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  1. Bryson skint by Robertson so he scythes him down. Minter.
  2. Good to see that haddy Cosgrove getting a taste of his own medicine.
  3. I got it on RedTV, not paying for it though.
  4. If people stopped quoting him, he’d fizzle out eventually.
  5. I've started a new game with the new update and the 10,000 limit on basic resources is a godsend. No-more having to rearrange your small starting inventory to fit sodium, oxygen, ferrite etc etc.
  6. Is anyone else getting a bit jittery because of all the talk of another global recession? I stumbled across a “wallstreetbets” reddit and it was a horrifying read. I’m not clued up on stock markets and the like, so I’m guessing the lack of knowledge makes it that bit more scary.
  7. Absolutely. It’s not even comparable to the release version. Brilliant so far.
  8. Probably the best footballer to come out of Elgin tbh.
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