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  1. Who replaces Cove?

    My OCD cannot cope with the idea of a 17 team league - that's just not a number associated with any league anywhere..... The sooner Atletico Aviemore get their application in, the better for all.
  2. Taylor would more likely be back up for Devlin as he’s right-sided - or a direct challenge to the version of Devlin we got late on in the season
  3. There's still an element of "if he's the answer, I'm not sure what the question is" when it comes to big Sam - so a seven figure offer should be accepted, laminated, framed and put up on display in the boardroom.
  4. Who replaces Cove?

    The biggest places in Highland, Moray or Aberdeenshire without an SPFL or Highland League side. Thurso Westhill Ellon Stonehaven ......or how about an island team such as an Orkney or Stornoway club?
  5. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    We have played four matches against Latvian opposition under McInnes. 4 wins, 12 goals none conceded One of those clubs was actually seeded to knock us out, so I will settle for a Latvian opponent should we end up qualifying.
  6. Your top 3 Comedians?

    Still a chance e.g. if you can get along to Dunfermline's Alhambra on Sunday evening
  7. Your top 3 Comedians?

    Saw Jerry Sadowitz at the Tivoli in Aberdeen last night. Probably only at 60% capacity, but then there were a few other things on yesterday in the city. Point is - the guy is ballbreakingly funny and absolutely no subject is out of bounds. Notice he's on in Dundee, Inverness and Dunfermline over next few nights - well worth checking out, and can't believe he's still only 57 !
  8. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    The Scottish deprivation map would suggest Leith remains a bit $hite.
  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Weapons.......tut tut
  10. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Four wins in Glasgow vs the bigot brothers in past two seasons since Hibs were back in top flight - how does that compare to Hibs?
  11. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    We prefer a dry humour. You central belters stick with your Kevin Bridges and Des Clarke types.
  12. Do they count those games in S.America when they capped ah kunt?
  13. Next Scotland Manager

    He reminds me of my underage drinking era.
  14. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    .....or we could repeat our January performance when we won an open match with better football than the home side. Then he'll see the light and be a lifelong dandy....
  15. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Wilson looks like he’s solved with wide area problem. Two bonnie balls against the yams leading to both goals - if he’s out wide he’s less tempted to take the futile attempt to score worldies any time he gets the ball.