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  1. The real problem in the NHS is wastage; I had to write off 8 small boxes of medicine (each box contained 1 vial) that totalled more than £7000 in total because they ran past their use by date, whilst more medicine was ordered which was the same, had a longer date on them and was more expensive. Other than medicine waste, there are other areas where waste could be monitored better and controlled. However, the actual service provided to patients (I've been one myself) is absolutely incredible. You can't fault the care that is provided, free at the point of contact. It's a modern wonder in that respect.
  2. Curry House is decent in Stobie, never had a bad curry from there. Stobie bar is pish, unless you want to be offered coke every 10 minutes or have to wait to use the tiny fucking toilet.
  3. That’s Stewart signed with some team in India, such a fucking waste
  4. If he turns out 1/10th of the player Xavi was then we are onto a winner. It's looking that way.
  5. They’ve been back a while now but the original version was delicious, albeit abysmal for your arteries. Can’t say I’ve tried the new version.
  6. Got the ultimate edition for £20 odd quid for my series S, playing it with 60fps, it’s a gorgeous game. The Story doesn’t seem all that captivating but I’m loving the gameplay so far. My only real experience of AC is with the first three games so it’s a definite change in tack.
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