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  1. I think this would be the perfect game for Healy to start. Would imagine Arbroath will sit in a defensive shape which will allow or at the very least encourage Healy the time to run with the ball and unlock the defence. You’d hope his confidence would be sky high currently after his last few outings Agree with the comment on Mcpake. He seems to be out the picture currently which doesn’t necessarily surprise me. One good month around October/November surrounded by some complete meh performances. Don’t think I’d be considering any permanent contract in the summer
  2. He’s fantastic. Would hope the club do all they can to get him signed permanently in the summer. I’d imagine if we’re in the premiership, we’d be in a strong position to do so
  3. Another huge game which although no game in the championship can be deemed as easy, we really need to be going into this fixture getting 3 points. We’ve generally been very decent against Arbroath across the season. The previous game at ochilview was a tight affair and a blunder at the back killed us that night. Watched Arbroath against Morton on Friday and thought they looked pretty awful in all honesty. We really need to exploit their weaknesses and not give them anything to hold on to. No idea what the lineup will be after the injuries. By all accounts, Boateng is okay so hopefully he’s still available. Again, I’d like to see Healy in for Henderson. Henderson hasn’t been necessarily bad but he’s missed big big chances in his limited appearances and looks distinctly average in all areas Going for a 3-0 win
  4. Yup, we’ve only lost 1 game against the bottom half of the table all season. That’s what’s put us in such a great position. From what I’ve seen of Dundee against us this season, it shocks me the amount of points youse have dropped tbh. Thought after the 3-0 game at dens in January, Dundee would of went on and took full claim of the title.
  5. Despite having Morton and Ayr away at the tail end of the season, there’s a chance that one or both may have nothing to play for by that point. The Morton game 2nd last day particularly may mean nothing to them if they’re out of the play off race. We’ve seen time and again that teams with nothing to play for naturally take their foot off the gas. I can’t see a realistic scenario where the games mean nothing to Morton and Ayr by then but you never know I guess
  6. If we go on and win the league, this will be the game we look back on as the catalyst to our success. A hoaching 1st half performance, lose your best player through injury midway through against an inform team in the semi final of the Scottish cup who looked miles better until we scored the equaliser. It would of been so easy to start feeling sorry for ourselves and allow Inverness to win the game but under Coyle, that’s just impossible for that scenario to arise. One thing Coyle has been pretty exceptional with, even going back to last season is his ability to effectively use his subs. I don’t think I was the only one feeling completely deflated to see Boateng replaced by longridge who by trade is never a defensive midfielder but he was superb in all honesty. He was full of running, excellent in possession and added that wee bit more experience that we were maybe lacking 1st half. Jarrett also provided a spark when he came on and he’s one who’s been pretty unfortunate to not have more minutes this season as he always plays well when given the chance We’ve shown a different set of characteristics over the last couple weeks which is critical to a title winning side. Not everything has went our way in terms of our style of play but there’s a belief and a resilience about us that we’re going to need to show for the last 7 games. Results in our league have went our way over the last few weeks but as long as we continue to pick up 3 points, who cares what others are doing
  7. Considering Dundee seem capable of only beating cove and ourselves, I very much doubt an insane run of form is beckoning. That’s not to say they won’t win it but they’re severely under pressure. These perceived “easier” fixtures are game they’ve messed up plenty of times this season
  8. Imrie certainly throwing his keeper under the bus in that interview Fair enough he had a howler but that’s brutal
  9. With him having 4 years left on his deal, I can’t see either club stumping up enough cash to get him away. Even for the development of Healy, would he even get anywhere near the teams at this point? Very much doubt it. He’s only made one start in the championship(albeit he scored in that) From what I’ve seen of Healy, I think he’s got a terrific future ahead of him but let’s see what happens once he’s had a full season in him and I’m sure there will be bigger clubs after him. Really hoping he starts against Inverness tomorrow
  10. I’ve been backing Megan to win for a long time but her business plan is rotten and she look defeated after those interviews Marnie for the win I feel
  11. Mike Souter is my favourite person ever on this series
  12. 8 cup finals to go but this game particularly seems vital to pick up maximum points with thistle at home to Dundee. We can worry all we can about other teams but if we do our talking on the pitch, everything else will take care of itself. Under no illusions that this will be a tougher game than I anticipated a few weeks back. Despite our cup fiasco, Inverness have been pretty incredible in the cup since taking our place and not only that, they’ve picked up very decent results away at Dundee and Ayr. Really hoping there’s a hangover type performance after the Kilmarnock result and they can happily gift us 3 crucial points Win our next 2 home games and I’m confident we’ll win the league
  13. I think outside the Hamilton game, Thomson has looked slightly off it in the last month or so. That’s not to say he’s been bad by any means but there’s an expectation on him now due to the tremendous season he’s had. He’s been the most improved player in the squad this year but he’ll have games like he’s had recently cause he’s still very inexperienced at this level Central midfield is the one area of the pitch I look at with a degree of caution if Thomson or Boateng pick injury/loss of form.
  14. Currently 10 clear of Morton and 8 clear of thistle. Thistle win and it’s 5 points with Morton staying at 10 Morton win and it’s 7 points whilst Thistle stay 8 points A draw would also be absolutely fine. Anything other than thistle winning for me would suffice Reason being I’m wanting thistle taking something from Dundee the following week
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