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  1. To suggest we’ve seen very little of Williamson is a tad harsh IMO. I’d say he’s adapted to full time football a lot quicker than most fans thought and has actually impacted games unlike Kenny. 3 goals and 3 assists whilst also winning the penalty at home to Cove if I’m not mistaken. From 6 starts, I’d say that’s very good going in my book, averaging a goal contribution every start. I actually think he’s been really unfortunate the last month or 2 with the lack of minutes he’s had. He scored against cliftonville and his minutes on the pitch dropped considerably whilst Kenny stunk out the place with his performances. Kenny has played a full season and excelled at a decent enough level at Sligo rovers and has been at Celtic for around a year now. Don’t think it would be unreasonable to have a slightly higher expectation on Kenny. Ultimately he’s been hugely disappointing but the facts are that he’s not a shown a single moment that suggests that he’d be worth keeping past January
  2. What a day yesterday. Firstly, fantastic from everyone involved within the club to reach out to the local Community and beyond to give the game and hampden return the best coverage possible. We’ve all quite rightly been critical of the club throughout the last couple years but they absolutely nailed it yesterday. Here’s hoping this is the benchmark of what’s to come for the club over the next number of years. Even if we can get a small fraction of the kids and families to return regularly, then it makes yesterday totally worth it. The match itself was simply fantastic. Started off slowly and took a while to get into our stride but that 30 minute period in the first half was probably the most devastating I’ve seen a QP side going forward in years. We’ve been entertaining all season, however in the last month or so we’ve added a ruthlessness to our game and the results speak for itself. Taking 4 away at thistle, 5 away at Raith, 4 against Hamilton isn’t a fluke and it’s a demonstration of how talented this group of players are. We needed to get that consistency and it seems like it’s finally arrived. Of course everyone played their part but special mentions need to be made to Savoury and Boateng. I really like jarrett but an inform Savoury is a different level of player in that attacking midfield role. The way savoury carries the ball, dribbles by players and most importantly finishes when presented a chance is a joy to watch and it’s pretty evident that he’ll not be playing at this level much longer once his consistency has been ironed out. Mal Boateng is without a doubt the best midfielder in the championship and one of the top players overall. He’s easily the best midfielder we’ve had since David Anderson. There’s certain players you break the bank for at this level and Mal Boateng is one of them. Could start for anyone in the premiership outside Celtic and Rangers and not look out of place Can we make a genuine title push ? I’d have no reason to suggest that we can’t go for it but the priority needs to be getting in the top 4 now. My expectations have increased from start of the season and I don’t think it would be too unreasonable to be somewhat disappointed if we don’t achieve top 4 come May considering the talent we’ve got at the club. A striker would still be a priority in January because whats really apparent this season is when Murray gets subbed off, the entire team doesn’t look anywhere near as threatening as it should be and it’s cost a few points (Dundee 2-2 most noticeably) The drop off in quality and intensity from Murray to Kenny is massive
  3. England still look incredibly unconvincing. They were always going to dominate possession against a turgid and quite frankly finished welsh side but other than Rashford’s early chance, they look toothless and slow moving the ball about. Really do think they’ll get papped out in the last 16
  4. I see on social media aswell as the tv pundits mentioning that this was a similar situation after they played Scotland. Total nonsense and in no way similar surely ? Totally different tournament and got gifted the chance to win the euros being at Wembley for 90% of their games which has ironically never been mentioned by any English person. No pundit seems willing to admit how bang average this team are. They’ll get found out against Brazil/France/Spain
  5. Players that purposely hold their head and act like they’re out for the count to force play to stop when they’ve actually been tapped on the ankle. Infuriating
  6. That’s a bold lineup The only players that I’d change from Saturday would be Williamson and Savoury coming in. Would probably swap McPake and Jarrett out for them. Nothing to do with those guys recent performances as they’ve contributed really well the last month but they’re probably the most interchangeable positions in our lineup currently. Keep Murray in the team please. He’s on a hot streak with goals and he’ll be licking his lips at the prospect of playing against this side. Last time he was rested against Cliftonville, he didn’t score for 8 games afterwards. If the game were midweek I’d rest him but let keep momentum going in what is a big month of fixtures coming up. Peterhead seem a shambles this season. I’d be shocked if we don’t win this in all honesty
  7. The development in Simon Murray’s game this season has been mental when you think of it. Of course avoiding injuries has helped his cause but his link up play and overall game intelligence has improved immeasurably since Coyle’s arrival. He’s playing like the Simon Murray I had hoped we had signed back in 2020. 20 games in all competitions this season, 11 goals and 6 assists. 17 goal contributions in 20 games speaks volumes for how good he’s been this season. Obviously it’s clear that Akinyemi is the number 1 striker in the league but I wouldn’t have anyone else other than him ahead of murray in my team in this league. Realistically, Murray should be aiming to get 20 before the season ends
  8. Magnificent result. Not many teams will get 3 points at starks across the season, never-mind deliver a thumping to them! It was fairly even in the opening exchanges and it was a terrific goal from Aidan Connelly but surprisingly since the opener, Raith began to look incredibly passive and fairly easy to break down which of course is reflected in the final result. A fantastic free kick from the wonderful Simon Murray who seems to have found that spark again from earlier on in the season. Mental what a goal to does to a player’s confidence. The guy was simply magnificent and was the best player on the park. A CAPTAIN’S performance. It was really satisfying to see us be so clinical in front of goal. Too often we’re wasteful in front of goal but today everything went our way, even if we got some luck with 1 or 2 deflections. We were dogged at the back and it was great to see the team play with such confidence. When we’re flying, I really do believe we can be the best team in the league but we’re just needing to get that consistency. Nonetheless, what an incredibly exciting team Coyle has recruited, such a fun to team to watch when in full flow Murray was obviously my man of the match but another shout out needs to be made for Thomson and Boateng. For me, the best central midfield pairing in the championship. Both 20 and 22 respectively yet they play like 28 year old seasoned pros. They’re faultless every week and they set the tone for our attacking play today. Delighted to see Thomson score also, it’s been coming for a few weeks now. Raith are evidently fairly tidy on the ball but they lacked a lot of fight in the midfield and seemed to go gung ho after the 3rd which really didn’t help them at all. We’re very good on the counter and they really played into our hands with the amount of space left at the back. Vaughan looked miles off it (which is understandable) and other than Connelly who was excellent (would absolutely have at QP again), they lacked any sort of creativity. Easton despite being a very unlikeable footballer was clearly a miss. Screams mid table from the 2 occasions watching Raith now but you never know with how unpredictable the championship is
  9. I’d be surprised if Kenny is still with us past January tbh. It’s just not worked out for either party and it’s becoming more apparent now since Coyle hasn’t even brought him on the last couple games. Really important we get another striker brought in. He doesn’t need to be a world beater but we need someone that can contribute a lot more than Kenny has so far. Still worries me in the back of my mind that Murray picks up an injury eventually. I’d imagine the club will already have their targets identified. We’ve signed Aaron Healy for a supposed £16,000 fee. Could be nonsense obviously that fee but it shows the club are looking ahead even if we’re only in November
  10. It’s the wild inconsistency that frustrates me with Eze. He’s pulled off some terrific performances only to look incredibly uncomfortable at the back the following week. As a centre back, I’d rather just have a consistent 6/10 each week, knowing more or less what type of performance you’re gonna get from them. Kilday has been exactly that this season and yes he’s had 1 or 2 stinkers himself but he’s considerably more consistent at this stage I think there’s fairly justified arguments on both sides when it’s came to people’s views on Eze’s performances so far. I genuinely don’t think he’s been a scapegoat on here. The only thing I’ve really disagreed with were the claims that his involvement for Arbroath’s equaliser a few weeks back was viewed as being the main cause of their goal Over the piece, Eze will end up being fine for us but at this stage, you can’t look past Kilday and Fox being the starting pair at the back
  11. Seems incredibly promising from what I’ve read from fans who watch that level. Only 19 aswell. Interesting that he’s not being loaned back for the rest of the their season like Williamson last season. Must say a lot about the guys ability. Hopefully he can make a positive contribution for us 2nd half of the season
  12. Couldn’t find a thread to post about him but seen today on Twitter that Arthurlie winger Aaron Healy will be signing for Queen’s Park in January Anyone able to give an insight of him as a player? A massive jump but we signed Scott Williamson from Cambuslang in the summer and has looked more than capable in the championship so far
  13. Watching the highlights really does show what a top player Dom Thomas is at this level. If he had more goals in him, he’d be in the premiership as his output for assists have been terrific so far. No surprises we look a x10 better side from last week once Thomas and Fox returned to the side
  14. It’s notable that the guys who were with us from last season have almost all kicked on in terms of performance and consistency levels. Robson, Thomson, Kilday, Murray, Davidson and Ferrie have all improved pretty dramatically and I think a lot of it comes from good coaching of course, but last season was so out of the ordinary that it must of been a fairly incredible learning experience. Having to play on that horrific firhill pitch, experiencing zero manager in the dugout for over 3 months whilst needing to manage the expectations placed on them on the pitch must of been difficult for large periods of the season Fair play to these guys, they’ve been terrific for us this term
  15. The same guy that scored one goal from open play in eleven odd games in league 1 last season ? He looked totally done when he played against us last season. His talent in unquestionable but his professionalism stinks
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