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  1. Trump goons STILL think he’s going to be president after the 20th; saying that a “new journey” is beginning and because he hasn’t “explicitly” said the new administration will be a Biden one. There’s no hope.
  2. Impeachment prevents him from pardoning anyone, including himself and his family members. Also bans him from ever running for political office. You can be rest assured he’s going to run for president again.
  3. Pelosi all but saying that congress will reconvene to move for impeachment if Pence doesn’t get serious about invoking the 25th.
  4. I mean at any other time, yeah, but after yesterday’s shenanigans and 2 more weeks of a lunatic president; it might convince them to just hold off their staycation for a bit longer. Either that or the possibility of an impeachment might hurry up the process of invoking the 25th.
  5. Articles of impeachment have been drawn up. Hopefully the House reconvenes and gets on this.
  6. Twitter blocking anyone from retweeting or replying to that video.
  7. There’s your first gunshot casualty. Fucking idiots.
  8. That’s mind boggling from the reporter there. Should be sacked for coming out with that piece of nonsense.
  9. We should be embarrassed having a player like Adam playing for us in this shite-tip of a league.
  10. https://open.spotify.com/track/3No2Se1JsUVJd3ZvmRA626?si=4V7taTzXSjau4r17GXHWUA My favourite tune/track from any video game.
  11. Here's a link to my top songs of 2020 playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1EMffytcVcK0HO?si=Gdh5gd9HTkeKGFGRBTNwkg
  12. Here’s my Spotify wrapped.
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