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  1. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    The way Ajax move the ball around is unbelievable, absolutely fearless. Would love to see an Ajax v Liverpool final
  2. Any opportunity to have a dig at Gow. Needless
  3. Berwick v QP

    Seems to be a good standard of youth players coming through the ranks. Hope we keep the bulk of the squad
  4. Rovers v QP

    Is there going to be highlights of the match ?
  5. Rovers v QP

    I've never seen anyone win so many penalties as much as David Galt. Extremely comfortable win overall with everyone putting in a great shift. Thought Ruth looked the part up top and certainly looks a promising player, whilst Magee looked a different player in the midfield.
  6. QP v Elgin

    When everything clicks for Roberts, he's a cracking player. Great dribbler and ball carrier and as we've seen, he's got an eye for goal. Think another season with us would do him a lot of good
  7. QP v Elgin

    Galt, Moore, Roberts and McLean all absolutely outstanding. Everything clicked in attack today and everyone looked up for it right from the first minute. Some very winnable fixtures over the next month, so hopefully we can have a strong end to the season
  8. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    Would like to think that's the end of Gow which is a shame as he showed in glimpses the class he had on the ball (most notably Berwick and Stirling), however he's not been anywhere near consistent enough and his legs aren't at the required level now
  9. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    Fantastic news. Moore has a bright future if he keeps going the way he is. Thought Galt would be away aswell but he must be enjoying his football under Roberts. Hopefully that's a good sign
  10. EC v QP

    Get East starting aswell. Looks terrific when running at players. Surprised he's not had more minutes since the Clyde game
  11. Only ones that have improved over the season would be McLean and Mcgrory I'd say.
  12. EC v QP

    I think that's what Roberts has been trying to do. He's binned the players he wasn't keen on such as Lachlan, fotheringham, Smart and the Kindlan brothers. I'd imagine the vast majority of the players playing just now will be asked to stay on for next season.
  13. Looking at the squad the now, there's not many I'd be looking to bin. Just a very inexperienced group at this level and I'd imagine this season will be a massive learning curve for them, particularly for guys like Moore, East, Grant, McGrory etc However, I'm not convinced that Roberts is the right guy to be in charge. 1 win in 17, is basically half a season and quite frankly that is absolutely dire. To have players like Hart, Mckernon, Galt, Gibson, he's severely underachieved with the squad. I'd love to be proved wrong but im not convinced as of yet.
  14. Annan v QP

    So soft at the back. Performances are improving but one win about 15 or 16 now ? Dire form, especially in this league
  15. Would of had Smart on the bench ahead of Peters. Like people have said his decision making was very questionable at times but he never hid in games and always gave 100%. Hopefully he helps Albion stay up