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  1. We've been pretty good at the counter as of late.
    Rangers just the better team and able to smother us and pin us back.

    I know, but not in this game; so what could we do to change things up? We can score against Celtic, can we just not score against Rangers? Are they that much better than Celtic? I appreciate we are fucked with injuries at the moment but this looks like McPake has told them to just go out and try and keep the score below 5.
  2. Not that I would ever be clever enough to be qualified, but I couldn't imagine being the defence lawyer who's desk a case like this lands on. Knowing I had a duty (morally and professionally) to defend people like this to the best of my ability would be impossible for me.

    I think there becomes a point where a defence lawyer doesn’t defend anymore, but fights for the best (in the defendants case) possible sentencing. Still an absolutely abhorrent position to be in mind.
  3. Indeed! Though essentially communism is authoritarian. It would be difficult to conceptualise a society with a command economy, where goods and resources are effectively allocated, that isn't that way. If you had a proper democracy and free speech then a Tory could stand for election and, when confidence in the government is low (as happens with any government), win a mandate to abolish communism in favour of a free market capitalist society. 
    Essentially, a communist society would be a one party state, which controls everything - the military, police, housing, trade unions (the Party is the trade union), the judicial system and is your employer, too. That's a whole lot of power, and if the wrong person takes charge, they might do very bad things to retain it! The ideal of communism becomes secondary to the Chairman's desires.

    “Inherent greed in humans” crumbles at the mere idea of non-familial altruism.

    ETA: replying to Oaksoft instead of you Albion, sorry. No idea how your post ended up being quoted.
  4. 8 hours ago, Clown Job said:

    So did that nightclub boycott go ahead?

    The discuss around people being injected in pubs and clubs seem to have disappeared 

    I think it was once no hospital seemed to come forward with what was being injected. 

  5. 16 minutes ago, Elixir said:

    Surprised Bozo the Clown is indulging in a few bits of pointless theatre to appease the psychos. Tbh though, I was fearful it would be far worse.

    With any luck things will calm in the coming weeks.

    Can I ask what sort of highly transimissable virus would have you keeking your breeks?

  6. Just now, Meldrew said:

    i must have been paying too much attention to your stricken fence, you had already mention the snow in your post. sorry about that.

    Fucking hell; I misread your post as well. I thought you asked if that was light covering the snow. 😅

    Too early for my brain on a Saturday morning it seems. 

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