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  1. The shade of blue reminds me of a brand of toothpaste but I can’t mind which one exactly. It’s a meh from me. Looking forward to the away top.
  2. From my limited knowledge of politics from that time period (was born in 94 so bit before me), Major comes across as an almost "okay" tory.
  3. The “balanced, nuanced, complex issue” gang are fucking loathsome. Just look at the land grab since Israel’s inception and you can see who the bad guys really are. Whether it was through "purchases", gains from war, compensation or whatever else, land of another sovereign nation is no-ones to sell, or indeed steal. It's plainly ludicrous what some of the defenders of the Israeli state come out with. It's even more ludicrous when our own British MP's tie themselves in knots trying to blame both sides, when we are one of (if not THE) the biggest arms supplier to Israel.
  4. The only thing I like about Raith is that they’re situated in Kirkcaldy, but even that is questionable and tenuous.
  5. Fold the pizza in half and eat it like a sandwich. No need to cut.
  6. I’m no saying cheddar is better on a pizza, I’m a mozza mozza guy. Think you’re getting on a bit buddy, might need new specs.
  7. What does place of origin (or time of use) have to do with the quality of topping? Mushrooms aren’t native to any specific part of Italy? Mushrooms are shite.
  8. Nduja sausage, mozzarella, cracked black pepper and chillies would like to have a word with you.
  9. Mushrooms don’t belong on a pizza though, slimey, putrid looking things.
  10. Ham and Pineapple on a pizza is brilliant, once in a blue moon. Other than that, I don’t have gross objections to it.
  11. I can only hold my hands up and apologise for double voting the SNP in Dundee East; I know how the list works and I know I should have voted for Green but I don’t really know how to explain the irrational worry of some weird upset happening across Scotland. It’s daft in hindsight but it is what it is. Won’t be stacking SNP votes next time.
  12. You’re a clever boy; go dig them out. If they even exist.
  13. Someone linked a survey of Labour voters just a few posts up though. Do you have the same for Green/SNP voters? I’ll wait.
  14. Combined, much less than the amount of Labour voters who support Indy. Nice try though.
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