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  1. Football is a ruthless business and managers are under pressure to succeed, particularly for someone like McKinnon. He’ll know fine well that if he screws this job up, he’s finished at this level therefore he can’t afford to keep players just because they are part of the youth system. Mcgrory is probably the only one out of the players mentioned from the system that would have any chance of competing for a place next season and even then I doubt he’d start anyway. The dream that some people had of an entire youth 11 with Billy Mortimer leading the line on the way to glory is never going be a reality in the current world of football If they’re good enough, they’ll play simple as that
  2. If I were the Alloa or Arbroath manager, I’d certainly look to take a punt on Jamieson. Potential to be a top part time centre back for many years
  3. Have fun supporting a new team then
  4. Was always aware of the full time model being put in place, however just assumed that it would incorporate a hybrid system to suit part time players. I imagine then some top players will be joining for whenever the season starts up again!
  5. Have Galt & Jamieson been released ?
  6. Was it ever announced who got player of the year for this season ? Pretty sure the voting finished a while back now
  7. Was really impressed with Morrison when he moved into his natural position at centre back. Strong, quick, reliable and seemed to form a great partnership with Grant before the season finished. Would like to think we’d be in a strong position to sign him if we want him back permanently Also looking at that list, Andy Ryan has also been released. Tore us apart when he was with Airdrie a few years back and would have him in a heartbeat Despite the awful circumstances of this pandemic, we might ultimately benefit from this In terms of recruiting quality players
  8. Would give poty to Salim overall, without him in the team, we’d have been down at the bottom with Brechin no doubt about it. However, I do think jamieson has been a fantastic signing, really think he could comfortably move up a couple a divisions and thrive. Really hope both players are here for next season
  9. Looking on the Alloa thread, there’s a couple mentions that we’re potentially trying to bring Trouten back. Would certainly be a more than ideal partner for Salim next season
  10. Just watched the highlights where is this boy from looks decent? Signed from Kilsyth Rangers last summer. Considering for large parts of the season he’s been been starved of quality service, his goal tally is fantastic. With our status now, we’re hopefully in a strong position to keep him for next season as i have no doubt teams will be sniffing around for his signature
  11. Some of the headers he’s scored have been fantastic. Long time since we’ve had a goalscorer that wasn’t a loan
  12. Would agree with all of that, maybe add Joffrey aswell. Will be interesting to see what happens with Muir, would obviously love him to stay number 1 keeper next season but surely we haven’t signed Bell to be a sub
  13. Would say Muir is the best keeper I’ve seen. As good as Crawford was in his prime, Muir on many occasions single handedly kept us in matches or won us matches. Genuinely don’t think we get promotion in 15/16 without him. Made a ridiculous point blank save during the 2nd leg away at Cowdenbeath and made another wonder save against Clyde in the final
  14. qpfc

    FM 2020

    Fairly new to FM and decided to give it a bash to occupy myself for the time being. Really enjoying it currently, just about to begin my 3rd season with Queen’s Park after narrowly missing out on successive promotions. Got absolutely trounced by Inverness in the play off final, 7-1 on aggregate. Club changed to full time status for the 3rd season so it’s gonna be a big push for the Spl over the next couple years. Alfredo Agyeman and Craig Slater are absolutely bossing it for me with Agyeman scoring 32 goals for me last season, whilst Slater won league 2 player of the year and then followed it up with League 1 player of the year. Gets proper addictive to play once you get into it
  15. Noticed highlights were put up of the 4-0 trashing of Clyde back in 2011. Watching a prime Anderson and Longworth running the show is terrific viewing Makes you really wonder how we didn’t get promoted at any point with that group of players
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