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  1. Surprised Grant hasn’t really done it at Clyde so far. Always thought aerially at QP, he was incredibly dominant and I never seen him misjudge bouncing balls. He’s a 28 year old who should be at the peak of his career but unfortunately has the legs of a 40 year old Just seems like from the outside that injuries have totally wrecked the guy and seems to be now impacting on his performances at league 1 level pretty badly. A real shame
  2. I think if you asked anyone who has the slightest knowledge on Simon Murray as a footballer, a poacher would probably be the last thing you’d associate with him Murray is well worthy of the worship amongst our support. He dragged us to promotion, giving me and probably many others, the best moment supporting qp in around 20 years of me going to games He’s now quite rightly the captain and playing the best football of his qp career. Easily one of the most likeable players we’ve had at the club
  3. Aye I’m not sold on Kenny yet. He was really poor yesterday and struggled with the physicality of the match. Would have Williamson starting on Tuesday instead of Kenny
  4. In hindsight, i find it hilarious Thomas didn’t play a single minute against us in the playoffs cause of his pre contract. Could of been a whole different outcome with his influence on the pitch. Even weirder cause he was listed on the bench for you those games I’m sure ? Mental he was joining us even if we remained in league 1
  5. I really enjoyed that win today. We all know we can be silky and easy on the eye when things are going well but we showed a different side to our game throughout different points of the match. There’s no denying we were slow to start with and we got away with a superb strike from Stanton coming off the post but we settled down and from then on, we looked the stronger team. Brilliant to see Eze’s height finally put to good use from corners. Realistically he should of scored a hat trick but it’s really encouraging that placing him on top of the keeper proved to be successful. Credit to savoury and Thomas for some consistently excellent deliveries also I’ve honestly no clue how raith didn’t score right at the death but it seemed like it was some vital blocks from Kilday that saved the day. I’ll give MOTM to Eze. After a slow first 10 minutes, he dominated the raith attack and his anticipation to win the ball was excellent. I’ve been wary of Eze’s performances so far but he was genuinely outstanding so fair play to him. Dom Thomas was also fantastic on the left yet again. For me he’s the best winger in the championship. He’s entertaining, his range of skills is cut above and he works his backside off for the team. Outstanding signing for us Raith looked a bang average team. They weren’t necessarily bad but as they’re probably well aware, they are so powderpuff up top. Stanton was decent and Macdonald made a couple great saves but other than that, there wasn’t much else. The big striker was awful and Mcbride was his usual useless self. Dylan Easton continues to be one of the most detestable footballers at this level once again with usual diving antics and then crying when fouling others. He’s a terrific player but thankfully we marked him out the game for the majority of it
  6. If you said to me a year ago that Liam Brown would be playing league 2 football the following season, I’d of thought you were on something. First 3/4 months of last season he was exceptional for us and I genuinely thought he was on his way to potentially play in the top flight in the near future. However, something changed and Laurie Ellis really didn’t help with his development. Instead of playing him as the advanced midfield (easily his best position), he started playing him in the holding midfield role and sometimes bizarrely he was punted out wide. A combination of playing out of position and poor results seem to impact his confidence and despite being fine for the rest of the season, you always got the feeling he could of impacted games a hell of a lot more than he was showing This season, we’ve just generally upgraded our midfield options and unfortunately the system we play has no real slot for Brown to play regularly. He’s still very young and got another year left on his deal next season so hopefully there’s a future still at qp if he performs well. If used properly, he should comfortably be the best player in league 2. He’s incredibly intelligent on the ball and uses his body very well. Probably just needs to add goals to his game
  7. A fair few ex qp players when looking at that Raith team. Millen, Gullan, Connelly, Mcbride. Still baffled how Mcbride ended up at raith tbh It’s so hard to predict in the championship. I don’t think any team can confidently say they’ll win or not in any fixture. I’m still optimistic about our chances however this Saturday. Attacking wise I do think collectively with Thomas, Murray and Savoury in particular, we’ve got one of the most threatening frontlines in the league, however the question marks are still glaringly obviously defensively. Will go for another 3-2 victory
  8. Some laugh looking through this thread. Paul Slane man
  9. What Steve Clarke has done so impressively throughout his reign is bring a bit of a feel good factor back to the national team. For years, particularly under Burley, Levein and Mcleish (2nd spell), you got the impression that for some players, playing for Scotland was a chore. You’d get the usual pull outs and then some sheepishly saying they wanted to solely focus on club football (Ritchie, Snodgrass, S. Fletcher) Now everyone seems genuinely desperate to play and combine that with probably our most talented pool of players in years, certainly in my lifetime, it’s bodes so well going forward in terms of reaching major tournaments regularly A number of people are quick to discredit Clarke for his style of football but I think we’re beginning to witness the fruits of sticking by him through the tougher times. We’re slowly evolving from a technical perspective from an extremely compact and stuffy team to a confident, brave yet still aggressive and hard to beat team. A striker and a goalkeeper to come through over the next couple years would be lovely but the way Gordon is playing, I’m convinced he could play at the top level til he’s 42 or 43. What a resurgence from the guy the last couple of seasons. I thought he was finished after leaving Celtic but that Hearts move has done wonders in terms of top level performances
  10. This Irish presenter is an absolute tube. He comes across very bitter. Pleasing
  11. Porteous has been excellent. Fair play
  12. Stand by it. Offers nothing Kenny McLean shouldn’t be starting for Scotland in 2022
  13. Fair enough with that penalty but across 90 minutes, I just don’t ever notice him impacting games at all for Scotland Hope he eats my words tonight however
  14. Is it just me that has no recollection of Kenny McLean doing anything ever for Scotland. 27th cap, my god
  15. I actually thought he looked fairly promising in his brief appearances in the league cup this season. He’s never a starter for me but I thought he may of got a couple more sub appearances in the league so far. Liam Brown not in the squad I noticed. Injured or maybe the rumour of being loaned out is back on again ?
  16. Really nice to see Coyle and Thomas recognising the fan’s efforts in their interviews for those that attended the game. Coyle seems to genuinely understand and appreciate lower league supporters which is incredibly refreshing. The overall squad and coaching staff seem a really likeable bunch this season. To think I was somewhat underwhelmed when Coyle was first appointed. How wrong was I. Easily the most entertaining Queen’s Park team I’ve watched in a long long time so far
  17. Good to win even without using the likes of Murray and Robson at any point. Wasn’t at the game so can’t comment on the performance but going by Twitter, it seemed like the continuous theme of being very good going forward and slightly questionable defensively? Great to see three different attacking players on the scoresheet also Big couple of games coming up now which on paper, are real decent opportunities to gain points. Exciting times
  18. A great result in the end which gives us a real positive opportunity going into the Ukraine match. Hendry probably the pick of the bunch tonight for me but there were much improved performances in the 2nd half from Mcginn and Christie. We are genuinely a legitimate threatening side when we start moving the ball quickly, I just don’t think we do it anywhere near enough though which frustrates me. Ireland for me are stinking minus one or 2 average players and it felt like any of their chances came from our wrongdoings or sheer stupidity. Regarding dykes or Adams up top. I’ve always been more favoured towards Adams. I fully appreciate Dykes contribution so far and I do think he gets unwarranted criticism in some scenarios but I just think Adams overall game is more impactful for the whole team. He’s not prolific but I always feel he contributes positively. When Dykes is off it, he almost feels like a man down at times and for large parts of that first half, I was getting that same feeling again. He did improve 2nd half but I do hope for Ukraine, Adams gets the nod up top
  19. McGregor has to do so much better. Sold the jerseys a couple times now
  20. Just think with Dykes, particularly as the lone striker, we lose so much fluidity going forward which has been incredibly evident so far. Its hardly game for rotation surely ? An opportunity to go into the Ukraine only needing a draw ? Dykes is a useful plan B for me
  21. Why has Clarke changed Adams for Dykes? So silly making any changes from a winning side for this
  22. Completely Agree. Don’t have Murray anywhere near this game please Owen. Still get the fear he’s gonna pick up another long term injury at some point
  23. Just watching these highlights but surely Quitongo didn’t get sent off just for that push ?
  24. I’m delighted for Ferrie. I’ve been fairly vocal on here, particularly over the summer about how much I rate the guy and he’s really proving his worth so far. The thing that’s improved considerably about his game is his decision making from high balls. Last season, he was guilty of flying for a ball from a corner and missing it entirely which ultimately lead to a few goals. Even though he isn’t the biggest in stature, he has become more of a presence in his box. Yes, his kicking is dodgy (I do think that’s improving also) but he’s a very capable keeper at this level
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