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  1. Ach well, I’ve stocked up on enough liquid gold to see me through the post-match depths of despair. Who likes poppers?
  2. Correct; one of the GOAT's.
  3. Ness is gone, leaves a decent wage to use up.
  4. You could probably get away with something cheaper but it’s a good monitor for sure.
  5. If you’re not into serious “ranked” sort of modes with COD and just like to f**k about with your pals then a higher refresh rate probably won’t be all that necessary. Especially on console, since I’m sure the game will be locked at 30/60fps anyway. I’d opt for one with a good resolution and 60hz refresh rate. You don’t need something ridiculous if you’re sticking with console. ETA: Just noticed you’re on about the new gen; in which case futureproofing yourself a bit might be a shout. Maybe a 144hz monitor would be a decent investment for future titles/games. Pricey but they are quality.
  6. Depends what you’re after. Do you play fast pace shooters/multiplayer games or more the story/adventure sort of thing? Basically comes down to frames/input delay vs resolution.
  7. Just kite gascoigne around the tombstones in his first phase and then go bollocks on him once he transforms.
  8. Yes. Once you make it to the hub/Anomaly you can do co-op missions, trade with other folk, chat with them, teleport to community made bases in different galaxies and systems.
  9. If it’s the one where you needed to find specialists to help you with your base building, then yes you can pretty much ignore it. Focus on on the Atlas Path/Artemis Quest like if you can.
  10. And it’s still far superior to any COD that was released after it.
  11. Ach, I’d argue to stick with it but if you’re not feeling it at that point then fair does.
  12. Where in the main story quest did you get to?
  13. They can never answer the question as to why it needs to be done right at that very moment in time, usually because they're just being lazy themselves and can't be arsed doing it there and then and want you to feel bad because of it as well.
  14. If you’ve not loaded it up since release then you won’t recognise it if you load it up now. It’s had numerous free, huge updates that have overhauled pretty much everything.
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