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  1. Last night was a definite reality check for the players. The way McFadden was bumming up the team prior to kick off made me feel like it was set up for catastrophic failure and unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. Lineup and tactics were questionable. Can’t for the life of me understand why Quitongo was on the bench, he’s arguably been our most exciting player this season and surely the opportunity to have a good run at a 36 year old right back would of been taken into consideration? Fair play to QOS though, they dominated the midfield and mopped up everything at the back and striker Shields was a constant threat, his cross for the second goal was fantastic. It’s the manner we lost the game that’s frustrated me the most, Mchugh really needs to do more, too many games he’s been far too quiet and ineffective, again whether that’s down to the formation I don’t know but from first impressions I don’t think Murray and mchugh link well with each other at all.
  2. I really do fear we’re gonna get found even at league 1 if we end up getting promoted. Mckinnon’s persistence with 4-4-2 is infuriating at times, so many games this season I’ve said to myself that the system doesn’t suit the player’s capabilities and tonight against a competent team his tactics have been found out badly. I always feel like we set up to not lose at first instead of actually taking the game to the opposition and we’ve been warned from Falkirk fans about this. Still think we’ll win league 2 down to the quality and fitness of the team but from what I’ve seen, anyone thinking we’ll be doing back to back promotions using this system needs to think again. Also without Slater (a common theme nowadays) the creativity from midfield is non existent. An attacking midfielder would be my priority for the January window as we can’t rely on slater with his injury record as much as a good player he is
  3. Gerry’s last club in senior football was with us and he did a really good job for us tbf. Strong in the air, good positional sense so his lack of pace isn’t too much of an issue. He’ll be fine, the type of defender Brechin need, someone that enjoys defending. Obviously Brechin fans are aware of his capabilities since he’s played before for youse but thought an opinion on his most recent times in senior football would be beneficial
  4. Russell is on loan at Cowdenbeath just now. Based on what I seen of him against us a few weeks back, I think his best days are long gone.
  5. Would hardly put a meaningless league cup fixture as the barometer to whether we’re a championship standard team or not. Annan pumped Hamilton in the league cup, doesn’t mean they’re spl quality. All about opinions but I would certainly back the team to win against QOS at full strength tbh. Should be a good game hopefully when it comes. A repeat of last seasons result would be lovely
  6. Well we’re through but that was pathetic that we had to take the game to extra time. Our finishing and final ball was utterly atrocious and the way we set up the midfield frustrates the life out of me. Without slater, the creativity is non existent, no penetration whatsoever. We dominated completely but if your not gonna take your chances, your always putting yourself at risk of a sucker punch. I’ll give Murray the benefit of the doubt considering he’s not fit but his miss was inexcusable, horrendous miss. Quitongo comfortably man of the match for me, terrific all game and deserved the goal. The debate whether we’re a championship standard squad will be shown against QOS and I’m quietly confident we’ll get a result
  7. If lacklustre consists of being undefeated and being 5 points clear at top having now played everyone in the league, then here’s hoping for more lacklustre seasons to come. In all seriousness, the expectancy that some may have that we should be winning games by 3/4/5 goal margins each week is bonkers and this may contribute to people’s perceptions of a lacklustre start. Teams will see us a free hit most weeks and ultimately performance levels of the opposition are more likely to increase exponentially meaning the onus is on us to maintain the high standards that have already been set from the players.
  8. What’s the situation with Kouider-Aissa? Was banging them in for us at QP and expected him to be fairly successful at thistle. Is he injured just now or just not favoured ?
  9. Not the prettiest game you’ll ever watch but will take the 3 points any day. Must say the camera work was very frustrating for large parts of the game, could barely see what was actually going on at the far side of the pitch and the sudden change of camera angle for annan’s penalty meant you couldn’t actually see the penalty properly. Defensively we looked a lot more assured and organised, albeit annan aren’t the same force as Edinburgh but there was definite improvements in that department. Really didn’t get going first half and it was only until Mchugh scored where we really started to control the game and dictate play. Delighted to see Slater back in the team, he really does make a difference to the midfield in a creative sense and it was nice to see him get beyond the strikers for the second goal. Here’s hoping he gets a good run of games under his belt without injury as he’s been extremely unlucky with them since he’s joined the club. To come out of the first third of the season unbeaten, which includes 7 wins from 9 is fantastic and looking at the next few fixtures, they certainly look winnable with games against Brechin and Albion looming over the next few weeks
  10. According to the match preview, no injury concerns which is great news as i thought it would of been a certainty that Grant would be out
  11. Would say that’s a fairly harsh assessment of Gillespie’s performances so far. Yes, admittedly I thought he was very poor today but on the whole i think he’s been a consistent performer particularly the last couple weeks. Although i think long term, Lyon and Carroll will end up being the starting pair in midfield
  12. Delighted to see Jamieson doing well, was a cut above league 2 with us. Not surprised he’s doing it in the championship
  13. Somehow after today, the league table looks even better for us so I can’t complain too much but overall the performance, particularly in the 1st was poor stuff. Edinburgh pressed, looked solid and attacked effectively throughout and made life hard for any of the players to get any sort of rhythm going. However, the way we’ve gifted those goals was shocking. Albeit Edinburgh’s 1st goal was a tremendous finish, I have absolutely no clue what Grant is trying with that pass, really basic error. I guess the advantages of having a full time squad is that if any player is underperforming, they’ll be replaced by very capable players and that’s exactly what happened. Galt was having a stinker of a game and was rightly subbed, whilst quitongo was anonymous for large parts. Longridge was outstanding 2nd half, he showed a level of composure and quality that was distinctly missing the entirety of the 1st half. The 2nd Edinburgh goal was the one that really frustrated me however. No need whatsoever for Gillespie to dribble by players in a dangerous area, especially with the circumstances of how the game was going. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Lyon back in the starting 11 next week in place of him. Thought we would of held out for the win but some awful marking from a hopeful punt killed the chances of that. Why we allowed a player like Blair Henderson to have a free header to lay it off to someone in the box I’ll never know Man of the match me was Longridge or Carroll. Could see Carroll was getting frustrated with the lack of movement up top and maybe having a player like slater in front of him may have been beneficial.
  14. I think Murray is here for the journey with us. I doubt he has signed a 3 year deal with us for no specific reason if he had immediate intentions to return to top flight football. Plus with the club being in a very strong position financially id imagine it would take a substantial amount of money to prize him away, which I doubt clubs would be willing to pay for a guy who’s been out for such a long period of time. Teams will also be increasingly vigilant of their own expenditure with the financial implications of covid.
  15. Buzzing for this game tbh, two strong in form teams up against each other. Edinburgh will always pose a threat with Henderson up top whilst also possessing a number of very good players throughout their squad for this level. Think the only change I’d make is Slater coming in for McLean purely because I’d like to keep Quitongo out wide. Didn’t think Quitongo was as effective at the striker position last week albeit it wasn’t a game where he could use pace to his advantage but his previous two hampden performances have been nothing short of outstanding so hopefully he’s back in the wider areas. This would allow slater to play the attacking midfielder role with Gillespie and Lyon sitting. If we play to our best ability, we’ll win the game simple as that. We’ll only lose games this season if our own performance levels drops. We won’t be outshone by other teams
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