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  1. I don’t even know what to say about the host of Scholes related media that’s been recently posted on this thread. What the actual f**k is that about?
  2. The very fact you need something akin to midazolam (a controlled drug that isn’t readily available, on the “streets” especially) just makes me wonder what is being injected. Non-pharmaceutical grade Ketamine? Even still, you’d need a ridiculous amount, specific tools and the know how to turn street grade ketamine powder into a viable IV form. Also, how the hell are there not more cases of air bubbles being injected into folks veins by accident? Doubt beasts are being polite enough to check for air bubbles and hitting veins first time.
  3. Has there been a better header of the ball than Ronaldo?
  4. Surely Ole has to be sacked after this? A pasting by Liverpool would make it almost certain if not.
  5. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/18/daniel-farke-explains-why-billy-gilmour-brandon-williams-arent-playing-at-norwich-15441496/ Unsure if it’s been posted.
  6. Why the f**k has no-one posted Albert Kidd’s puss yet?
  7. Leave me a Florentine please (you posh twat) Was away to say. Tesco Finest? Pfft.
  8. Just tell her you'll see her there, and walk out of the door. After assessing the reaction, decide whether she's worth the bother.
  9. Go back and read what I posted before; I am hurting to know what can be done because as it stands, men are damaging women in unspeakable ways, in unacceptable numbers. It’s fucking horrible, but I’m not going to accept it’s solely down to culture; that’s reductionist and it doesn’t begin to approach to solve the problem. Shouting from the rooftops “listen to the women and they will say how to fix it” has little meaning if we do everything they say and yet IT STILL HAPPENS. Then what do we blame? More “culture”? I was just asking that particular slant because I was wanting to know what p***kish answer Oaksoft was going to come up with next, to see if he could stay consistent.
  10. Either way it's still a problem with men. Which is fixable...how exactly? Because as I highlighted previously, this overwhelming violence has been an issue since time immemorial.
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