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  1. Is there some kind of amendment in the AFC constitution that we must play St Johnstone In a pre-season match every year no matter where we run to or hide?
  2. The ‘certain starter’ argument is probably moot. It seems a long time since we didn’t have at least half a dozen players injured at any one time.
  3. ABZ podcast actually made a good point that outwith his penalty-kick enhanced scoring record, there is nothing in Ferguson’s “data” to suggest a valuation that is going to be any higher than that. Ramsay apparently was off the scale. Strange really - but these things apparently do matter in modern day scouting/valuation setting.
  4. Anyone able to change the thread title to 2022/23? Time to put that $hiteshow behind us.
  5. This lad was sitting in Heathrow yesterday waiting for the same flight as me. He had around ten mates with him, all with Scottish accents. They all sat up in the front of the plane to Vegas - beyond the pleb curtain. Nice lad - treating his mates like that now he’s on 100k-a-week or whatever.
  6. As a Dons fan who supports the national team, chastening 3-0 defeats when you’re favourites to win a match is nothing new. For me it all started in the LC final replay at Dens Park in 1979/80. We’d beaten the Old Firm, our nemesis Morton and were all over United in the Hampden match on the Saturday. United had not played a top flight side til us in the final, but still horsed us 3-0 that night. There have been others - often against United or Motherwell in particular at club level. At national team level - well having attended France 98, I give you the Morocco game. When I heard all the stats and chat beforehand about how bad Ireland were, then there was a certain inevitability about this. Both the Dons and Scotland are traditionally great opponents for teams a bit down on their luck that badly need a pick me up. The team seemed to swan around with an arrogance of those that in the majority of positions had players coming from a higher level/ quality of club. Ireland simply turned it into a ‘British’ style game - for want of a better phrase - and roundly pumped us.
  7. Was there in 2019 - flew into the airport on the Asian side from Amsterdam and out to Athens from the big new airport. It was cabs both times so alas not too clued up on the metro. Both times it was about £30/£40 equivalent. Great city though and would love to go back - stayed the first night in the Golden Triangle area, then three nights in Ciragan Palace on the Bosphorus (just up from the Besiktas stadium) - so much to see even from the balcony of our hotel room including the huge mosque, bridge and all the boats whether they were supertankers, grand yachts, cruise ships or party boats. Enjoy Türkiye, which is apparently the name of the country in English as well now.
  8. That would have been a monumentally lazy signing. Player has a purple patch for one of the smaller top flight clubs* - Hearts/Hibs/Aberdeen inevitably "linked" with them. If they do move to one of the city clubs - 80% of the time they flop and are off to Colchester or the likes within a season. * in terms of wage budget/ size of crowds etc, not league position ** I'd still take the boy Hungbo though
  9. If the player improves the squad, whilst it's an inconvenience he cannot play against the team that finished first - presumably he could still do a turn against the 8 other sides that finished above us? Right now the frustration of being depleted for another cup final against Celtic seems a bit away.
  10. Wales just have this level of spawniness about them these days.
  11. Ukraine look much better - but doubtless will squander lots of opportunities, then lose a scrappy goal to some Bristol Rovers haddie that comes off the bench. ……or failing that the customary 45 yard Bale ping.
  12. He cleverly projected forward as he knew it wasn’t being aired til Tuesday. Else, ok, panic we’re doomed……
  13. Agree what you say, but agree an overall positive. Chris Sutton mentioned him on 5 Live's Monday Night club this week as someone who once wrote an article about him (as a Chelsea player) that he's never really got over. Kelly Cates (nee Dalglish) conveniently used the link to Hunter to talk about the last club to defeat Real Madrid in a knockout European final on UK-wide national radio ahead of them dissecting the CL final. For that sort of stuff, I'm glad he's one of us......
  14. He’s done well for the national team more often than not, and should probably replace Tierney in the upcoming games. Possibly tarred a bit due to being part of a lamentable team performance in Kazakhstan, when Shinnie had a mare at LB, our midfield was non-existent and his defensive partner was some guy called David Bates.
  15. Real Madrid v Eintracht Frankfurt - nice historical fixture for the Super Cup
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