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  1. A year or so after being skelped 5-1 by a Glass team at Pittodrie, BK Häcken win their first ever Swedish title.
  2. His latest ping may accelerate the Juve noise - what a strike. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/scots-abroad/watch-lewis-fergusons-bologna-wondergoal-25503908?fbclid=IwAR2RjBS7gCI0SSVFq-xZTof_HlXWdENo27uTaNd0AiO7VmrZMah1_WjYsbg
  3. Very McInnessy win there. Loved it - these 4s and 5s were interfering with my equilibrium. United won’t go down - there’s obviously something missing there, but they looked a decent enough side tonight - possibly even more accomplished than they looked during the Tannadice rumping. I think we needed a game like that, and all the plaudits go to the back three and keeper, who have correctly received criticism in certain games of late.
  4. There’s something about Dundee United - I’m not sure I trust us not to have our pants pulled down by them yet again this evening. As good a home record as we have, just about every match has had a spell where the game could have gone the other way, and still not sure if we will handle adversity better at home than these arse collapses in away games. Need better from the likes of McCrorie, who has been really off it. Yinitit on the face of it seem too good to be where they are in the league, but there must a reason they are bottom and hopefully we can exploit it better than that sorry effort at Tannadice.
  5. Hopefully if Calvin gets on against Türkiye, that trips another 1.5m or so add-on to allow us to purchase a couple of defenders in January.
  6. In the days where there weren't 14 of these every weekend.
  7. The last time the team were at Livingston, can't recall if it was a Glass or Goodwin team - we were extremely timid, went 2-0 down - and then absolutely bossed the latter part of the game. Final score 2-1. Nil pwa. Good to know lessons have been learned.
  8. Been all over them this half - mixture of poor finishing and the usual selection of overhit or first man final balls. Miovski has been anonymous though.
  9. Something about unnatural silhouettes. Seems a good way to decide loads of games of football - just what the game needs.
  10. Macedonians not known for liking a November Tuesday night in West Lothian. Maybe try Watkins along with Duk?
  11. I was concerned that he mentioned he was playing the best football of his career with us. Jekyll and Hyde player. Silhouetteball pen coming maybe?
  12. Willie on the radio saying that Barron just needs to take the ball in the face like he did for 20 plus years.
  13. You are 100% correct. The point is that IFAB need to get that in the bin - get together again (without the malts and cognac this time) and rethink that whole rule. VAR exacerbates it - but it’s the rule rather than VAR that is a problem with handball these days. It’s wrecking fitba My solution - indirect free kick unless it’s clearly intentional.
  14. I disagree - find him a strangely likeable character - the game needs its pantomime villains. This viewpoint will clearly change if he signs for one of the bigot brothers.
  15. Since when is 1,400 “almost three thousand” ?
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