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  1. 15 minutes ago, JT1867 said:

    With the delay over the new manager and the lack of activity on the transfer front, you almost get the feeling that the club has written off this season.

    That’s the exact feeling I get. The club seem to have written off any ambitions for this season in preparation for next season. Will that work long term, quite possibly. However, when you’re paying £18 a head for home games, you absolutely expect the club to try their best to achieve a positive outcome at the end of the season 

    The communication with the club has gone beyond the point of being angry now, it’s just the norm and I’ve just fully come to expect that this will be the way things are run going forward. When you break it down, it’s been an absolutely shambolic season across the board

    Delays in the new stadium 

    Renting a pitch to suit “Ellis Ball”. A pitch which is renowned for being utterly hoaching in winter 

    Appointing a manager who was so far out his depth and to replace him with absolutely nobody

    Underperforming and crocked squad of players on very generous wages, alongside top class facilities 

    Zero communication from the hierarchy which has naturally led to several fans questioning Leanne Dempster and the way she works. Certainly a successful operator based on previous work but she’s done nothing since arriving that justifies fans to stay on side with her. 

    Guess the only way is up from here…






  2. Seems like most teams are doing their fair share of business this month regarding transfers, particularly our nearest rivals for the play offs in Falkirk who seem to have revamped their squad. Pathetic that with our garbage form, we’ve done absolutely nothing to improve things on the playing side. You look at the bench each week and there’s literally nobody you’d bring on other than a half fit Quitongo

    Surely some players have got to come in before Saturday? Will be fuming if we end up with nobody 

  3. 47 minutes ago, Mr November said:

    Airdrie have signed Brody Patterson on loan. Does anyone have any thoughts on him? I noticed be played fairly regularly last season before dropping out the team towards the end of the season. 

    I really liked him last season. Had to bide his time to get into the team 1st half of last season but once he broke in, he looked considerably better than our current left back in Robson. Good going forward and intelligent on the ball but he’s also very solid defensively. Naturally I thought he’d be returning to qp this season given our ambitions but for some reason we didn’t go for it. 

    Even going into this month and reading that several league 1 sides were after Paterson, I thought QP would be almost certain to be interested considering how underwhelming Robson has been this season. With the manager situation looking pretty bleak, we’ve really fell behind with the recruitment. Great signing for airdrie   

  4. 4 hours ago, Tea and Busquets said:

    Funnily enough, I was thinking Simon Murray the other day. He doesn’t seem to even be on the bench for Queens. Presume he must be injured, would take him in a heartbeat. 

    The Simon Murray of his hibs, Dundee united days you’d bite your hand off at league 1 level but unfortunately the serious knee injury he picked up playing in South Africa where he was out 15 months has really hampered him. From what I’ve been told there’s a real possibility that he’s going to be out for the rest of the season and hasn’t played since early December since injuring himself against Montrose 

    Prior to injuring himself, since that game where he scored at Falkirk, he’s genuinely been dire for a lot of games. Very likeable player with his effort but he just doesn’t justify anywhere near his probable high wages for this level. It’s a real shame as I was expecting him to hit the heights of Goodwillie, megginson etc this season 

  5. Was literally the most predictable outcome possible. Play alright and take the lead to then chuck it away soon after. I actually thought we played some decent stuff which looked considerably better than Ellis ball but the lack of striking instinct is incredible. So many occasions we got into really good positions for nobody take a chance. Bob mchugh cannot start anymore, he’s absent in almost everything and adds zero value. Get a striker ASAP

    Special mention to Charlie Fox who continues to be exceptional at the back despite the dross surrounded by him. Genuinely looked our most dangerous player as the game went on and his driving runs and accuracy of pass to go with it is brilliant. If there’s any player in our current squad we should throw our money at, it’s him 

  6. Genuine question, is Will Baynham actually still at the club? I get he had a serious concussion back in July and he’s not been able to play but he’s not even mentioned as being out in previews anymore and doesn’t appear to be in any training pictures, whereas he was in them a few months back. A real shame how it’s panned out for him this season

  7. 3 minutes ago, williebraveheart said:

    I have been concerned about our injury record and have mentioned this more than once on this forum. It is not just this season. I don't believe in coincidences and believe the problem lies within QP. As a brief and totally non expert comparison Ray Slater has been almost an ever present in the Forfar squad this season. We are not the only club to have had this issue. 10-15 years ago Celtic went through a period of every injury they picked turned out to be more serious than first reported. 

    It could just be a massive coincidence with the quantity of injuries but what we also do need to remember is that to get a few of these players down to league 2 at the time, we were warned about their injury history prior to joining 

    Slater- Many injuries prior to signing 

    Quitongo- dodgy Knees, think he’s had 3 serious knee injuries in his career already 

    Grant- A career riddled with injury, probably why he ended up league 2 with us 

    Murray- Joined when returning from a 15 month Injury and has had a number of niggling injuries since returning 

    Kilday has had spells out injured also and he’s had long spell out injured throughout this career 

    This doesn’t even include Lyon, Baynham being out the entire season so far 

  8. Honestly don’t have a clue how this will pan out. Our performances against Clyde have been shambolic this season and if it wasn’t for 2 dreadful Goodwillie penalties, we’d of probably lost both games. We capitulate at any sort of pressure and ultimately Clyde will have every right to think they could win this 

    I’d be shocked if we don’t have at least 1 new player in for Saturday. Yes we don’t have a manager but this squad is taking us straight to mid table mediocrity. Not only that but the consistency in key players getting injured is ridiculous. “Injury prevention work” by the sport scientists really has paid off this season. That’s brown now getting injured from Saturday aswell, it really is concerning. 

    In terms of how we lineup, I wouldn’t be adverse to getting Davidson back in at right back and at worst have Doyle at right centre half alongside Fox. Doyle has bundles of energy but his crossing and passing has been chronic in recent weeks, whereas Davidson linked the play brilliantly against Falkirk and created a number of openings for players.  

    Gillepsie and Longstaff quite simply both need to be dropped. Gillespie started the season off strong but he’s tailed off massively and he consistently losing the ball in key areas which is helping nobody. Longstaff has the odd decent touch but there’s so many aspects lacking in his game. Such a disappointment considering he’s been brought up from Liverpool. Hopefully longridge is back and maybe an opportunity for Quitongo to start and get 60 minutes or so under his belt ?









  9. There’s a serious mentality issue with this team. Whether that’s been a result of Ellis or just the players themselves I don’t know but the way we approached that 2nd half was nothing short of embarrassing. Comfortable as you like 1st half and then we decide to sit back and let Alloa play until they scored. The marking for their goal was atrocious and then all of a sudden, we try and play the game to alloa once we’re level. Nonsense 

    Reinforcements are desperately needed this month, in particular a striker and holding midfielder. Bob McHugh had a good month but he’s back to his usual anonymous self and Murray is crocked.

    Man of the match easily goes to ferrie. Been outstanding since he’s been in goals and he was seriously unlucky with Alloa’s goal

    Good that the preview mentioned only 3 players out in Muir, Lyon and Murray which then proceeded to have our best player in longridge out alongside Morrison and Moore ? 

    6 wins from 19 overall is atrocious with the resources and ultimately a lot of players just aren’t good enough 

  10. Noticed on Twitter that John Potter is gonna be in charge of the Alloa game on Saturday until they finalise a new manager. Jack Ross’s assistant at hibs and also worked with him at st Mirren and Sunderland. 

    I really want to add 2 + 2 together and hope it means a potential chance of Jack Ross coming in but we just have to wait and see

  11. 2 minutes ago, Bring Your Own Socks said:

    Really. Our standout player that year suddenly dropped by McKinnon in favour of Grant Jnr. Grant Snr was part of the Burns era when Fergus McCann revived Celtic and was gave Grant a testimonial in 1997. The guy who organised it all was Willie Haughey, then Celtic Director and trusted lieutenant to McCann. 

    I think Grant might just be a better player than Jamieson mate 

  12. 5 minutes ago, Bring Your Own Socks said:

    Either the club’s integrity has gone for good or someone at the top needs to go. Sacking a manager after six months in the job, especially one they knew, is hellish poor decision-making. Peter Grant as assistant coach is shameful. Still of the belief he got his dad to get Nicky Jamieson away from the club.

    My goodness 🤣 We’re a different club now, not the plucky amateur team that could afford to buy time for rookie managers. The club have invested a substantial amount of money on the playing side of things and unfortunately it’s clearly evident that things haven’t worked out. I wanted things to work for Ellis but it was getting to a point that were was no coherent or effective plan on the pitch and to me a few players had given up on him. That’s professional football nowadays, once the players stop playing for you, it’s game over. 

    The Grant claims are absurd in all honesty. I was a huge fan of Jamieson but he wasn’t getting a game under McKinnon and since he’s left QP he’s been loaned out from Alloa and now playing for mid table league 2 side. In hindsight it was probably the best decision to let him go

  13. 1 hour ago, an86 said:

    Laurie Ellis inherited a decent side with a good budget, with probably the best facilities and infrastructure in the league. These are full-time professional footballers being paid very well for the level they’re playing at. The idea that he inherited anything other than something that should be comfortably within the top four is pretty far fetched.

    It’s a tough league and any of our poor results taken in isolation could be accepted. You can pretty much drop points at any time. However, as a body of work, it is unbelievably poor. Is anyone seriously suggesting that a 30% win rate for a manager with the resources we have is acceptable?

    I didn’t think we’d win the league. I did and still do expect us to finish in the top four. I can’t say I’m confident that Ellis will deliver this. How many have improved since we kicked off? How many have regressed? The latter outweighs the former by an enormous amount. Does anyone actually believe he’s going to be here long term? If not, why are we wasting his time and ours? Shake hands (or awkwardly chat over Teams or Zoom), thank the guy for his efforts and move on. It’s not working and I don’t believe anyone at the club can possibly think it is either. 

    With the window opening, it’s a perfect time to get someone new in and let them bring a few bodies in. No faffing around. Do it now, give them the whole of January and give ourselves the best chance of being in the playoffs.

    Completely agree with all of that. Far too many players have regressed over the season. The likes of Doyle, Robson, Gillespie, Kilday and Murray are getting worse by the week and that’s got to come down to the management at the end of the day. The names mentioned are all experienced pros where the majority have played and had success playing in the divisions above. They should be more than capable of coping with demands of league 1. I would say the only players that have  kicked on this season would be Longridge and Morrison? 

    Ellis has one style of play and it was found out straight away after we played Falkirk in august. How many times have we heard opposition fans mention that we’re a tidy team but ultimately there’s no punch to our side to get the consistent wins. Teams are totally fine with us having the ball majority of time and it’s telling cause whenever we play against rigid set ups like Clyde, East Fife, Alloa and even Airdrie the first couple times, we’ve quite simply not been able to beat any of those teams. Ellis has been unable to adapt to the opposition far too many times and ultimately its drained the confidence of many players and now I’m very uncertain we’ll make the play offs at this rate. I think if Falkirk weren’t having such a shambolic season, scrutiny would be placed on the team a hell of a lot more. 

    Now is the perfect time for Dempster to cut her losses and admit she made a mistake with the appointment of Ellis. Get someone in with the relevant and necessary experience of managing a team aiming for promotion so we can sign the right players next month. 

  14. Just now, lavvyheid said:

    Disappointing  -  to often we couldn't  either keep the ball or find a team mate.  better second half   -  but poor deliveries from set pieces which has been a recurring issue for the past few games.  Thompson missing for next game  lets hope some of the missing are fit to play 

    covid and injuries impacted on the team  but still...

    Good to see Jai back certainly offers something different    + young goalie did well.

    Certainly room for improvement.

    Roll on 2022 

    Think that was Thompson’s last game tonight. Loan spell ends January 1st. Wouldn’t be in a rush to extend it anytime soon 

  15. 4 minutes ago, shawfield shed boy said:

    Money cant buy happiness indeed


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still extremely excited about what the future holds for qp and how we can progress. We’re in a very fortunate position financially and for me personally it’s great to see us compete at the top half of league 1 whereas previously it’s always been about survival

    The issue comes when you have a rookie manager that isn’t getting anywhere near enough out of a squad that should be more than capable of holding their own with cove throughout a league campaign. There’s very capable teams in this league and we have no right to just be at the top but we’ve been underwhelming to a large degree. The Falkirk game masked the managers deficiencies.
    Very much reminds me when Mark Roberts managed to win away at Palmerston in the Scottish cup a few years ago and ultimately it hid his serious limitations as a manager throughout the league season for an extended period 

  16. Just not good enough in the slightest. The fact we had to play the game with the amount of players out in the first place was a farce but there’s still 11 full time footballers on that pitch that played within themselves and quite frankly never looked like taking anything from the game. 

    I really liked the way airdrie played but it’s so annoying to fully know how good they actually are when we had no longridge, Doyle, brown, Murray, ferrie, Muir, Moore, or Smith. Besides that, we were terrible. Mchugh and Longstaff were woeful and unfortunately Connell’s deliveries weren’t his usual standard.

    On a positive note, absolutely buzzing to see Jai Quitongo back on the pitch again. He seemed to add a spark in the opening stages of the 2nd half and I’d imagine the more games he gets, he’ll be key towards any potential success come the end of the season. Heraghty was also very assured in goals and he definitely looks like he could forge a career at this level. 

    That’s 3 wins from our last 16 and at this point there’s every right to question Laurie Ellis. Arguably the biggest budget in the league and yet we’re so far off any title challenge and going further and further behind Montrose and airdrie by the week. I wouldn’t trust an Ellis run team in the slightest should we make the play offs against any of the above. 
    Im going to assume since guys like Ferrie, Longridge and Smith were in the training pics prior to the Dumbarton game being cancelled that they’ll be isolating for the Clyde game this Sunday. I’d be doing my all to get that game postponed if I’m being honest 

  17. 25 minutes ago, Angus of the Mo said:


    QP will be full of themselves, Airdrie will be hungry and raging after their mid loss at the hands of the MO.

    Going by the Falkirk thread, its not because QP are good, its because Falkirk were p!sh.

    Wasn't there, just going by the chatter

    For as rancid as Falkirk are, we were still utterly superb throughout the 90 minutes. You don’t win games of football 6-0 in this league without playing well. 

  18. 16 minutes ago, Frankly, Mr Shankly said:

    Such a good attack you have, and that’s without Simon Murray getting minutes?

    We’ve certainly got the ingredients to be a deadly attack for this level, unfortunately the consistency hasn’t been good enough. That’s why Cove are top of the pile because players like Megginson and Mcallister have made careers of being consistent and reliable frontmen. 

    I’d be lying if I said Simon Murray has had anywhere near the impact I hoped from him this season. He had a tremendous first month winning league 1 player of the month but he’s been absolutely miles off it since then. I’ll always admire the way he tries to play each game, which is always 100% but I think the continuation of missing several clear goalscoring opportunities each game has really dented his confidence. 

    The big one for me which will help us for the rest of the season is Jai Quitongo returning from injury. An absolute flying machine down the wing and we’ve missed him greatly this season. Buzzing to see him back on the pitch very soon 

  19. 11 minutes ago, Frankly, Mr Shankly said:

    Hiya Queen’s Park fans, have a few questions. Is Luca Connell the same boy that played for an English team (Bolton?) a few years back? And No. 10 who I believe is Liam Brown, is the boy that was bought for a fee from Edin City? I remember him against us in close season, boy was outstanding.

    Aye that’s them. Liam Brown is an outstanding footballer, very lucky we’ve got him tied on a 3 year deal as I’d imagine a number of big teams will already have him shortlisted for the future. There’s not a doubt in my mind that he’ll be playing in the spl within a few years, especially if he can add goals to his game. 

  20. That was absolutely phenomenal viewing. We were outstanding in every area of the park and witnessing some Falkirk fans leaving  early was extra pleasing. 

    If today doesn’t show Ellis what Charlie Fox is about then I’ll never know. The big man was absolutely outstanding today and his general presence made the likes of Robson and Morrison look a lot more comfortable. Fair play to Jake Davidson aswell, a tremendous performance at right back and it was pleasing to see a full back link play so effectively, which as much I like the guy, is something that Michael Doyle severely lacks in his game. 

    Midfield had everything; Energy, bite and most importantly the quality. I don’t mind Thompson playing in these types of games where your primary role is to break up play and let the others do the business, it’s when we play the likes of Clyde and East Fife that he’s generally not much use. Brown was absolutely levels above anyone on the pitch and it was even more pleasing to see him add to his goals tally. Something that generally lacks from his game. Easily my man of the match. Connell put in a power of work today and although he may not be the quickest, that left foot is a match winner. 

    Front three were superb and special mention to Louis Longridge. First time as captain today and he puts in a superb captain’s performance. Full of running, energy and moments of magic. He seems to have gained a consistency now that may have lacked throughout his career but he’s showing his quality in abundance this season. My player of the year so far for us 

    I can’t praise the team without mentioning how dire Falkirk are though. Guys like Nesbitt, Telfer, Morrison and Mcdaid are generally very good technical footballers but there’s literally no character about that side. The defence was utterly chronic and the boy Lemon at centre back looked like he was dragged from the pub to play the game. Comical errors all over the place that wouldn’t even be accepted at Sunday league level. Serious issues throughout the whole club and surely Sheerin is gone by tonight

  21. 23 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    This squad cruises into the playoffs under a competent manager, and, if appointed now and backed in January, has time to make a run at the top spot. Thats how I see it. Thats how bad its been in recent weeks. 


    Unfortunately, recent history tells us the right manager and good signings are going to happen only by massive fluke

    Obviously I’ve only seen Falkirk twice but there’s not a hope in hell that defence gets you in the playoffs at this rate. The left centre half for you today produced quite comfortably the worst performance I’ve seen in a long long time. Morrison you can tell is a good player in a shocking set up but cove, airdrie, Montrose and ourselves are stronger at this point in time 

  22. 45 minutes ago, Bring Your Own Socks said:

    You seem a bit obsessed with people getting sacked. It’s not healthy

    Being utterly hoaching at winning or even seeing out games of football with a full time set up since August is not healthy. There’s legitimate reasoning to question his job security as manager. I want him to succeed like any manager involved at the club but there’s no genuine sign of improvement so you’re gonna need to deal with myself and other fans questioning his capabilities for the time being unfortunately 

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