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  1. I’ve been watching this series that’s looking at crypto-casinos and it’s really putting me off the entire idea of crypto. Just seems like a very elaborate way to launder money.
  2. New Parquet Courts isn't doing it for me; sounds too disjointed compared to previous albums.
  3. If anyone likes Shoegaze; have a listen to a playlist I've thrown together. Suggestions welcome! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2eudaATGm4B6zHTAaHSycn?si=90ebdf2aaf804d07
  4. Cineworld in Dundee is fucking shite; out-dated and just generally unclean. Odeon Luxe in Douglas is phenomenal; new, leather reclining seats, spruced up appearance, and just all-round more pleasant for viewing films.
  5. Brian Cox is painfully average in most things he's in. Bourne Films are brilliant though.
  6. I’m astounded at the folk who can work out being in the middle of some nowhere desert. No idea how they do it.
  7. No actual addressing anything else? No bother, freak.
  8. They won’t tell you it’s substandard; and it obviously won’t be highlighted as such. I’ve clearly riled the DCC shills here, fucking hell.
  9. Oh please; “a new low even for you”? No bother, you know me personally? [emoji23] Barring the fact that numerous people that I know who are living in council accommodation have had to fight like f**k to get their flats up to code, I’ll file your little “it’s illegal for flats to be substandard” argument right in the bin. Your second point of if I know how much housing stock the council has; I do know. Do you know how many are lying empty as “emergency” houses/accomodation?
  10. I don’t really understand what you mean by that? In an ideal world I would happily vouch for a high standard, state led education for all children, and do away with private schools. But we all know that isn’t possible. I’m just curious how people square their disdain of private education, while using other private services and not seeing how private education is part and parcel of the private sector?
  11. Well, yes. I also was educated privately from primary 1 until 6th year (albeit via a bursary). It’s hard to get a good council house, but you can get a small, substandard one quite easily. Like I said; if anyone is against private schooling, principle should dictate that they’d be against private anything else (including housing).
  12. I mean, there has to be a balance between private/public services. I don’t see how you could be against private schooling if you also rent “privately” or have a bought house. Stick to your principles and live in a council house.
  13. They were turning away Asian children, saying there wasn’t any availability and then literally saying to the next white family that applied that there is plenty of 3-day/week spaces for them. Go figure.
  14. In the NHS department I work in, you’re entitled to a 15 minute paid teabreak, and a 30 minute unpaid lunch; however you’re essentially shamed to not take the 15 minutes and just take an unpaid 30 minute lunch. Requests for the 15 minute break are met with humphing and moaning about work load, being busy etc. That’s why you don’t ask permission for your legally mandated paid tea break, and just take it. Either that or you add it onto your lunch break and take 45 minutes all at once.
  15. Britain as a country is completely repressed; you’re so correct about a collective anger beneath the surface. It goes hand in hand with our binging of alcohol every weekend, when every other Western European country handles it relatively fine. Would take a small controversial event for there to be carnage everywhere.
  16. Lightyear. Summer 22. Buzz gets his own high budget film from Pixar. No doubt if successful other characters (looking at you, Woody) will get the same treatment. Trailer looks amazing tbf:
  17. I was frothing with anger during that match. What a fucking disaster that was.
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