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  1. Thank you for Liam Brown btw, been an outstanding addition to QP this season
  2. Obviously they might be exposed more if we went up to the championship but based on his time at QP, Doyle has been nothing more than exceptional. He’s a leader on and off the park, defensively he’s been a rock and has offered loads going forward. Maybe it just didn’t work out at Falkirk but on the whole he’s had a very solid career above league 1 . Robson is decent for this level but there are question marks over his defensive capabilities as he can struggle when up against strong wingers. He’s very good driving with the ball going forward and getting into threatening areas
  3. And we know fine well what they’re capable of now. Thank you for the Falkirk cast offs which include 2 players in our backline who boast the current best defensive record in the league, whilst Falkirk continue to embarrass themselves. Glorious viewing
  4. Not that they have to give out such information, but even just a bit of detail on what their actual respective injuries are would be ideal? I can’t recall one time they’ve mentioned what injury quitongo or grant picked up which is the frustrating part more than anything cause of how long they’ve been on the sidelines and the fact they’re pretty crucial players to the team Even the days under Gus and previous managers, if a player was out for up to 6-8 months, we’d at the very least know what injury they’ve picked up
  5. Happy with that one, we weren’t particularly amazing but I’ll never complain with 3-0 victories. First half was a bit of a non event but once we scored the opener, we never looked back and it could of easily been 4 or 5 by the 90. Murray and Connell missing pre match was concerning, especially when seeing Connell in the stands with a boot around his foot, hopefully nothing too serious. Again, there’s genuinely no point in publishing a match preview if there’s no mention of your 2 top players being unavailable, alongside zero mention on the progress of Will Baynham. Besides that, it was pleasing to see two attackers getting on the scoresheet. I’m still nowhere near convinced with Mchugh as he needs to start delivering the goals a lot more regularly but delighted for him nonetheless as it should do him the world of good with his confidence. As previously mentioned, Moore has looked really bright the last couple matches and I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing him start next week also.
  6. I’ve no idea how we’ll lineup this game in all honesty, certainly some decisions to be made throughout the team. Our last encounter against Dumbarton has arguably been our finest and most complete performance. We had longridge up top with Murray that day and he caused all sorts of problems, yet we’ve not reverted to that since. Mchugh starting just hasn’t helped at all, he’s been slightly better than his usual but the bar is so low for him at this stage. Kilday looks completely out of sorts, which is a shame as he’s clearly a very capable defender for this level but he’s been rushed back into the team with so many injuries in defence Id go for this: Muir Doyle Kilday(Morrison if fit) Fox Robson Gillespie Brown Connell Smith Murray Longridge
  7. That was just rubbish today, no other way to put it in all honesty. We looked slow, cumbersome and generally posed no real threat to Montrose other than the goal itself. Too many players had an off day and it looks to me that Murray’s confidence has drifted in recent weeks as he looked out of sorts the whole game. The problem with that is that we have no direct replacement that can fill in for moments like that as it seems that Baynham is still a few weeks away from featuring. Credit to Montrose however, first time watching them under Petrie and they look a smashing outfit with some excellent bits of play going forward. Webster especially looked a constant threat and was glad to see him subbed. They’ll be up near the top all season Positives for me were the performances of Smith and Fox. Smith is a terrific wee player and is the type of player that we’ve missed throughout the season so far. Took his goal brilliantly and massive credit to Doyle for the excellent assist. If we’re still in league 1 next season, I’d be very surprised to see Charlie Fox stick around as he’s absolutely too good for this level. He’s a giant, can defend properly and his composure and decision making on the ball is second to none. Easily my man of the match Assessing the first quarter of the season, the word that comes straight to mind is ultimately frustration. Of course I’m absolutely delighted to be top and undefeated, however I feel like we’ve had numerous opportunities to pull away at the top and screwed it up. Hopefully when Quitongo, Morrison and Baynham return from their respective injuries that those frustrating draws will turn into more consistent wins
  8. I’d definitely agree with the opinion that this could potentially be our toughest game of the season so far. Montrose have consistently been a strong outfit for a fair few years now and there’s no doubt that this wont be a walkover. It’s some turnaround from the days where playing Montrose was deemed as an easy 3 points. I think it’s now abundantly clear that Luca Connell has to start the game, no question. I think this may result in Gillespie being dropped which was unthinkable a few weeks back. Thomson cannot be dropped based on last week. He was superb in breaking up play, passed the ball well and scored the winner. He might not have the xfactor like Connell and Brown but he does fit in the system very effectively and his off the ball running to be in the right positions defensively is somewhat underrated I’d say Play with the same intensity and purpose as last week and we’ll hopefully win the game. Would be nice to end the first quarter of the season top and undefeated
  9. Well that was a rollercoaster of a game. I don’t think anyone could of complained had we been 5-0 up at half time, it was genuinely astounding the amount of clear cut goalscoring opportunities we absolutely fluffed. The football being played was superb but the lack of cutting edge was becoming comical at one stage. Peterhead gave it a go but my goodness they would of got away with murder had they took any result from that game, but it’s our own faults for not being anywhere near ruthless enough, which places so much needless pressure on the defence to stay resolute. Not that there was any justification for Connell being on the bench in the first place, but what a difference he made. He’s our best player and arguably one of and if not, the division’s best player and the fact that Ellis seems to be bedding him back in the team when we clearly struggle to break defences down just doesn’t make sense to me. Overall, i thought we were very good over the piece and we played with a lot more purpose and aggression to get at the opposition. Smith and Thompson in particular were standouts. 3 points in the bag, top the league and still undefeated. Happy days, can’t complain at that at all
  10. Very important game for us in terms of maintaining momentum stopping us going into a real slump in form. I fully believe we’ll win the game but Ellis really needs to nail his lineup. I’d go for this: Muir Doyle Kilday Fox Robson Gillespie Brown Connell Smith Murray Longridge I’ve noticed people saying brown is off form. I personally wouldn’t say he’s necessarily out of form, i feel like he’s set the bar so high from his early performances that there’s now an expectancy for him to be the main man. With Connell in the team, you’d hope the opposition would need to occupy their attention on both players instead of Brown solely. It’s clear opposition set out to stop Brown playing and dictating play. Paul sheerin stated in his post match interview after the Falkirk game that he set up the team to nullify the impact of Brown and you can tell Airdrie and Clyde have followed suit. Hoping to see Smith start as he’s looked brilliant any time I’ve seen him so far, made a great impact against Clyde
  11. That’s the description I would roughly describe for McLean’s time at QP. Started off brilliantly and looked a very good player for league 2 but tailed off badly towards the end of last season and looked miles off the level of Jai Quitongo who was his direct competitor for the right wing slot. Decent enough player overall, not surprised he’s doing a solid job for Dumbarton
  12. Praying it’s true, would be an absolute game changer at this level, definitely the sort of signing that would increase our chances of winning the title exponentially. We’ve struggled to break stuffy teams down this season and we all know the quality he possesses from last season from set pieces. Brings an extra goal threat also so here’s hoping it’s made official later today
  13. Understand tbf that Longstaff didn’t take his man on as much as I hoped but his general link up play, especially with Gillies was far superior to Moore. There was an occasion where Moore got himself into a great position and literally refused to release the ball to anyone and then cheaply lost it, was infuriating
  14. That’s wasn’t Great at all. Had some decent spells throughout the first half but nothing to justify us deserving 3 points. Passing and decision making in the final 3rd often went astray and we just couldn’t seem to properly open up a stuffy Airdrie side, who in fairness defended when they needed to and despite his infuriating time wasting starting from the 1st half, Currie made a couple of cracking saves I can’t be the only one that’s bemused that Fox started on the bench again? The guy was first class once again today and for me could easily of been motm. From Ellis’s interview against Falkirk, it seems a tactical decision rather than something injury related Fox, Thompson and Longridge top performers for me, with Gillies getting a notable mention aswell. Not convinced with Moore in the slightest and it was telling how much better Longstaff was when he came on
  15. Wish Walker would learn to say Hendry instead of Henry
  16. How was Longstaff on Friday, what type of winger is he? Didn’t get to watch the game but hoping he’s an upgrade. Desperately needed a winger in Quitongo’s absence, good to hear has a few tricks in him, certainly looked decent in the highlights
  17. Don’t know if anyone else has seen it, but I’ve noticed on Twitter we’re apparently in for luis Longstaff on loan from Liverpool for the season ? Winger from early research
  18. Easily the most balanced and accurate assessment of the game I’ve seen so far on this
  19. The arrogance and entitlement is astounding. Don’t get me wrong I actually thought Falkirk were better for large spells and will comfortably be near the top of the table come the end of the season but that type of attitude is why it’s a big GIRUY tbh It’s not even the argument that by status alone, Falkirk should somehow be automatically beating QP under any circumstances, it’s surely a bit of a riddy that you’re suggesting that fellow Falkirk fans can’t be excited by comfortably winning games of football in this league? Embarrassing
  20. Why are all your posts always consisting of slating the club and haughey
  21. Hit the nail on the head for QP. Jai Quitongo was the one player in our squad last season that looked outrageously good for league 2 level, despite the whole squad performing well, he really did stand out every game. He seems to be back in light training going by pictures but ive not seen any indication as to a possible return date. We’ve missed that natural width and pace on occasions this season so a couple of wingers and striker to accommodate Murray is a must
  22. Play offs have got to be an absolute minimum expectation though I’d say. A full time side in league 1 have got to compete in the upper half of the league and if we didn’t achieve that, I’d be very disappointed
  23. Won’t be seeing Grant on Saturday unfortunately, seems he picked up a serious injury at the tail end of last season and I don’t think we’ll see him play for months to come. It’s a shame, he’s a top player completely riddled with injuries
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