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    Not even calling our Moon by it’s real name. Shocking.
  2. I know, but not in this game; so what could we do to change things up? We can score against Celtic, can we just not score against Rangers? Are they that much better than Celtic? I appreciate we are fucked with injuries at the moment but this looks like McPake has told them to just go out and try and keep the score below 5.
  3. I don’t actually know what our gameplay really is? Was it to really soak up pressure? Cause we didn’t look like we’d be able to counter attack if we somehow got possession?
  4. Morelos just bullied 4 of our defenders there. Oyf.
  5. I’d agree with you there; no desire to improve himself, or indeed prove anyone wrong. Shame, as he’s so exceptionally talented but obviously just doesn’t have it in the head.
  6. I think there becomes a point where a defence lawyer doesn’t defend anymore, but fights for the best (in the defendants case) possible sentencing. Still an absolutely abhorrent position to be in mind.
  7. Correct but say that to anyone who knows him and you’ll get called all sorts. [emoji849]
  8. That was a mind bending read. Think it’s actually prompted the onset of a headache, fucking hell.
  9. “Inherent greed in humans” crumbles at the mere idea of non-familial altruism. ETA: replying to Oaksoft instead of you Albion, sorry. No idea how your post ended up being quoted.
  10. I'm forever living in hope that the Earth will be get launched into a blackhole; that, or the Sun just decides "f**k it" and prematurely self-destructs.
  11. I think it was once no hospital seemed to come forward with what was being injected.
  12. There's plenty of viruses that you should keek your breeks at, regardless of vaccines and treatments.
  13. Can I ask what sort of highly transimissable virus would have you keeking your breeks?
  14. I have no ideas of the ins and outs as they say. Doubt Utd would pass kids being anywhere near it if they thought it was a concern. Probably someone on our side hamming a loose slate up.
  15. Slagging the Derry for all those years as being a tin-can yet not even last nights hooley could damage it. Tannadice on the other hand... https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/supporter-information-road-closure/?fbclid=IwAR04waWRqgX8aXYf6k547Dyz6VzsjSG23rXiaEAIetPOo2MPLbiZuuLTsDs
  16. Is this an AI generated image? It has a weird filter on it or something...
  17. I don't even know how to categorise this pun. Sitting on the fence about it.
  18. Fucking hell; I misread your post as well. I thought you asked if that was light covering the snow. Too early for my brain on a Saturday morning it seems.
  19. It's still a bit blowy; snow overnight as well but nothing overly heavy. Just need to hope the rain stays off.
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