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  1. I think there’s still a question as to what Brown’s best position actually is. I think he’s at his best in an attacking sense, especially in tight situations around the box but it’s clear Savoury will play that role. I don’t think he’ll struggle at all but I certainly don’t think he’ll be as effective if he’s deployed as the defensive midfielder. He’s definitely a championship level player if used properly
  2. We badly need a winger, longridge isn’t going to cut it across 36 games in the championship. I agree about needing defenders and a goalkeeper to challenge ferrie however
  3. Even if the last 2 games have been against league 2 opposition, you can’t not enjoy seeing 9 goals scored across them. Coyle seems to have injected so much more life and enthusiasm into our attacking play and overall mentality throughout the team and so far it’s paying off massively. We were sloppy in spells, particularly in the early stages of the 2nd half but once we scored the 2nd goal, we were in cruise control. I can’t help but not get excited over the prospect of Williamson up top for us. He took his goal brilliantly and showed a great burst of pace as he was a couple yards behind the defender to begin with. MOTM was Murray for me. He lead the line like a proper championship striker and his touches, movement and link up play was levels above anyone on the pitch. Just hoping he doesn’t get injured as I did notice he was holding his leg at the beginning of the 2nd half. Davidson is making a very strong claim to be the starting right back although I’d imagine we’ll see Naismith play against Dundee and Hamilton I actually thought Stranraer looked better than Forfar when comparing the teams on the two performances. Forfar I thought were pretty rank. It’s just nice to see us look considerably better as we’ve struggled against lower league opponents in recent times
  4. Will be interesting to see Craig slater play for Forfar. A real shame how it worked out at qp for him, he looked cut above on the very small time he was on the pitch but I genuinely can’t think of a player that got injured as frequently as he did for us. Part time football seems to have worked out for him in terms of injury prevention
  5. That was just lovely today. 5 goals, really attacking football and crucially we were clinical when the chances arose. Don’t want to get too excited yet as previous years have shown these cup games have little to no reflection on the league campaign but I was incredibly encouraged with what I’ve seen so far. Don’t want to speak too soon but Grant Savoury looks to be an outstanding piece of business. He’s exactly the type of player we’ve missed in recent seasons where we needed someone in between the midfield and attack to link the play. He’s quick and for all his good play, he can actually score goals aswell. Really excited to see what he can produce across the season Jarrett and Thomas looked really lively and it’s clear Thomas is extremely intelligent on the ball and it showed by grabbing 2 assists in the process. Murray looks a different animal under Coyle and it’s so pleasing to see him finally look clinical in front of goal. Im hopeful that if he keeps fit that he’ll hit a really good number of goals this season, genuinely looks in the best condition I’ve seen him since he’s joined the club. With another 4 players or so to join, I’m really buzzing to see how we do this season. I’m confident
  6. New kit out now. Can’t say I’m too fond of the away top in the slightest. Home top looks fine but can’t say the new sponsor looks great on either kit. Was hoping for another whacky away top like last season
  7. It can go either way with loanees from English under 23 sides, no matter how big the club are tbh. Just from experience, QP had luis Longstaff on loan from Liverpool last season. On the face of it, been capped at English under 17 level and played once in the cup for the 1st team suggests he’d be a coup but he turned out to be an utter diddy with little heart and that was in league 1. The Arsenal kid may well turn out to be a star but it’s the gulf in physicality from under 23 football to men’s football that plays the biggest factor in whether they make or break up here
  8. Smashing signing for Clyde. Was absolutely superb in the playoffs and was a key reason on how we achieved promotion. He’s a leader on the park and seems like the type that genuinely loves defending, which in your case I’d imagine will be pretty imperative across the season. Possibly the slowest player you’ll ever see and he will get caught out now and again (red card against yourselves last season an example) but his football brain is first class that he rarely needs to sprint anyway Cons are most notably his injury issues. It’s clear that he wouldn’t be playing at this level had he not been dealt with so many unfortunate long term injuries. Hopefully part time football prevents those injuries from re occurring and has a great season. Wouldn’t of been adverse in the slightest seeing him signed on again for us in the championship
  9. The improvement in his defensive game has been pretty remarkable in 2022 and it’s no coincidence that he’s went up another level since a legitimate manager in Coyle has came in. Outwith Fox obviously, I would say he’s now become our most reliable performer in terms of consistency. Fair play to him
  10. Dull affair last night, a typical pre season encounter regarding the lack of intensity and purpose in either team’s play. I’d imagine players will try avoid being injured for the real stuff on Saturday. I think one position that’s glaringly obvious that needs reinforcements is out wide. For me, longridge quite simply cannot be a regular starter in the championship. He’s not got the legs or output that really justifies him being a staple in the team. To then have Lewis Moore as the current back up winger is just an option that should never be considered during the season. Ideally someone of the ilk of quitongo, when it comes to explosive pace Best wishes to Muir also. Never nice to see that happen to any player, never mind someone that’s been associated with the club so long. Neither keeper had anything to do tbh but hopefully that’s not scuppered a move to Alloa for him
  11. 1. Dundee 2. Inverness 3. Partick Thistle 4. Raith Rovers 5. Arbroath 6. Queen’s Park 7. Ayr 8. Morton 9. Cove 10. Hamilton
  12. Any idea where Liam Brown was, since he didn’t play either match ? Assuming he must of injured himself in training or something ?
  13. Pleasantly surprised as to how well we shaped up against a really decent side for the entire 90 minutes. Really encouraging performances across the vast majority of the team but more notably I was extremely impressed with Murray and Savoury. Also, get Patrick Jarrett signed up. Scored a terrific goal but his all round play looked very accomplished, really liked the look of him
  14. Looking at those highlights from yesterday’s game, it’s still evident that a 1st choice keeper is desperately needed. We just can’t afford to have a keeper that produces blunders like that 1st goal Delighted to see Williamson score. It’s a hell of a jump in opposition for him this season but he knows where the back of the net is and he’s proved so in the Glasgow cup and pre season so far. Looks a great find
  15. Ruiz Diaz was training at qp the last few months of the season and played as a trialist in a few of our Glasgow Cup matches. Can’t say he stood out by any means when I watched him play, although he looked okay technically. Maybe he just wasn’t fully fit
  16. Understandably a degree of caution signing players from England currently when we’ve experienced duds like Longstaff and Mcbride but I’d like to think Coyle and Beuker have done their due diligence on whether he’s capable of making an impact at championship level. No doubt there’s talented players from English under 23 teams, it’s just making sure you recruit the correct ones
  17. Read an article on Twitter that we’re apparently signing Sunderland keeper Jacob Carney on loan
  18. Wouldn’t go near him. Looked utterly finished and disinterested at Falkirk. The guy can barely move around the pitch nowadays
  19. Reassuring to read that he’s aware that we’re still a few players away from a competitive lineup. Obviously one looks like to be Stephen Eze which should be an interesting one. 13 caps for Nigeria and was in the preliminary squad for the 2018 World Cup. At 28, should be a really solid addition Wonder aswell what players he’s spoke to who are well known internationals in this country but doesn’t expect to sign them. Whether that’s past or present internationals, I’ve no idea but someone like Chris Burke sprung to mind immediately
  20. I get the whole pathway for youth players that’s being set up and I have no doubts it will be a roaring success over the coming years but I just hope the club aren’t naive to think a small group of first team players and a load of kids will suffice in the championship. Early days yet but I’m hoping a few more are to come through the door Going to presume we won’t hear much over the next week regarding signings since the players will be in Holland ?
  21. Jack Thomson signs a new deal until 2025. Definitely a player there but admittedly surprised at the contract length. Be interesting to see how he does with a full season under Coyle cause they must rate him very highly
  22. Loads of effort, seems like a great character in the dressing room but don’t think he’s championship quality tbh. Others may of been surprised he was released but i personally wasn’t. He’s not the greatest on the ball and his crossing is fairly erratic. I actually think he‘d have a longer career in full time football if he’s utilised at centre back more instead of right back.
  23. It’s a weird one with Cove. Quite clearly the best side in league 1 last season and we finished 28 points behind them in the process but I’ve just got this feeling that they’ll struggle tbh. An experienced team with recognisable names, but they’re very much an aging squad. Key players for them such as Logan, Vigurs, Reynolds and Mcallister all well in to their mid 30’s nowadays. Reynolds and vigurs in particular looked done in the games I seen them. These guys might of had the football brain and know how on getting over the line in league 1 but I’m unsure if that’s going to transfer into the championship as smoothly as people might think I could be completely wrong though and they end up surviving comfortably
  24. A lot of talk on the Ayr thread about Adeloye possibly joining us. 11 goals in the championship last season and just announced he’s not signing a deal at Ayr. Never watched him but would take anyone that could hit double figures
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