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  1. Pleasantly surprised as to how well we shaped up against a really decent side for the entire 90 minutes. Really encouraging performances across the vast majority of the team but more notably I was extremely impressed with Murray and Savoury. 

    Also, get Patrick Jarrett signed up. Scored a terrific goal but his all round play looked very accomplished, really liked the look of him

  2. Looking at those highlights from yesterday’s game, it’s still evident that a 1st choice keeper is desperately needed. We just can’t afford to have a keeper that produces blunders like that 1st goal 

    Delighted to see Williamson score. It’s a hell of a jump in opposition for him this season but he knows where the back of the net is and he’s proved so in the Glasgow cup and pre season so far. Looks a great find 

  3. 16 minutes ago, ShineOnYouCrazyDiamonds said:

    I looked up Ruiz-Diaz since the name was more interesting and see he’s Australian

    Ruiz Diaz was training at qp the last few months of the season and played as a trialist in a few of our Glasgow Cup matches. Can’t say he stood out by any means when I watched him play, although he looked okay technically. Maybe he just wasn’t fully fit 

  4. 24 minutes ago, Zanetti said:

    Hopefully not, he has been playing in the division below the level Luis Longstaff and Connor McBride came from. I'm sure we can do a lot better than that.

    Understandably a degree of caution signing players from England currently when we’ve experienced duds like Longstaff and Mcbride but I’d like to think Coyle and Beuker have done their due diligence on whether he’s capable of making an impact at championship level. No doubt there’s talented players from English under 23 teams, it’s just making sure you recruit the correct ones 

  5. 12 minutes ago, williebraveheart said:

    Leigh Griffiths fighting (boxing) back to fitness. Lost a lot of weight. Could he be one of the "internationalists" Owen was talking to?

    Wouldn’t go near him. Looked utterly finished and disinterested at Falkirk. The guy can barely move around the pitch nowadays

  6. 2 hours ago, Zanetti said:


    Coyle quoted here saying there are 4 new signings lined up, including a centre half with international caps, which has to be Eze.

    Reassuring to read that he’s aware that we’re still a few players away from a competitive lineup. Obviously one looks like to be Stephen Eze which should be an interesting one. 13 caps for Nigeria and was in the preliminary squad for the 2018 World Cup. At 28, should be a really solid addition  

    Wonder aswell what players he’s spoke to who are well known internationals in this country but doesn’t expect to sign them. Whether that’s past or present internationals, I’ve no idea but someone like Chris Burke sprung to mind immediately

  7. I get the whole pathway for youth players that’s being set up and I have no doubts it will be a roaring success over the coming years but I just hope the club aren’t naive to think a small group of first team players and a load of kids will suffice in the championship. Early days yet but I’m hoping a few more are to come through the door 

    Going to presume we won’t hear much over the next week regarding signings since the players will be in Holland ? 

  8. 21 minutes ago, Scotty Tunbridge said:

    Michael Doyle any cop?

    Loads of effort, seems like a great character in the dressing room but don’t think he’s championship quality tbh. Others may of been surprised he was released but i personally wasn’t. He’s not the greatest on the ball and his crossing is fairly erratic. I actually think he‘d have a longer career in full time football if he’s utilised at centre back more instead of right back. 

  9. 1 hour ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    The difference between Cove and QP is incredible 😂 I think I’d rather have QP squad. Know the league went differently last year but this league is a bit different, I think it’s faster and more physical and QP seem to have more of that at the moment 

    It’s a weird one with Cove. Quite clearly the best side in league 1 last season and we finished 28 points behind them in the process but I’ve just got this feeling that they’ll struggle tbh. An experienced team with recognisable names, but they’re very much an aging squad. Key players for them such as Logan, Vigurs, Reynolds and Mcallister all well in to their mid 30’s nowadays. Reynolds and vigurs in particular looked done in the games I seen them. These guys might of had the football brain and know how on getting over the line in league 1 but I’m unsure if that’s going to transfer into the championship as smoothly as people might think 


    I could be completely wrong though and they end up surviving comfortably 


  10. 23 minutes ago, Zanetti said:

    I don't think recruitment is anywhere near finished. I'll be amazed if we don't see more new faces in pretty much every position between now and the league starting - the 30th of July is still a long while away.

    I think our priorities should be another strong centre half (Stephen Eze?), a proven goalscorer, a pacey winger and possibly even a more experienced goalkeeper too.

    A lot of talk on the Ayr thread about Adeloye possibly joining us. 11 goals in the championship last season and just announced he’s not signing a deal at Ayr. Never watched him but would take anyone that could hit double figures 

  11. 12 minutes ago, diegomarahenry said:

    Scotlands oldest football club to go bust within 10 years of going full time.

    up until now they have been a slow burn and signed average players for the league above. You would think that consolidating a place in the Championship would be a must for them before pushing for playoffs and eventual promotion. 

    if they are now offering players £2k a week and taking their squad to training camps abroad while playing in front of sub 1000 home crowds then it’s only going one way for them Once the owner gets bored or realised the amount of ongoing investment he’d have to make to keep them where he obviously wants to take them. 



  12. 10 hours ago, CathcartSkins said:

    Are we shunning the option of players on loan this season; or is the plan to use the Young Team instead of a loanee? Am certainly keen on that brave new world;  so long as supporters accept that young players make mistakes. 

    I’m fine with loan signings to solely supplement the squad, instead of last years shambles of basically fielding half a team of loans. It’s hard to get a real bond with the players when they’re contracted to multiple different clubs. Every club uses the loan system and I think we’ll be no different. 2 or 3 loans a season is fine with me. Would still happily take Connor smith back on loan again if the option arises during the summer 

  13. 4 minutes ago, Jamie_M said:



    Very surprised gillepsie managed to remain in full time football, he looked absolutely done at the upper half of league 1 level until he got his season ending injury. He’s generally a very tidy player in possession but he’s not creative and isn’t quick at all which may get found out massively in the championship. 

    Plus it’s not been talked about anywhere near enough about his wig

    Interesting recruitment from Morton here 😬 Can’t say I would be inspired by these signings 

  14. For entertainment purposes, I really enjoyed watching Quitongo. Despite his injuries, he’s still very much rapid and powerful when running down the wing  but overall his actual output was poor and what’s been noted already, his horrendous injury history, particularly his knee. 

    He was unfortunate that he barely had any opportunities to start prior to the playoffs to get himself fully match sharp after his long term injury and was ultimately thrown in to the first 11 once the play offs began. He was fairly anonymous unfortunately but I do feel as though as a full pre season will do him wonders and although he can be frustrating, he can still be an asset 

    It’s now or never for Quitongo though, if he fails to keep fit or perform, he’ll be finished in full time football next summer 


  15. Would be naive to think Fox won’t have offers on the table and would be considering all of his options. He’s got every attribute you want in a centre back, he’s young and the fact he’s came up from London means he may feel more inclined to go back down south now that he’s established himself at a club and got his name out there. He’d easily be one of the top defenders in the championship if he signs on again 

    There’s no doubt the club would of made him a very decent contract offer. Just hope we hear sooner rather than later 

  16. How far away are we thinking we are to a legitimate first 11 to compete in the championship? Quickly drafted an idea in my head where I think we’re at 


    Naismith  New  Fox(🤞) Robson 

                  Brown      New 

    New         Savoury        Thomas 


    The likes of Kilday, Thomson and Davidson can fill in various positions but I imagine they might end up being squad players across the season 

    Some key positions to be filled still I’d say. Vital a quality defensive midfielder is brought in. Don’t really want to be seeing Brown hung out to dry on defensive duties as much this season. As much as I like Murray, it’s still key we try and recruit further attacking options 

  17. On 26/05/2022 at 11:27, qpfc said:

    Queen’s Park 2022/2023


    12. Calum Ferrie     - 2023 

    17. Jacques Heraghty - 2024


    2. Jake Davidson   - 2023

    16. Callum Yeats**   - 2023

    ?  Cameron Bruce - 2024 *

    3. Tommy Robson - 2024

    4. Lee Kilday           -  2023

    ?. Jason Naismith - 2023


    14. Lewis Moore      - 2023 

    25. Alex Bannon     - 2023 *

    22. Jack Thomson - 2023 

    10. Liam Brown       - 2024 

    ?  Dom Thomas   - 2024

    ? Grant Savoury    - 2024

    18. Callum Biggar - 2023


    ?  Scott Williamson - 2025 

    26. Gregor Nicol      - 2023 *

    23. Simon Murray    - 2023


    ** - Out on Loan 

    Updated squad as of today 

  18. 3 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Latest tweet? 

    Jason Naismith maybe?


    That would rule out Tumilty 

    I’d take Naismith for sure if it’s him. Experienced at this level and although it didn’t seem to work out at Killie, on paper at least it seems an upgrade on Doyle 

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