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  1. I’d of even kept Ross Maclean over Moore and Longstaff. Bitterly disappointing recruitment regarding the wingers A shame for Smith as I don’t think he’s a natural winger. His first 4-5 games, he played in between the midfield and strikers and looked terrific. Now he’s been punted out wide and looks half the player. Definitely more than capable if used properly
  2. What’s the thinking of the squad with January fast approaching ? Wholesale changes or very minimal ? I think with Ellis in charge or not by that point, I think there definitely will be a few moves both in and out as there are certain players who have underperformed massively so far Callum Yeats seems to have provided very little competition to Tommy Robson despite a number of questionable defensive performances Darren Lyon seems to have disappeared entirely Charlie Fox seems to have been made the scapegoat under Ellis Luis Longstaff has flattered to deceive massively. With Jai Quitongo’s long awaited return on the horizon, I would not be surprised to see his loan cut short if there’s no sign of improvement or general output Lewis Moore has done hee haw Jack Thompson’s loan ends at the start of January and quite frankly I wouldn’t be in a rush to extend it Those are realistically the players I’d say that are at most risk of being replaced in the coming weeks. With 3 crucial fixtures approaching, a lot might change but I’d suspect the above names won’t change much
  3. Yesterday all but confirmed what Ellis thinks of Fox. To pick Davidson who looked massively short of fitness(understandably) suggests that he’s not favoured anymore. We all know Fox is the best centre half at the club. Something must of happened and I’d be more surprised if Fox was a qp player once January is passed
  4. Will Ellis ever tell a player to be on the line for corners? Yet another soft corner conceded. A shame really as we’ve been really good across the half
  5. What ? I didn’t speak to the coach, I just commented to Fox that he should play each week and he just shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t understand why
  6. “Both signed by Ellis” quite clearly a suggestion that you’re insinuating that Ellis was the influential figure in brining Connell to QP ? Sometimes realising you made a mistake provides a strong alternative that benefits the club. I don’t doubt he’s a good coach but his role in the qp management role might quite overwhelming at this point. We should of appointed someone that knew how to keep the Playing side on track, whilst off field matters are dealt with
  7. Genuinely astounds me that he doesn’t play. I shouted over at full time that should be playing every week and he shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t know why he wasn’t playing Quite clearly the best defender at the club and one of the best in the league IMO
  8. Well quite clearly Connell isn’t a find from Ellis? McKinnon identified him so you’re quite wrong. I’ve been willing to give the guy a chance but he’s not up to it. He’s had a number of games to prove himself and quite clearly he’s not up to it. Your tone suggests that it’s quite harsh to criticise Ellis? I may be mistaken but it’s quite fullly justified, he’s been an utter shambles. Has one way of playing and he’s proved to have no plan B. To have Simon Murray, Luca Connell etc at league 1 level, we should be doing so much better. Nothings won on paper in football, but the way we’re going, Ellis can swiftly leave
  9. On the game, other than Connell goal and a Liam brown opportunity, we did the square root of nothing. We looked fairly settled the first half but the way we played that 2nd half was an embarrassing spectacle. We were 2nd to every ball, created zero chances and made Peterhead to look more the full time team playing. There’s full justification on Ellis being sacked but some of the players have got to look at themselves in the mirror. Murray has been utter garbage for 3 months and for the wage he’s on, he plays like he doesn’t give one bit about the team im not the biggest Bob mchugh fan but to drop him today was ridiculous. He’s arguably been our best performer the past month and he ended up being dropped?? Ridiculous from Ellis and those are the decisions that should quite rightly result in him getting the sack. He’s quite simply not ready and not capable of this job. Well done Dempster
  10. I guarantee if you had the squad we’ve got you’d be absolutely fuming. We’ve won 3 in 14 and the performances have been nothing short of embarrassing, particularly the last month. I’m fine with points being dropped and a spell of bad form, but we’ve completely fell apart and that 2nd half performance today was a team that had completely stopped playing for the manager. Bunch of bottle jobs
  11. I’d say it’s even more worrying that Ellis couldn’t get a tune out of our supposed best eleven against a team that quite frankly, we should be beating every game. Looking at the stats yesterday we had 2 shots on target, which was the same as Clyde. Yes, we hit the bar twice from set pieces but the worrying aspect is that we’re not creating anywhere near enough as we should be from open play. Week by week the confidence is draining from certain players and in comparison to August, the flair and and confidence to run at defences has evaporated (minus Longridge) Im willing to accept Ellis making mistakes, but he seems like he doesn’t learn to resolve them and continues to play the same way for every opposition. I’m all about playing neat and tidy football but first and foremost get the 3 points, whether that’s in ugly fashion or not. As much I’m glad we didn’t have him for this season, I’d argue McKinnon would of got more wins with this team at this stage of the season
  12. Today is the day I’ve came to the full conclusion that Laurie Ellis is quite simply not up for the job and is out his depth. This isn’t a rash opinion after watching today’s monstrosity but it’s slowly been building up over a couple of months where we’ve won 3 games out of 13 which is nothing short embarrassing considering the resources we have at our disposal. Laurie Ellis initially appeared to me as an intelligent coach, who implemented a style of football that contrasted massively from Mckinnon’s cautious brand of football. Throughout August, it appeared that we made a masterstroke of an appointment. However, it’s not the poor form in isolation which has now formed a negative opinion of Ellis as a manager, there’s quite simply numerous factors. He seems tactically inept as he continues to pursue a brand of football which has now became totally predictable for every team. Lineups are a complete lottery, playing players that aren’t up to scratch, dropping players that should be walking in to the team. He also seems to have little personality based on his post match interviews, always providing the Cliche and safe answers. Im not asking for some mad eccentric personality, im just wanting to see more passion from the guy There’s generally no direction with this team and it seems abundantly clear that he’s just throwing 11 players on the pitch in the hope they just do something rather than have a plan of action on how to beat the specific opposition. This is the reality now and looking in hindsight, it was daft to think that appointing someone with zero managerial experience for a project like this would work effectively. Of course teams go on slumps of form, that’s football, however at the rate we’re going we could easily become 6th or 7th by Christmas. We have enough about the squad to be challenging at the top but today just solidified how lost the management team are with managing the high expectations expected of the squad
  13. Would agree, I think you’d struggle to find a more talented player at this level than Brown. He’ll definitely be playing in the SPL in years to come Based on what I’ve seen against QP, Goodwillie is still absolutely superb for this level. Ran our defence ragged earlier in the season and the quality of his first goal was nothing short of outstanding.
  14. If Laurie Ellis has any sense, he needs to realise that for this particular fixture, playing two defensive midfielders is utter stupidity. We’ll arguably have large amounts of possession throughout with Clyde being stuffy and hard to beat. Literally this is the game that will suit Connell to the ground with his wand of a left foot from set pieces and long range. Secondly, please please play Charlie Fox. I can’t understand for the life of me why he isn’t playing yet Lee Kilday is. Does Ellis not realise our best defensive performances consisted of Morrison and Fox ? They compliment each other very well with one being an absolute unit whilst the other has fantastic recovery pace. I feel for Longstaff tbh, he came on and made an impact against Dumbarton and has shown a couple decent touches in his limited minutes, yet Lewis Moore was brought back from Siberia to start all of sudden against East Fife, which was baffling. Really hoping Saturday is his big chance It’s been mentioned already but we could either blow Clyde away or bottle it big time. Would go for this: Ferrie Doyle Morrison Fox Robson Gillespie Brown Connell Longstaff McHugh Longridge
  15. Outside the 2 Dumbarton victories, I genuinely don’t think there’s been any comfortable performances outside that. We got away with murder against Falkirk and we almost screwed it up entirely against Peterhead. Momentum from the league 2 campaign may have helped in August but that’s evaporated very quickly. Serious pressure if we can’t get 3 points against Clyde on Saturday
  16. This is the reality now of full time football and money being pumped into squad recruitment. If professional players can’t take some justified criticism off paying fans then quite simply they’re in the wrong profession. That’s not to say that abuse is acceptable by any means but you can’t seriously be expecting fans to be happy clappers and continue to be satisfied with what’s being served up on the pitch at the moment. I think in comparison to the vast majority of full time clubs in Scotland, I’d say we’re the last fan base to give off an Ibrox type atmosphere. It’s not the amateur days anymore, where effort was commended in abundance. Quite simply it’s a results driven environment nowadays
  17. Alarmingly it seems that Ellis has no clue how to use Brown and Connell in the same team. If Connell plays, Brown is punted out wide and if Brown is deployed further forward, Connell is made to be the scapegoat and is placed on the bench which is absolutely criminal. Thompson playing every minute of every game suggests that he doesn’t trust Gillespie to play the holding role by himself which I find rather odd. Would be inclined to see Jake Davidson next week ahead of Thompson if the manager is insistent on two holding midfielders
  18. Is it just me that thinks the post match interviews should have some more thought provoking questions ? In a slump of bad form, routinely losing last minute goals and yet half the interview consisted of talking about our goalkeeper(very good I must say) performance and next weeks match. You watch other teams like Falkirk who question the manager about tactics and lineup which lasts 5-6 minutes, where you get a real insight from the manager. Whereas we literally get no insight from Ellis, just the usual cliche nonsense that lasts a single minute
  19. I wouldn’t say entitlement, when you have the financial capabilities to sign experienced players at higher level, alongside guys like Luca Connell and a player from Liverpool, there’s every right to be ragin at conceding another late goal. It’s not necessarily cause we conceded to East fife, it’s the continuation of rotten defending and our inability to hold on to a lead. Newly promoted or not, there’s naturally an enhanced expectation on the team. Laurie Ellis will be under scrutiny now with how much tinkering he makes each week. We have such a capable team but it’s not getting used to it’s optimal ability in the slightest. Fair play to East Fife, they were resilient and ultimately they could have scored a couple more because of our slack and soft defending
  20. Biggest bunch of bottlejobs I’ve seen in a long long time. The way we handled the game after the goal was nothing short of embarrassing. Even if we hadn’t conceded at the end, we suddenly allowed east fife to dominate and have countless chances
  21. No ifs or buts for this game, we quite simply need to get the 3 points and anything less should be seen as a massive disappointment. We’ve found our goal scoring touch now and there’s food for thought with Murray being suspended as to who’ll replace him. Personally I think this could be the opportunity for Longstaff to go up top with McHugh and show what he’s capable of. Realistically if he doesn’t get his opportunity now when attacking options are so bare then when is he ever going to start ? Defensively questions need to be asked. Delighted to see Morrison back and looking sharp but massive question marks over Kilday’s alarmingly bad performances. Been a few occasions where Fox has been randomly placed on the bench and would hope to see him restored tomorrow as he’d easily be in the top 3 performers for us so far this season. Muir Doyle Morrison Fox Robson Gillespie Brown Connell Longstaff McHugh Longridge
  22. Got away with murder with that result but I’ll absolutely take that, considering the circumstances. We were woeful first 40 minutes and looked like were heading to a pretty heavy defeat, until McHugh scored out of nowhere. Again, mchugh did terrific for the 2nd goal and Longridge did well to maintain composure for a completely undeserved lead We actually looked very good for the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half and we were looking more likely to score again until Murray’s moment of madness, which was absolute stupidity. Despite the red card, we looked hopeless at the back and the way we cope we with crosses and set pieces is absolutely chronic. We leave Megginson for a free header and Willie Muir is absolutely nowhere for the 3rd. Great character to get the equaliser but we seriously need to defend better if we’re to have any chances of winning this league Fair play to Bob Mchugh btw, he was outstanding today and looks a different player in recent weeks. He’s running more, he’s holding the ball, he’s looking threatening and most importantly he’s hitting the ball in the back of the net. Just shows you what a goal does for someone’s confidence. I don’t actually think we’ll miss Murray whilst he’s suspended if Mchugh continues like this
  23. Nah you’ve missed the point, it’s not a case of whether he made errors or has been horrendous for the goals, also my point isn’t the Alloa game in isolation. Its the continuation of just not saving anything that’s coming at him at this point. I’m not the only that thinks that either. I’d hardly say we’re conceding from quality finishing. I’d argue he could of got down quicker for Alloa’s 3rd but I’d be more fuming at Thompson for how easy it was for the Alloa player to head the ball on to Henderson to score. Thompson also loses out on the corner for Alloa’s 2nd. Does Darren Lyon still exist ? He’s isn’t a world beater by any means but he always done a job in midfield when called upon
  24. Obviously the defence are accountable but there are a fair few goals this season where Muir could of done more I’d say. Alloa away, he could of made more of an attempt to save the free kick, Clyde away he gave a stupid penalty away, despite missing the resulting pen. Was very slow to get down for Peterhead’s opening goal and didn’t look in the slightest bit commanding yesterday. His distribution has improved immeasurably and I’d he say he’d start for a lot of league 1 teams but I’ve been seriously impressed with Ferrie whenever he’s played and won Stirling player of the year a few years back whilst on loan there. I’d give Muir the gloves for next week but he really needs to make a lot more saves to help the defence out than he currently is
  25. That’s a sickener but if I’m being honest, that defeat has been coming. We’ve looked shoddy at the back for a while now and it was fully exposed today. However, In no scenario should we chuck away a game when going 3-2 up in the 88th minute, it’s embarrassing how often we panic and lose concentration after scoring a goal and I genuinely think you could of drafted one of the local pensioners and they’d of ran quicker than Kilday for that 4th goal Serious questions now are raised with the defence. Fox is brilliant and Doyle is solid but Kilday hasn’t even looked half the player of last season, whilst Robson continues to be posted missing anytime players venture forward down his side. As soon as Morrison is fit, he’s got to play straight away as we badly miss his pace. Muir didn’t cover himself in glory at any point and maybe now the defence has become rocky, it’s maybe exposed Muir’s limitations? He’s a good keeper but he’s generally not making any key saves at the moment. Someone mentioned that he had 19 clean sheets from the last 31 but I really think the defence in front of him helped him out big time. I would pose the question to Ellis, for him to maybe consider Ferrie if this continues Finally, can we please play our best players from the start ? If Connell is fit enough for the bench, he should be fit enough to play a game of football and quite frankly not starting him is embarrassing. He’s the best player in the league IMO, and his 10 minute cameo was nothing short of outstanding. Pressure is on Ellis to see how react to a defeat, and with Cove away next week, we’ll really see what these players are made of
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