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  1. Gives the club a money stream throughout the season, which I guess is handy.
  2. Koyla (sp?) is fine, was filmed by someone else recently and seemed to be in good spirits, same with the old wifey as well. Baldy absolutely deserves it tbh, he was pig ignorant about COVID, thinking he was safe in Eastern Europe since people “didn’t really care” about it over there. Ended up in some Belorussian hospital (I think) with damaged lungs because of it.
  3. Galaxie 500’s version is the best out of all of them.
  4. Songs - Medium Term (6 months)
  5. Songs - Short Term (4 Weeks)
  6. Bands - Medium Term (6 Months)
  7. It hurts particularly when I'm standing for an extended period of time, or when I'm lying in bed.
  8. I thought it was a tilt as well that caused it for me, however what I've found is that when I exercise, my back pain goes away.
  9. I have lower back pain pretty much all the time, with varying degrees of severity. It's all down to my hamstrings being perpetually tight, regardless of how much I stretch them. It puts a great amount of strain on my lower back. Only 25, so excited to see what I'll be like when I'm 40.
  10. Last few moments of Blade Runner 2049 are pretty tear inducing.
  11. Had BNW and a few mods, but nothing extensive. I've went for Base game plus Rise and Fall to play as Scotland, will see how it is.
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