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  1. Surely we are due a result against this lot? Last season from memory. Should have won the first Tannadice game comfortably, but United keeper had a blinder and they had a good breakaway chance to win it near the end. New Year game at Pittodrie - again, played well first half, but United much better in second - another goalless draw though. Third game was Tannadice under Sheerin - fairly drab game and lost in the second half after a mistake from young Jack McKenzie, who had otherwise showed up very well. Then there was the cup aberration at Pittodrie - a performance so bad that all sorts of doubts about Glass were thrown up - the only surprise here was that we only lost 3-0. Glass reckoned the players were not physically and mentally fit enough to handle three intense games (Livi aet pens, Celtic and this one) in the space of 8 days and vowed to sort it out. An easy stress free/injury free 90 in Sweden on Thursday may help then.
  2. I didn’t mind Andrew Shinie - not the greatest broadcaster perhaps, but had a good run at it. I still remember having to text and correct him though on Northsound Sport when he mentioned in the mid 90s that Hearts had drawn “one of those teams nobody’s ever heard of, Crvena Zvedza”. The fact they’d been European champions a few years earlier clearly escaped him. Dave McDermid though - different kettle of fish - always found him dislikeable. Very aloof, and with ideas way above his station due to being on the inside down AB24 way all these years - if his commentating had been particularly good I could have seen past that, but it wasn’t. His party line was like the Iraqi Information Minister at times, and it made local sports broadcasting pointless listening as nothing the club did would ever be questioned - and even the Black&Gold/DNA Q&Aa with McInnes ultimately had to go through his filter, after a couple of decent early ones. Glad he has gone……
  3. Good news. All being well, should be a full house as second leg past the 9th Aug. …..and with the away goals rule being scrapped, more ties will go to ET and pens - so generally better to be at home second.
  4. Yes, we are seeded to go out in the next round. We surely have a good chance to sort that this time - even though I still think FK Austria will comfortably win in Iceland. Last night was superb - my main fear all along is the “style” isn’t backed up by substance. Both of them were evident in abundance. Proper Euro under the lights atmosphere in the ground too, despite the restricted numbers and hassle those in the South in particular had getting in. Getting such rewards for good play doesn’t always happen of course, but play like that and we’ll be alright this season.
  5. Agree - he went all the way to Pittodrie for a press conference related to Aberdeen v Häcken to ask a question about Celtic. He should have ejected heed first and that bit cut out of Red TV.
  6. Enjoyed the interview with the Häcken manager on Red TV - seems a good bloke. Also enjoyed Brown mentioning the 'stars above the jersey'.
  7. Not sure if this is confusing our opponents or himself.
  8. I listened to Northern Goal and Here We Go podcasts and they had what I think was the same Swedish fitba journalist on both. On HWG, he sounded so so about Häcken’s chances. Listening to Northern Goal and it feels there’s no point in us turning up tomorrow - this lot are full of top players, bang on form, and think they’re going to the group stages.
  9. They are tougher than Breidablik. They shouldn’t be as good as Austria Vienna - but then there’s the whole issue of the timing of the fixture. Häcken probably aren’t as good as Viking Stavanger, but the team had half a dozen matches behind them before beating them on their own patch in a one-off tie.
  10. Impressive umlaut etiquette from LiveScore for both sides - ie use it or insert e after the letter.
  11. I never realised that either - evidently sent off for Motherwell in their 3-0 defeat in Beer-Sheva last season, same night Dons were in Lisbon. Typical.
  12. I am in that camp - albeit having 3 or 4 natural leaders is better. The team were a rudderless bunch at times over the last couple of seasons, and this would seem to be a no-brainer.
  13. Can we play St Johnstone twice now? It’s the only all our thirty-somethings will have a chance of having some air in their lungs for the European game next week.
  14. True - that game does give me nightmares. Last season the team had a similar lack of pre-season matches compared to normal, and were yards off the pace against Sevco, who had gone and played the likes of Lyon and Nice. By the time Europe came round, they were fine - but alas we're back to the scenario of this being the first competitive match.
  15. This was something that was very much within the control of those at the club to do something about - even allowing for the Cove call-off. We are always told there's no substitute for match fitness/sharpness etc...............and it seems the club feel a couple of bounce games at our training facility is sufficient. Despite a couple of hairy moments vs Shkendija, RoPS and Fola, the last regime avoided the ignominy of many Scots clubs in being papped out of Europe right away against unseeded opponents. They will do well to avoid that fate this time.
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