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  1. Given Mackenzie can’t seem to stay fit - this would seem to leave Scales and Hayes as the options out there - neither of which is ideal. Maybe need another loan to cover us til Xmas if Coulson is out for a considerable period of time.
  2. Shankland seems a protected species where the laws of the game are concerned.
  3. Poor refereeing not to give a red for that. It was reckless and stopping a promising move at the same time.
  4. Jack Ross has been very McInnesy in the type of players signed. Fletcher, McGrath, Sibbald, Middleton will be regarded as safe SPFL signings - better players at smaller clubs in our league (some who have struggled to cut it elsewhere) - or returning veterans from down south for a final pay day. Hearts signing Shankland just feels lazy. The guy's only good seasons were in the second tier with Ayr and Dundee United. He's not done it in the top flight either with us, United or the Belgian club. The club have gone down a different route - the next fives games will begin to give us a better picture if it was the right move to cast the net a bit wider.
  5. Welsh goal on Sunday was at the far post. Well-taken corner, but Welsh needed just to get there first (which he did ahead of Polvara) and direct it into the huge empty void without too much power. USG had an almost identical effort at the end last night, but Tavernier was on the far post to clear. However, the stats tell us that there was a 0.6% more chance we would have conceded a goal with someone on the post - and the reverse for Sevco last night with Tavernier positioned in a zonal/man-marking role elsewhere.
  6. Explained by a dandy ! Basically whoever was designated to run back and cover that area thought we were winning the initial header then.
  7. Sevco game next month will presumably now be a Sunday, unless they turn this round against the Royal Unionists. There was an identical header to Welsh’s to make it 3-0 at the end, but there was Tavernier on the far post with an easy clearance. Which does beg the question why we omitted to position someone there on Sunday.
  8. Could have been 3 at the end there, but Tavernier positioned on the post (where for some reason we didn’t have anyone in the 3rd minute on Sunday for an identical effort).
  9. Presumably Duk is meant to give that pace and strength that a tiring defence hate to see. Unfortunately on this occasion he just looked clumsy and was snuffed out easily, but will judge him on a bigger sample size than we've seen to date. He maybe thought that was a better option than a penalty box striker like Ramirez. I really hope we keep Watkins, as he's still got that x factor in what he can produce in terms of skill and close control.
  10. Think the full-backs were always going to be a concern. Maybe due to the number of overlaps, and questionable help from Kennedy, but Richardson was very passive defensively in the first half - making little attempt to pressurise his opponent or stop crosses come in. Thought he improved second half, and most certainly can be an attacking weapon. Would still like to see an alternative that can defend better brought in there though - as right now, that is probably (yet again) McCrorie. I was actually pleasantly surprised by Coulson - suffered with the jittery start that the whole team had, and was maybe offered a bit more protection on his side - but given it was the proverabial 'baptism of fire', there was enough there to offer encouragement. Celtic's subs were more effective than ours - nothing stuck to Duk.
  11. Not sure there was too much to conclude from that game that wasn't already known/expected. Celtic have been known to dish out 6 or 7 goal scuddings on these flag day occasions at the start/end of season, and I think when our team let a centre-half get his bonce on a corner for a basic goal after a couple of mins, then it was hard not to fear that could happen, with the consequence that a lot of the early season optimism is binned. Polvara is 6ft 4 and should be competing for that. He, along with the rest of the side, were all over the place early on, but most of them settled down following the somewhat fortunate lack of conceding another in the first half hour. The second half was actually a bigger disappointment, as with the stagefright out of the system on the back of an encouraging 15mins, the team went back into their shell - possibly with the plan to stay in the game for a late flurry. Another Polvara error and a great strike was the undoing, but the second goal was probably always coming. Ultimately none of our players covered themselves in glory, nor did any of them look hopeless lost causes either. Neither the diddy groups or Celtic away will define this stage of the Goodwin era, but the upcoming set of league games ahead of the next international break most certainly will.
  12. Just saw a photo of the Busby display - credit where it’s due Jambos.
  13. You do wonder if someone at their club or even their fans had a wee gander at our social media and “intervened”. If something seems too good to be true then it normally is - my view was a Berra replacement at Kirkcaldy was more his level.
  14. Struggled a bit in the first game at Peterhead. Goodwin stuck with him though and it's fair to say we like what we saw in the other three matches. Definitely the right thing to loan him out to play regular football at a good level under the tutelage of Dick C though.
  15. This was probably the lowest of the low at Pittodrie - Ifil was special that day.
  16. These Norwegian diddies won at at Parkheid, so nothing to fear here.
  17. Here is the match thread for Coulson's previous Pittodrie visit. Apparently Gleeson looked really impressive and the ideal replacement for The Rat we'd patiently waited a season for.
  18. Celtic generally get up for games against the likes of ourselves, Hearts or Hibs if any are actually showing a bit of form. The other times they seem to try that bit harder domestically are on the first or last games of the season when they have all that flag-waving stuff. Still if we go in with the attitude of a Cluj, Ferencvaros or Bodø Glimt and aren’t mentally beaten before kicking a ball, then who knows? Goodwin suggested at the Q&A tonight that we now have the attacking players to cause them problems and will be positive - we’ll see how that goes.
  19. The chance has come and gone. It was 2015/16 - Dons started with eight wins (including vs Celtic). Then something very strange happened (all kinds of rumours) and we fell off a cliff including 1-5 v St Johnstone at home. We recovered to go top again in March, despite Klopp recalling Danny Ward to sit on Liverpool's bench in January and Rooney getting injured for the season. However, a mixture of a last minute screamer from the monobrowed Aussie Rogic at Rugby Park - and Scott Brown (the keeper) flapping around gifting goals at Fir Park and Tynecastle meant it was gone by early May to Deila's bang average Celtic side. Our 2016/17 side was actually better, but by then Rodgers had been employed. Will circumstances conspire again to give anyone a chance to get close?..............over a 38-game season, when they can both spend millions in January if any sign of danger, very doubtful.
  20. Will maybe see if we can avoid becoming one of these opponents that the green cheeks absolutely annihilate on their 'flag day' before coming out with this patter.
  21. 17 goals is one season some going. Not sure of the quality of the National League, but some of the names there like Chesterfield, Wrexham and Torquay would likely get regular crowds that are comparable with our top flight outside the top five.
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