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  1. You’ve got to think Ellis has posed the question to Celtic about Connell’s availability? Maybe Connell wanted to see how he’d fair with the new Celtic manager but seems like he’s nowhere near the team. Doubt he’d want to rot in the reserves for another season
  2. Everyone gives away a free kick now and again. The ball was there to be won, would hardly put in the category of glaring errors. Was a cracking free kick tbf
  3. Can’t judge his time at Falkirk but if there was a player in our defence that I’d have the most confidence in not making a blunder it’s Doyle comfortably. Genuinely haven’t seen him make any glaring errors since he joined. Tommy Robson is a wee bit weaker on the defensive side so maybe that might be exposed against better opposition
  4. I’d imagine both teams will be going into the game in a confident mood although slightly more pressure on QP to not lose with an unfortunate draw against Alloa. At this stage, I’d rather not become 5 points behind Falkirk I think if you asked anyone, the football from McKinnon to Ellis has been night and day. McKinnon football consisted of cautious, uninspiring football which won us the league but anyone with an ounce of tactical ability would of won league 2 with that squad. Ellis has completely ripped apart that style and has transformed us into a team that play really exciting and confident football. Our overwhelming issue is our inability to take chances. We create bucket loads of opportunities each game and we should of easily have had 12 points at this stage but we’re just not ruthless enough. If we lose Simon Murray to injury then our attacking threat is gone as there’s no info on when Jai Quitongo returns from his long term injury and quite frankly more often than not Bob mchugh is like playing with 10 men
  5. That was a frustrating one. We weren’t up to the usual high standard we’ve produced this season but there’s no doubt in my mind we should’ve been leaving with 3 points. That’s our own fault though, we simply don’t take our chances when they come. Murray had a glorious opportunity at 1-0 when a back pass put him through on goal but he completely screwed up his touch. I’d imagine that this might be the sort of game which has shown Ellis that a striker and winger is a necessity to bring over the next week or so to be able to compete for the title. Motm was Charlie Fox for me, other than a shaky debut, he’s been an exceptional signing so far and thankfully we’ve not been hurt by losing Grant’s presence at the back. Just hoping Quitongo is back from injury in the near future, he really is a game changer for this team
  6. Tbf I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as criticism, it seems merely more an observation by others that there are genuine factual and grammatical errors present. That’s not saying the work of the volunteers is bad by any means, in fact I think the work and time dedicated is admirable. However, being able to recognise and accept the errors as a means to rectify them for future reference should be taken in a positive light I’d say.
  7. That was brilliant, IMO that was our most complete performance this season. Solid at the back and always a threat going up the park. I said it last week and I’ll say it again but the football we are capable of playing really is outstanding at times and combine that with our fitness levels, it really is a great spectacle As usual Liam Brown was so far ahead of everyone on the pitch and deservedly got his goal but for me you’ve got to give credit to Grant Gillespie, he’s genuinely such a terrific player. It’s previously been mentioned about the dirty work but his ability on the ball, alongside the way he uses his body to get by opponents is criminally underrated. He was fantastic last season but I’d say he’s went up another level now. Had my reservations over Morrison going into the season but with a run of games, it’s shown that he’s a very good player at this level. He’s strong but what I didn’t realise was how quick he actually is. At this stage Fox and Morrison have been outstanding and can’t see Kilday starting at this rate anytime soon
  8. Looking forward to this one, really hoping we continue with the team that played the 2nd half against cove. It was clear that Murray was a lot more effective with someone around him and if mchugh continues to play in the same manner as he did from Saturday then we’ll have a good chance of winning. Again, we just need to get the ball to Liam brown on every occasion, an absolutely gem of a signing so far, everything we do well comes from him. I imagine teams will begin to double up on him so will be interesting to see how Dumbarton cope with it. Quite a few ex QP players in the Dumbarton team. Paton, McLean, Orsi and Mcgeever. I imagine McLean will feel like having a point to prove and will be right up for Saturday with him being released by Ellis in the summer and by all accounts has had a very decent start to life at the Sons
  9. Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon that was. The game was a big test of our credentials against one of the league’s favourites and fortunately we’ve shown how good a team we actually are. First half was tight and there’s absolutely no denying that Fyvie’s red card was key. However, the intensity and quality of our play throughout the 2nd half was fantastic. The bravery to pass from the back and pass in between the lines, alongside the incredible fitness levels should favour us massively as the season progresses. I’ve gave him huge amounts of criticism during his time at QP (justifiably) but Bob mchugh was outstanding when he came on. He showed a desire to win the ball back, get into goal scoring positions and his general overall link up play was first class. He looked like the player we were supposed to get. Here’s hoping this will do the world of good because I’ll happily be proven wrong if he continues in this manner Man of the Match I’d give to Morrison. Comfortably his best performance in a qp jersey and nullified the threat of Megginson superbly. He just needs to eradicate the odd lapse of concentration from his game to be a fixture in the side. Also thought Thompson looked the business in midfield and at this stage looks an upgrade on Davison
  10. Yeah Biggar has clear ability but I don’t think I’d put him in the bracket that Brown was in back in 2016 as of yet either. Brown was miles ahead of lots of league 2 teams even at 16/17 years old Pretty sure he was quite rightly hyped up to be one of the main men in our league 1 campaign in 2016/17 but struggled with the physicality aspect. Once Biggar bulks up more I’m sure he’ll be a very decent player for us as he’s very tidy on the ball
  11. How’s Craig Slater been so far for Forfar? Good to see him playing a run of games again after a injury plagued spell at qp
  12. At the end of the day, that’s 2 points dropped and until we bring in another striker, I imagine there will be a continued frustration with the lack of cutting edge. Murray starts every day of the week for me but I’m unconvinced by Moore’s ability to score goals. A quick look at his career and he’s not prolific at all and the glaring chance he had yesterday proved that. From what I’ve heard by all accounts, Ellis may be looking for another attacking option. I imagine Mchugh not even coming on is an indicator of what Ellis thinks of his performances in a qp jersey so far. The 2nd half was a vast improvement from the 1st and when it clicks, we can play some cracking football. Fox gave me the fear 1st half but after his goal, he looked a totally different player and dominated that backline and his surging runs forward were brilliant. Hopefully he can kick on cause from that 2nd half, there’s a player there. I’m unsure whether Davidson is a better option than Lyon. Lyon doesn’t stand out but what he is good at is arriving late in the box and scoring the odd goal. Too many times yesterday we had only one or two men in the box which was never gonna cause problems. Murray wasn’t at it but the overall service wasn’t good enough. Special mention again to Liam Brown. Based on this season’s performances, I’m astonished that teams in the championship hadn’t picked him up before us. His composure and ability on the ball, alongside having the nasty part to his game is streets ahead of league 1 and I’m buzzing to see him play this season. lucky we’ve got him on a 3 year deal. Very clear to see why we’ve paid a fee for him Wouldve felt comfortable going into the cove game next week with 3 points in the bag but if we’re to have aspirations of winning the league, you’ve got to beat the teams around you. Will be a good indicator, should be an exciting game
  13. Can’t believe how good Liam Brown is, the guy is so far ahead of anyone on the pitch each game it’s brilliant
  14. Jack thomson make any sort of impression last season ? Signed on loan for qp until January
  15. Feeling really confident going into this season. From the betfred cup performances, there is a clear change in the brand of football played with more emphasis placed on passing the ball out from the back. Hopefully everyone will have returned from isolation/injury, minus Quitongo and Grant who may still be a while from returning. Muir Doyle Kilday Fox Robson Gillespie Lyon Moore Brown Longridge Murray
  16. it’s quite clear that there is no legitimate reason that Mchugh should be anywhere near that starting eleven for the east fife game. Anyone can miss penalties but his overall performance was nothing short of abysmal. Could not hold the ball up, doesn’t look interested and does not look threatening in the slightest. I want him to turn it around and prove his worth but it genuinely feels like we’re a man down at times. I’d imagine the likes of Kilday, Fox, longridge and Baynham will be back for the league opener which should make a considerable difference. Wasn’t the most pleasant game to watch last night but we got the win and sometimes you just need to grind it out. It won’t always be pretty and easy on the eye football. Assessing the squad after the cup, it’s clear that depth could really impact us negatively. I say we’re about 2 first team players from having a completed squad, which includes a winger and Striker. Hopefully Ellis has a couple lined up
  17. Cove Queens Park Falkirk Montrose Airdrie Alloa Dumbarton Peterhead Clyde East Fife
  18. How neither team scored today is beyond me. Murray is a terrific player and causes so many problems for defenders by my goodness he does miss a lot of chances. He just needs to calm down when it’s just him and the goal cause he does all the hard work. Salim’s performance solidified my reasoning for not re signing him again. He looked unfit, slow and his all round play is lacking. Liam Brown will be a superstar in league 1 if he continues playing in this manner. Looked head and shoulders above anyone on the pitch yet again and if we’re to have any success this season, a lot will be dependant on his performances. I’m extremely pleased with the style of football implemented by Ellis. It’s night and day from Mckinnon’s cautious and somewhat boring approach. Once Quitongo and Longridge return to the side, I really do think we’ll be a force this season. I’m feeling very optimistic
  19. I can’t speak for his time at Alloa but from his one season at QP, I thought he was outstanding. He’s big, powerful, quick and the thing that’ll you’ll enjoy the most is just how well he distributes the ball, very composed but assertive when he needs to be. He was unfortunate that he picked up an injury shortly after McKinnon joined, which allowed a partnership of Stuart Morrison and Peter Grant to flourish where they conceded 0 goals together and wasn’t able to get back in the team before covid hit. Was still shocked he got released but there were murmurs that he couldn’t take on full time football because of what he does outside of football. He was my qp player of the season ahead of the likes of Kouider Aissa and David Galt He is best pals with former stenny player Creag Little and comparing both of them, Jamieson is far superior. Hope it works out well, should stroll league 2
  20. Noticed in the online programme that Doyle is the official club captain for the upcoming season. Very pleased with that choice but I’m going to assume that means Grant’s absence will be very long term? Seemed a stick on for captain after Galt’s departure
  21. Just seen the ticketing update on the clubs Twitter. Been going to games for 17 years home and away, yet cause I didn’t purchase a season ticket last season, I have no opportunity to attend the games? The ineptitude from the hierarchy at the club is crazy and quite frankly I’d be posing the question to David Hunter to resign. He’s been shocking throughout the whole process. The lack of communication is one thing but the overall logic and basic planning towards the inevitable situation of restricted spectators and social distancing has been rotten. Poor stuff
  22. Happy with that, we were absolutely second best throughout the first half with Connolly causing numerous problems but we remained resolute, which is something we were unable to do under McKinnon against higher opposition. Second half was a lot more even with Biggar moved in to play centrally as he looked a bit lost playing wide left and fair play to him, it was a brilliant finish. Hopefully he’s played centrally in the future so we can see what he’s all about. Qp motm for me would go to Moore. Full of running and energy, with ability to match. He’s a different winger to what we had last season in that he likes to take the ball anywhere in the attacking third instead of waiting to receive the ball out wide constantly. Smart piece of business from early showings. Brown also had a good shift, particularly in the second half where he grew into the game Considering we had no Mchugh, Grant, longridge, Kilday, Yeats or Quitongo available shows that hopefully we can count on each and every player in the squad when injuries and suspensions hit throughout the season. At least the on pitch matters are looking on track in comparison to off field
  23. Might be Brody Paterson? He’s a left sided player who was on loan to QP last season from Celtic. Did a very good job for us Might not be him obviously, but he seems to fit that profile
  24. This does not surprise me in the slightest
  25. We won 2-1 against Hamilton Accies today. Again, we have absolutely no further details of the game. I understand the whole closed door aspect of pre season but that doesn’t stop mentioning lineups or goal scorers surely ? You look at other teams, they mention lineups, goal scorers, pretty much the full package as if it were a normal league match Get this shoddy communication in the bin
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