getting at the root cause why men are more prone to violence overall, compared to women. Are we just more aggressive, unagreeable? I think so, but that surely can't be the sole cause? Is it hormonal differences? Is it societal hierarchies that allow (or indeed encourage?) a lot of men to act the way they do to a vast amount of women? Like I said, this was probably an issue in Caveman times as well; what societal issues do we point towards in that case?
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