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  1. Why does Liam McLeod insist on apologising for bad language from the players?
  2. I think McLennan is another one that looks more suited to this formation, and has made a good impression in recent weeks after being in danger of being a tad forgotten and peripheral. He's been overshadowed by Ferguson, McCrorie and now Wright in the great young prospect stakes - but I've been impressed with Connor since he came into the side, and he has to be a candidate to start on Sunday, provided McInnes trusts him to get his $hit together defensively.
  3. It will be interesting to see what McInnes finds preferable. The sh1tfest of a first half, where we rarely looked troubled defensively, but looked shackled from an attacking perspective. The open game that the second half became - where we had genuine attacking threat from several sources, but also struggled badly defensively against the movement of Celtic. It could be a hell of a game if he just goes for it - but I suspect McInnes will still think playing it cagey is our best hope.
  4. He likes Europe - in the days when Everton and Napoli were sniffing around, it was due to standout performances against Groningen and Sociedad. Sad for him that he never pushed on from that and ended up making a sideways step.
  5. We played quite well in the second home match last season. It was looking like a 1-1 was the worst we’d get - then one lapse and we let Ajer meander forward unopposed to score - with Consi still up the other end of the park. This was not a great performance - but it was refreshing not be completely awful and treated like a tuppeny hoor - which can be standard McInnes mentality in these matches. I’d be more confident with Hayes in the team - but will go for a 2-2 draw.
  6. Sevco are going through one of these spells where if they fell into a bucket of thumbs, they’d come out sucking Kelly Brook’s t1ts. Won’t last.
  7. I actually heard this is on Sportsound whilst in my car on Sunday. Ross sounds like he's trying to come across a bit edgy, and get more media gigs - but to be fair, when he mentioned teams possibly using Covid as an excuse for getting games called off due to other injuries etc......he did say, "I'm not saying St Mirren did this" or words to those effect - he was just offering a hypothetical scenario. Tony Fitzpatrick's jumped on that, but he's not the brightest is he?
  8. I quite liked him for the wee spell last season when he got a run of games. Mainly because he was a midfielder that would put his foot on the ball and pick out a pass, in a team that seemed to prefer hoofing it forward more often that not. Problem for him now is the McCrorie offers so much more that that - McGeouch offers similar, but is better - and Campbell is also as good, if not a better option. This means on the rare occasions he does get a game, he is off the pace, or trying too hard to impress - and you have that vicious circle of certain fans that always want some kind of scapegoat then having a convenient target. I think he is better off elsewhere, as he'll do a decent enough job for someone.
  9. Teams that race into a big lead often have a bit of a drop off................also our opponents last night are unusual, in that instead of damage limitation at that point, they just keep going - as their three last fixtures have showed. Last night was fine................the biggest concern from it will be if Hayes misses the semi-final (have already written him off for Sunday). The balance of the team in this formation both left vs right and attacking vs defensive is hugely dependent on Hayes at this time.............he leaves a bigger hole to fill than any other outfield player right now. Hearing he wasn't cup-tied was a huge boost, so may the groin injury be trivial.
  10. I actually thought once it went 4-2, the team seemed to waken up again and saw out the match fairly easily from that point, when we were fearing 20 mins of sheer panic. Maybe Accies ran out of steam a bit too. Ojo seems to be the chief scapegoat for the drop-off on social media - but all of Accies chances, other than the penalty, happened before he came on the park.
  11. Ojo - I think he's one of these guys that would settle down fine given a run of games, but there's no way he's getting that given our other midfield options, and I'm surprised he wasn't cut loose in the window. I do think the malaise in the side started before he came on, but McGeouch had been playing well and was a strange one to take off. He was actually okay when the team woke up again once it went 4-2. McLennan - agree he showed some great stuff on Saturday first half and today at times - but as a wing back, just don't think he's as reliable defensively, and we could be exposed in the Celtic games if he is the one likely to replace Hayes.
  12. Sadly it sounds like he will miss both Celtic games - was hoping it was concussion and it would just be Sunday, but it's a groin injury. After the boost of finding out he wouldn't be cup-tied as well.
  13. I had a 5-0 correct and am annoyed at that goal we lost. Hamilton don’t go away quietly - judging by this and recent results.
  14. One of the better reasons to come on here. Having a greet is part of being a fitba fan, but at least it's done with purpose and balance here. Some of the stuff on the more mainstream social media sites just makes you shake your head in disbelief.............
  15. We'll find out soon enough, but I'd maybe drop Ferguson for this one - he has apparently been carrying a knock and not sure we need two 'holders'. Watkins to play further back - and Edmondson to start. Cosgrove will be a 25 minute cameo at best - he must be way off fitness.
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