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  1. Totally agree. Was hoping QP made a move for him in January after leaving Airdrie. Having championship status will put us in a really strong position to sign him if we want him I’d assume
  2. It’s hard and pretty much impossible to tell at this stage. At this moment in time, the current squad would be relegated from the championship. We finished 28 points behind Cove and ultimately we were largely underwhelming for large periods of the season I expect there will be a fair amount of turnover. Not really sure how anyone can really determine whether we’ll be able to assemble a capable enough squad at this stage but I’m really confident we’ll sign some quality players. Could have my QP tinted specs on but I’d imagine we will be a more attractive option for players in comparison to a Morton or Ayr. Doubt Owen Coyle would of came to QP without assurances of money to offer for players Loads of reports suggesting we’re signing Dom Thomas. Would be a quality signing and a squad of similar ability will do for me I’m just buzzing to be in the championship tbh
  3. How do you think the club are going to view the recruitment side this summer? Are we gonna be ruthless ? There’s certain players I’d of been happy to keep in league 1 but I’m not so sure in the championship So far we’ve got: Brown, Thompson, Williamson, Bruce, Ferrie and Moore(please punt) all contracted for next season as it stands. Fox, Robson, Murray and Lyon I’d be more than happy to give new deals to Then there’s Doyle, Kilday, Grant, Quitongo, mchugh, Longridge, Morrison, Gillespie and Davidson. Tbh I think we need to let all these guys go. Absolutely over the moon with their contribution to achieve promotion but we still need to be realistic about who we’re up against next season
  4. Read an article a few weeks back where Robbie Neilson was planning to assess smith over the summer and early cup games. Stated that he was planning to loan him out to a championship side next season if it came to it. Would imagine we’d be the front runners if he became available
  5. Yeah I think there’s a player there. I’ve been critical of him this season but he seems to have developed a lot more physically and looks a lot more powerful going forward. I don’t think you’d see him make that kind of bursting run to win the penalty at the start of the season. Far from the finished article and does have his hairy moments but interested to see what next season holds for him here
  6. Absolutely delighted to see it was Dylan Easton that gave away the penalty btw Great player but a constant pain. Begging for yellow cards throughout game and his pathetic dive to try and win a penalty. Although I do think he perfected his dive 2nd time about when he fell to the floor after giving the penalty away
  7. Mchugh has been largely underwhelming throughout his time at QP. Had wee purple patches of showing he’s a capable striker, but half the time he doesn’t look particularly bothered. Definitely would look to punt him this summer. His total record since he joined has been 14 goals in 65 games.. Would worry if that’s the level of recruitment for the upcoming season
  8. Pleased for Bruce and he seems promising but they really didn’t need a build up for that
  9. Seems like we’re announcing a new contract for a current squad member at 2pm You’ve got to assume with the timing of this, that it’s got be a big player. Absolutely begging for it to be Fox
  10. Aye the goalposts have changed now. We’re undeniably loaded with money and therefore we should quite rightly be aspiring for promotion in the Scottish third tier. Anyone that says we weren’t supposed to challenge this season are wrong
  11. Gutted with that. Thought Airdrie were there for the taking at 1-0 but a costly moment of madness from Ferrie burst that bubble. Annoying as Afolabi blasted the ball over the bar as he was taken out Tactically Coyle was spot on. We stopped Airdrie from dictating the game and as the 2nd half progressed, we got in their faces and won 2nd balls high up the pitch. I’d of said overall a 1-0 win would of been well deserved. Murray was a man on a mission tonight. Ran himself to the ground and smartly finished his goal. That’s exactly the Simon Murray I wish was available for most of the season as he’s clearly a massive asset at this level when fit and firing. Interesting to see where his future lies next season now Its a cup final now and it’s all to play for. I actually feel a lot more confident about our chances after tonight. We’ve shown with a fully fit side and a legitimate manager in the dugout that we’re more than capable of competing with these teams. Naturally still feel slightly deflated but the players should take a lot of belief and heart from tonight
  12. Agreed, I really don’t think Coyle would of joined QP in the first place without assurances regarding a substantial budget. We’re in a fortunate position to offer wages that many championship teams probably couldn’t Aye and there’s absolutely no doubt that we’ll be offering a fairly substantial wage to Thomas if it comes to fruition. If Thomas is the level of player we’re aspiring to recruit next season then it should be exciting whatever league we’re in. I don’t see a lot of the current qp team being around next season so I’d imagine there’s going to be a fair whack of money to play around with (hopefully)
  13. If it’s true then that really is a smashing piece of business but I’ll wait til there’s confirmation before getting excited with it
  14. Injured it seems. Think he done his shoulder in months ago which ruled him out for the season. Although, he was dropped by Ellis prior to that
  15. Perfectly described. We tend to be more “up for it” against teams higher up in the league. Undefeated against Cove suggests we’re no mugs when we can bothered. It’s when we’ve played East Fife, Alloa, Clyde etc where we’ve looked utterly pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, the last visit to Airdrie was an atrocious performance, easily our worst of the season. However, it’s not our DOF in charge this time and we’ve now got a legitimate and experienced manager who’s been successful in navigating a team out the play offs. Our team is near enough full strength and we reverted to a more stuffy approach against Dunfermline which seems to suit the defence, in particular Peter Grant and Michael Doyle who aren’t exactly graceful on the ball to put it lightly. Airdrie should absolutely feel confident going into this and will be the favourites but I’ve always had this sneaky suspicion from a while back that we could drag our way through the playoffs. It’s working so far From a Qp perspective, you think that if we fail to go up, due to our fortunate financial position, we will hopefully be able to compete with anyone in league 1 next season. Do Airdrie fans feel that they need to go up this season with League 1 looking increasingly competitive? Definitely seems now the best chance you’ve got to gain promotion
  16. He splits opinion I think. His shot stopping and one on one ability is terrific but he’s been woeful when it comes to dealing with aerial balls. Had a couple blunders over the last couple months but I do think there’s a really good keeper there. Might not be the long term first choice QP keeper but I’m more than happy to have him as the number 2 next season Saved us in the tie yesterday with a couple crucial stops
  17. What a feeling yesterday was. I’ve quite rightly been critical of this side for large parts of the season, most notably for their lack of fight and determination but you couldn’t fault anyone to a man. We had to suffer in the first half and it felt as though Dunfermline had an extra man in midfield constantly. Thankfully they were totally powderpuff in front of goal and we were able to stabilise more in the 2nd half. Im not going to be naive and deny that the red card was instrumental on this result. Looking back at the highlights, Murray does seem to make the most of it but it’s silly for a guy of Ambrose’ experience to be so clumsy and give the ref a decision to make. The game did highlight how effective a fit Simon Murray can be. Yes he’s awkward and not the most graceful on the ball but his sheer enthusiasm and determination to be a pest on the pitch is such an underrated quality particularly at this level. He occupies defenders and won the game for us. Delighted for him The quality of the game was still incredibly low for the vast majority and I’d imagine Airdrie won’t be anywhere near as toothless but I’ll worry about Thursday when it comes. I’ll give man of the match to Tommy Robson who produced yet another terrific display. Defensively he’s came on leaps and bounds and he’s became more composed going forward. Special mention to Ferrie who made an incredible save 1st half alongside another immediately after scoring(shock). Dunfermline were decent in spells but you can tell how little character there is in some of those players. I actually thought Dorrans was running the game in midfield 1st half but when you’ve got players looking totally disinterested like Polworth, alongside Dorrans lack of mobility. It was only going to end badly Also give Charlie Fox a 5 year contract please. An absolute Rolls Royce at the back
  18. Would absolutely take that. Was shocked he had no involvement over the 2 legs. He fell out with Hughes or just not been performing ?
  19. In terms of quality there was no step up, it was a dire spectacle all round. We’re normally guilty of overplaying it but last night we seemed to just blooter the ball anywhere. The most redeeming factor from a qp perspective was a step up in desire, organisation and application. Something we’ve been utterly chronic for throughout large parts of the season. Last night was certainly a big contrast from the previous 3 weeks, where the players looked like they couldn’t wait for the season to be over
  20. Aye fair play to Robson, he’s proved me wrong. He’s always been handy going forward but equally and more importantly he’s now became very reliable defensively. More than happy to see him retained next season
  21. Absolutely eye bleeding stuff but like what’s been mentioned above, all I wanted was the tie to still be in the balance come Saturday. We really missed connell’s unpredictability in the midfield and there was never a point where I thought we were genuinely going to score Cant say the lineup inspired me with much hope. Not only was it extremely cautious, If mchugh is going to be the lone striker, you’ve got to have players around him with a bit more mobility. Longridge quite simply does not offer that and that’s why Quitongo needs to start. Brown had a stinker aswell unfortunately, although surprisingly it looked like Davidson and Lyon were the more advanced midfielders However, I’ll take solace that Dunfermline looked equally as awful and come Saturday, it’s essentially a one off cup final. We never took any sort advantage on how dodgy Ambrose looked and a part of me slightly feels tonight was a missed opportunity to really get an advantage. You just never know though, we might just sneak it. Here’s hoping
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