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  1. That was so much better. Albion admittedly were utter garbage first half but we really did play some nice stuff and created a fair few chances. Really liking the look of Baynham, intelligent in the box, big and gets in behind defenders so was delighted to see him get off the mark. I said earlier in the week that Galt should be starting and his performance today reinforces that point, thought he and Robson linked brilliantly down the left flank and really took the game to Albion. Was great to see Craig Slater back on the pitch and instantly looked to add a different level of composure and creativity to the midfield. If he stays fit we’ve comfortably got the best central midfielder in the league Bench looking a lot stronger, with multiple options to bring on and this is without arguably our best player in Simon Murray still to play. Will be a tough match against Stranraer next week but if we play to what the players are capable of, I expect to see another win hopefully.
  2. What’s the situation with non season ticket people/ non members ? Any info on how we access the stream ?
  3. Got to win these types of games if we’re to win the league, 27 game season means there’s less room for slip ups so no excuses this week. Delighted to hear Slater back in the squad, should make a huge difference to how we play Got to get Galt back in the team also, Galt on top form is one of the best wingers in the bottom 2 leagues, unless he was carrying some sort of knock no reason to drop him
  4. Yeah Stirling were alright I thought, got some decent players in Ryan and Roberts and your defence looked solid. I think the criticism of the QP performance carries on from our betfred cup performances as we’ve yet to score a goal or threaten at all really.
  5. Think it may of been jai Quitongo
  6. Need to remember we’ve literally lost one league game in 11 under McKinnon, even from last season we looked a million miles better than under Roberts
  7. Let’s all calm doon, we didn’t lose the game, it’s only the first league game with Simon Murray coming back in a couple weeks. Yes the performance was underwhelming but the way some have reacted you’d think we’ve been battered 5-0. Full time status and big wages will understandably increase expectations but let’s see where we are after the first 4-5 games
  8. Staff and players who don’t care ? Where’s this assumption plucked from ? Nonsense comment
  9. That was extremely disappointing, although we looked slightly more threatening the last 10 minutes we looked nothing other and ordinary. Defensively we looked fine but the lack of attacking threat is concerning, 4 games in a row I’ve watched and yet to see us score. With guys like McHugh, Maclean and longridge in the starting 11 surely creating chances shouldn’t be a concern? Hopefully fortunes change next week against Albion rovers. Pretty sure the trialist was Jai Quitongo ?
  10. Yeah noticed that aswell from the Morton game. As much as I’d love to see Galt captain, I’d like to think McKinnon would of spoke to both Galt and Grant to discuss the captaincy and what the appropriate solution would be. I know Grant only joined in January but he really does come across as captain material in my opinion
  11. What a difference it is having Dykes up top, only watched him a handful of times prior to the international call up but the thing that’s impressed me is his ability to get in behind defenders and stretch the game. Was lucky to stay on the pitch for that stamp but about time we had a big effective striker
  12. Extremely disappointing 2nd half, was really encouraged especially the first 30 minutes with tidy passing but slowly we let Morton back in the game and by the 2nd half the intensity levels dropped big time. Obviously still aware that these games act as a means to gain match fitness but undeniably the lack of creativity through the middle of the park was still evident and ultimately the strikers were working off scraps. Longridge and Gillespie probably the more impressive performers. Here’s hoping by Saturday, we’re on it for 90 minutes, that’s when real stuff starts
  13. Noticed In the match preview, it mentions that Murray and Slater are not available for a number of weeks. Expected that from Murray as he’s still recovering from a long term injury but disappointing to hear about Slater being injured again, looked class in his limited appearances so far. Here’s hoping another attacking midfielder can be signed
  14. Never been a fan of Kenny McLean for Scotland but been really impressed with him
  15. I agree, was worried to see straight him into the 11 tonight but he’s not looked out of place at all
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