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  1. Cormack and McInnes on Sportsound today between 2 and 3
  2. Slogan boy now doing his bit for herd immunity.
  3. Kilmarnock fans seem to be particularly angry with us in recent times.
  4. Like many I’ve been absolutely f**ked over in the past few weeks with most of my dosh in an S&S ISA as well as holding years worth of shares in my previous oil industry employer. Still, history tells you that corrections occur and things bounce back - so keen to chuck some spare cash at the stock market now. Any hints for companies with decent bouncebackability welcome?
  5. https://www.france24.com/en/20200328-belarus-ploughs-lone-furrow-over-coronavirus-as-football-league-plays-on-1
  6. p***kish comment maybe, but hardly sanctimonious.
  7. Quite enjoyed it so far - taken all my office stuff home to my dining room and liking not having to commute for 45mins twice a day. Been busier than ever work wise, but like having the flexibility to finish it when I want - and team communications have been better than when we’re next to each other due to all the WhatApps and Teams stuff. Live in the country so ensuring I go for a decent walk each day through the forests near here and seldom see a soul - and hoping will be able to cycle instead now that lighter nights and hopefully double figure temperatures are upon us, which should also allow a beer or two outdoors in the garden. The novelty may wear off, but so far so good. Biggest risk is my wife getting annoyed at minutiae due to my increased presence in the house.
  8. Basing that on GDP presumably? 6th biggest economy a more accurate statement.
  9. There are loads of walks all over Aberdeenshire - plenty scenic ones without mobbing all the usual day out spots like Bennachie, Scolty, Clachnaben and Loch Muick - which has happened this weekend. I am hoping to use this spell to get more cycling in - without the ability to stop at my usual half way target of a coffee in the likes of Ballater. There are plenty routes where you will hardly see another person. However, I am expecting even pursuits such as this to be banned over the coming days.
  10. My neighbours are nice people around 70, and both self-isolating with all the symptoms of COVID19, thankfully mild at this stage. Communicating by email - he thinks he picked it up at a first aid course he went to in Perth the week before last. Haven’t been tested though, so not on the stats, and of the other three neighbours he did see, another one around 55 also showing symptoms.
  11. Pangolins getting the blame for eating the bats - they are a delicacy in the wildlife markets, bats are not
  12. 250,000 is half my calculation from yesterday when Dr Chris Smith came on 5 Live and said 80% of the UK would get this, and I went with a 1% mortality rate.
  13. That was brutally high at this stage - was it all the same couple of families - or another care home outbreak?
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