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  1. There was a story today that Livingston do not meet the UEFA registration criteria. Therefore there's a chance that St Johnstone are already in Europe, provided someone outside the top six doesn't win the Scottish Cup.
  2. I couldn’t have seen McGinn and Kennedy far enough in the first half - but they played well second half and we struggled in the last 10-15 when they went off. Great game from Hoban.
  3. Poor miss from Hornby - but he’s helped make the difference here in the second half....... Kamberi up there on his own is a waste of time.
  4. Given how I had got to be point of writing off both Kennedy and Hayes, that was a good goal. Bit more spark about us second half so far.
  5. St Johnstone much better for first 20. Since then, both teams have been poor. Pitch a bit firey, two touches required to control the ball, where one would probably do on the same park in September. AFC are a very poor side now - relying on a collection of busted flushes from an attacking perspective.
  6. Yes that pass straight out of the park when he had yards of space was impressive stuff from Kerr.
  7. This has been shambolic so far - looks a matter of time before Saints score
  8. I don't pretend to know the inner details, but it always confuses how fans of a club Hearts could do enough to save their club once it was in administration, but rangers couldn't..............considering they apparently have global appeal. Given HMRC funds both the royal family and the armed forces, two institutions apparently dear to their support, then it is even more bizarre that they would be content to let that happen. Other clubs in the UK and Europe have done similar I suppose. In Italy in particular, bankruptcy, liquidation and 'starting again' are commonplace, but I would find it strange supporting an Aberdeen phoenix club.
  9. I got that call. They didn't really need to at all as I will unconditionally buy a season ticket and DNA premium - and still await a new share issue (as I'm jealous of some of my older mates who had money in 90s to buy previously). However, it is really good they do that - and shows that the right kind of fan engagement culture is permeating through the club.
  10. Apparently Glass/Russell's first day will be Tue 13th Apr..............meaning the cup tie the following Sunday is their first match in charge.
  11. I know part of our downfall was perceived at taking too many of the same players back - but if Allan Russell has Marley's phone number (alongside Christina Aguilera's and probably hunners a'burdz) then we need to try and snaffle him up before McInnes ends up at Tynecastle and endeavours to do the same.
  12. We'll need to drop our continental style snobbery against modern day domestic cup competitions and actually try for the first time in 30+ years. Will be a nice way for the manager to introduce himself.
  13. Montrose is my "wee team", stemming from the days when a couple of their players worked for my old man in the mid 80s. Always supported them since and pop down there a couple of times a season. My first ever visit to Links Park was for a 4-1 win vs Kilmarnock circa 85/86 in the old Division One. I remember Martin Allan scoring a screamer - him and John Sheran were the two that worked for the old boy as photocopier salesmen at the time. After that decent spell, they went through years of being perenially down near the bottom and the obvious poor relations of the four Angus clubs. Ever since they ended bottom and won the Brora play-off it has been an upward trajectory to the top end of League One. Petrie is an excellent manager. A month back this may have been banana skin territory, but Kilmarnock look to be getting their act together under Wright - although Montrose will be used to artifical turf.
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