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  1. I’m fine with loan signings to solely supplement the squad, instead of last years shambles of basically fielding half a team of loans. It’s hard to get a real bond with the players when they’re contracted to multiple different clubs. Every club uses the loan system and I think we’ll be no different. 2 or 3 loans a season is fine with me. Would still happily take Connor smith back on loan again if the option arises during the summer
  2. Absolutely adamant it’s a wig. Was completely bald one week and the following Saturday, had a full head of hair. Funnily, he became absolutely garbage at football after that
  3. Very surprised gillepsie managed to remain in full time football, he looked absolutely done at the upper half of league 1 level until he got his season ending injury. He’s generally a very tidy player in possession but he’s not creative and isn’t quick at all which may get found out massively in the championship. Plus it’s not been talked about anywhere near enough about his wig Interesting recruitment from Morton here Can’t say I would be inspired by these signings
  4. For entertainment purposes, I really enjoyed watching Quitongo. Despite his injuries, he’s still very much rapid and powerful when running down the wing but overall his actual output was poor and what’s been noted already, his horrendous injury history, particularly his knee. He was unfortunate that he barely had any opportunities to start prior to the playoffs to get himself fully match sharp after his long term injury and was ultimately thrown in to the first 11 once the play offs began. He was fairly anonymous unfortunately but I do feel as though as a full pre season will do him wonders and although he can be frustrating, he can still be an asset It’s now or never for Quitongo though, if he fails to keep fit or perform, he’ll be finished in full time football next summer
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if the captaincy was given to Robson tbh
  6. Seems like Fox to be announced at 7. As good as any signing we’ll make this summer. Buzzing with that
  7. Would be naive to think Fox won’t have offers on the table and would be considering all of his options. He’s got every attribute you want in a centre back, he’s young and the fact he’s came up from London means he may feel more inclined to go back down south now that he’s established himself at a club and got his name out there. He’d easily be one of the top defenders in the championship if he signs on again There’s no doubt the club would of made him a very decent contract offer. Just hope we hear sooner rather than later
  8. How far away are we thinking we are to a legitimate first 11 to compete in the championship? Quickly drafted an idea in my head where I think we’re at Ferrie Naismith New Fox() Robson Brown New New Savoury Thomas Murray/New The likes of Kilday, Thomson and Davidson can fill in various positions but I imagine they might end up being squad players across the season Some key positions to be filled still I’d say. Vital a quality defensive midfielder is brought in. Don’t really want to be seeing Brown hung out to dry on defensive duties as much this season. As much as I like Murray, it’s still key we try and recruit further attacking options
  9. I’d take Naismith for sure if it’s him. Experienced at this level and although it didn’t seem to work out at Killie, on paper at least it seems an upgrade on Doyle
  10. Ach obviously not literally but his contribution was the reason we went up. In the play offs alone he got Ambrose sent off, scored the winner against Dunfermline, scored both legs against Airdrie and won the penalty in the process I’d call that single handedly in my eyes
  11. Tbf I think there was every right to question whether Murray was worth holding on to prior to the playoffs. Other than a terrific first couple months, he didn’t look his usual self for long periods(I’m going to assume his eventual knee problem may have contributed to that?) Whilst also recognising he was probably the highest earner at the club. At that point in time before the playoffs, you probably weren’t getting value for money from him However, what cannot be disputed is how much of an asset he is when he’s fully fit and firing. Murray was unplayable in the playoffs and you could argue he single handedly won us promotion. Not only that, his enthusiasm to get the fans going is brilliant, you just can’t dislike the guy. Really hoping he gets a season injury free cause he certainly deserves it
  12. Yup. Great moment for the Youth guys but I was hoping for more first team news at this point. Still confident a lot will be announced over the next couple days when pre season begins I can’t help but feel nervous about the Fox situation the longer it goes without hearing about a new deal. Hope they announce him ASAP
  13. Very pleased with that. A player that seems to have been linked with several teams over the last few weeks and going by reports on here, seems a really solid addition Thomas and Savoury being the first 2 additions seems very exciting on paper and hopefully that transpires when the games come. Would like to think there will be a few more over the next week before pre season begins Also announce Charlie Fox please. Can’t imagine he’ll be short of offers elsewhere
  14. Anyone able to give a wee bit of info on Savoury as to what type of player he is? What position did he mainly play? Don’t know loads about him but he seems very highly rated which is promising
  15. Even of the current squad. Do i see Nicol, Bannon, Yeats or even Moore being involved in any capacity? Probably not since they weren’t considered at all in league 1. Although I think he’ll be involved, I can’t imagine Williamson being thrown in the deep end so soon also. Pre season starts back 17th so I’d expect a host of updates over the next 10 days or so regarding the squad … hopefully
  16. I like him, particularly over the last 6 months where he’s improved considerably I’d say. He’s always been decent going forward but defensively there’s been question marks. However he’s came on leaps and bounds in that aspect and ultimately became one of the most reliable players in the squad. Definitely think he’s more than capable now of championship football after a good couple of years with us
  17. It’s a weird one with Connell. Quite clearly an extremely talented player but there were many games where i was unconvinced, particularly attitude wise. I do think he was misused when it came to how we used him. Too many occasions he was put in the holding midfield or “quarterback” role and maybe with his lack of physicality, it was set up for him not to work out there but like what’s been mentioned already, he tried wee stupid flicks in horrible areas of the pitch and tended to over complicate things which were responsible for a couple goals against us across the season Would I sign him? Yes, but only for the right price. Although his rumoured wages at Celtic are high, i don’t see many if not any team that will pay anywhere near those wages at this moment in time.
  18. Really liked him but was never fit. He’s quick, strong and defensively sound and I personally think if weren’t for his injuries, he’d of been a fixture in the side. Formed a great partnership with Charlie Fox at the beginning of the season until his eventual injuries. If you get a full season out of him then great signing but that’s a big if. He broke down 3-4 times in the first 10 minutes of games across the season
  19. Excited with that signing, a massive upgrade on the so called “wingers” we had last season. Also quite buoyed listening to Coyle regarding how he wants the team set up to be on the front foot and entertaining for the fans. The signing of Thomas certainly epitomises this. Will be a busy couple weeks regarding signings I’d imagine
  20. Big job indeed but hopefully a sign of intent that we’ve essentially decimated the squad. Exciting summer ahead
  21. He may well not hit double figures next season but his record in previous seasons at championship and spl level I wouldn’t say merit complete donkey status. He has his flaws but can still be an asset I’d say. Wouldn’t have him 1st choice striker next season though
  22. Queen’s Park 2022/2023 Goalkeepers 12. Calum Ferrie - 2023 17. Jacques Heraghty - 2024 Defenders 2. Jake Davidson - 2023 16. Callum Yeats** - 2023 ? Cameron Bruce - 2024 * 3. Tommy Robson - 2024 4. Lee Kilday - 2023 ?. Jason Naismith - 2023 Midfielders 14. Lewis Moore - 2023 25. Alex Bannon - 2023 * 22. Jack Thomson - 2023 10. Liam Brown - 2024 ? Dom Thomas - 2024 ? Grant Savoury - 2024 18. Callum Biggar - 2023 Forwards ? Scott Williamson - 2025 26. Gregor Nicol - 2023 * 23. Simon Murray - 2023 ** - Out on Loan
  23. I’m interested to see how Williamson fits into the plans next season now we’re in the championship. There’s no doubt if we remained in League 1, he’d of got a decent crack of it but will he get as many opportunities? A 3 year deal suggests there’s a lot of hope in him to deliver and from what I seen of him in the Glasgow cup, he seems a really exciting addition but it’s an incredible jump from cambuslang playing pot bellied defenders to legitimate seasoned full time defenders. I hope he’s eased in slowly tbh.
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