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  1. Fair comment - confident and aggressive is everything................based on Ibrox, Celtic home and both Rijeka games, these attributes have sorely been lacking in the bigger matches and can often stem from the mindset being safety first.
  2. My main concern in that tabloid article is all the Jacko this Jacko that stuff for ratboy. Was he our best midfielder at the time? Debatable..........we had McLean, Shinnie and Christie that season too. Best I ever saw the rat was around 2014 time (e.g. Groningen away) - he was linked with Napoli, Roma and Everton at that time - but the weegia somehow seem to feel that he's only learned to kick a ball recently.
  3. If you lose 2 or 3 nothing without having laid a glove on them it feels like a wasted night. It feels he's now treating Sevco more like he does Celtic matches - where a nut-numbing and meek defeat seems inevitable. I'd actually settle for performances like the 2-4 league or 1-1 cup games from last season.................hopefully with a couple of key calls going our way this time e.g. if McGregor decides to wipe someone out in the penalty area
  4. $hitfest watch - from last night's EE McInnes believes his side have what it takes to get the points tomorrow. But he says Aberdeen will need to box clever and pick the right moments to get on top of the Gers. The manager reckons the Reds will be picked off if they go in with a policy of all-out attack from first whistle to last. He added: “Supporters want to see their team be aggressive and set out to win the game and I get that. “But we’ve also got to be mindful, and the supporters will be as well, of the level of the opponent. “We want to have aggression, but we have to have some thought to what we’re doing. “It can’t just be gung-ho and before we know it we’ve had a belt in the mouth and we’re scratching our heads about what’s happened. “We need to be smart with our work – but more important than that we need to be confident and aggressive with our work.
  5. We were against 9 men for 15% of the match - doesn't tend to look good in a headline though.
  6. In theory, the Sevconians should find this fixture as welcome as a turd in a sugarbowl, given their upcoming cup final and Europa decider. However, this is not the AFC of getting in faces and producing 90 very uncomfortable minutes, taking 3 or 4 bodies along the way - whilst working the north-east home crowd into a hostile frenzy of sheer hatred, previously reserved for the former club that played at Ibrox. This is a meek submissive version, who have so far managed a 0-13 aggregate this season in our four matches that required 'stepping up' a level. Do we anticipate anything different tomorrow evening? Sadly not. The away team will want it put to bed asap, and will likely be at least a couple to the good by half-time.
  7. Shops that turn their heating up way too high when it's cold outside. The fact it's so cold means most customers are generally wearing jumpers and jackets - and really don't need the sauna effect produced whilst browsing around the tat on offer.
  8. Closer to home in Europe, and maybe excluding a potential fitba trip - is there any conceivable reason to go to Belarus?
  9. There were two semi-final meetings that season - only Saints fans could prefer the one played in the sparsely populated stadium on a Sunday lunchtime.
  10. Going into “game management” mode and throwing away initiative is a hallmark of the McInnes era. Sometimes it works, but it cost us today. Devlin actually looked the best I’ve seen him in a long time, but then sold himself for the equaliser by St Johnstone’s best player. Still if Clancy (or McGinn) do their job at the pen incident, it’s likely a straightforward win. Didn’t think we did that much wrong against the 9 men, other than the fact we already had the fast but not very good Gallagher on for the more cultured Hedges, when a wee bit more composure might just have done it.
  11. I caught a few minutes of Dulwich Hamlet v Carlisle in the English Cup on the BBC a couple of weeks back and he was playing for the home team. He gave us a good take on the conga song, which got a few airings on our Europa trips. Ifil and Grassi take some beating for the worst - but we also endured short unmemorable spells having to endure dross like Maurice Ross, Jim Paterson and Stevie Smith.
  12. Who are this old firm? If you’re including the phoenix club, they have finished above us once in their history - and were papped out of both cups by us last season. Needs work - 4/10 troll at best
  13. I worked there for 2 weeks in May/June 1998. It was meant to be three weeks, but their late egotistical president decided to visit the company I was contracted to work for and the trip was put back a week. I had a ticket for Brazil v Scotland in the Stade de France, so I had my two colleagues from Moscow and Karachi working 16 hours days to make sure I was back home in time. The lad from Karachi used up his whole dollar allowance on an (admittedly stunning looking) gas cooker in Ashgabat on our first night, before we transported to the site 6hrs away the next day. There were a few expats out there in the small town who had 'second wives' during their rotation. Gold teeth were seen as elegant there - and the latrines at the warehouse way out at the drill site (staffed bizarrely by Argentines) was one of the worst experiences of my life - took around 5 hours to lose the dry boak. Only time in Central Asia until our trip to Kairat Almaty four years back - fascinating part of the world, and despite the most populous of the countries, you seem to hear little of Uzbekistan.
  14. Griffiths if fit and playing regularly is the obvious one. Sheffield United presumably play a robust style with a big target man - maybe a fully fit Griffiths wouldn’t have suited that - and was outside their price range prior to them securing an EPL place. Other than that - there are no standout forwards - but god help us if McBurnie is meant to be the answer based on evidence in internationals he’s played so far. Another three years and Super Sam has a residency permit !
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