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  1. Combat system was never the strong point, more so now it’s pretty dated and just not great; but, by not playing it through you’re missing out on some top-tier story and world building. The combat does become secondary almost, but it can be fun once you get into NG+ and start dealing more seriously with alchemy and builds.
  2. New single “Bad Decisions” from the upcoming Strokes album “The New Abnormal” being released in the next couple of hours. ETA:
  3. Can you stop replying to the topic until what you’ve predicted actually transpires?
  4. A Jack Russell nearly blinded an ex of mine, by biting her repeatedly at the top of her nose/upper cheek when it got startled by people cheering the Hogmanay bells on the telly and in the living room. They are little c***s, and Labs being the dozy, docile sweethearts they are, I wouldn’t bet on them in a fight.
  5. Continuing in the same vein as The Strokes (Mac DeMarco helped in producing these songs for Julian Casablancas):
  6. First single from The Strokes’ new album, The New Abnormal, is called “At The Door”.
  7. 5th count sees Leo elected. Lol.
  8. Political Twitter is a goldmine just now.
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