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  1. Bang on. Always think of the best player we had in our year at school. Played striker and was just different class. He couldn’t get in the reserves for Stenny. We take the piss with “diddies” but it’s all relative.
  2. Disagree. We'll be 3 points ahead of Queens Park by then after securing 3 straight wins for the first time in ages, the mood will be bouyant as the 3 year Rennie contract gets slapped on the table, photo opps all round, everyone bussed up to the Wellington with Kenny Miller on the karaoke singing Amarillo. Coyb
  3. hahahahahahahha. Absolutely finished him.
  4. If you are an FSS member, go to one of the 3 upcoming live events, and ask the question? If there answer is yes, let them know that that decision alone shows they are not fit for purpose and you will not be voting for them again. I don’t think a tenner a month should get you any more say than that tbh.
  5. Any unbiased, objective analysis of Rennie’s time would tell you he has massively underperformed.
  6. My fear with the “long term plan” is for when it all goes tits up. Every manager we’ve appointed for the last 10 years has come with the promise of a long term plan. So, e.g, we appoint Rennie. Because I don’t think he’s any good tbh, we find ourselves 5th or 6th in October next season. Do the new board think they can handle the pressure of the fans demanding change? Not sure they realise how poisonous it could (rightly or wrongly) get. If they and Rennie plan to ride that out then good luck to them. My bet is Rennie is gone by December next season if we do appoint him. Only thing I could see going for them, would be because of how useless we’ve been for 3 years, being 3rd/4th in the table would be just about acceptable to this fanbase. Our expectations have been lowered from binning M and M when we were top, and binning McKinnon when we were 3 points off top (M and M decision was definitely correct FWIW), to coming 3rd or 4th being just about acceptable.
  7. Easiest one to get rid of IMO will be Hetherington. Alloa will be happy to take him back and he'll know himself he's not popular here.
  8. We'll have to beat Peterhead, Alloa and East Fife and obviously QP on final day. Sneaking a point v Cove or Montrose would give us 13 points. Might be enough for 4th. An utterly simple task for any below average Falkirk team. Too bad we are ganting.
  9. You’re not allowed to say that remember without bringing out the freaks
  10. Fair enough for Raith, really thought almost all of their starting 11 / immediate bench were full time. 7 of the last 10 winners full time then. Still a clear majority. The point I'm making still valid - no full proof way of winning this division, be it full time or part time.
  11. Raith hybrid is a stretch isn't it? Fairly certain almost all of their players who won the league were full time. Partick Raith Arbroath Ayr Livingston Dunfermline Morton Rangers QOS Cowdenbeath I make that 8 out of 10.......clear majority?
  12. And, as said previously, a clear majority of recent winners of this league have been full time. Just because we have royally fucked it for a decade plus, and are possibly one of the worst full time teams in the world, doesn't mean it is being full time that is to blame.
  13. Weather forecast has convinced me to go tomorrow. Just when you think you're done with it, something pulls you back in
  14. Clearly hits his shoulder for me, how’s that not been overturned
  15. We managed to go to the Rock under Sheerin when we were awful and look like a very competent outfit. Possibly the best performance of the season that day for me. Anything less than that by Rennie and the regression has well and truly set in
  16. Just watched those highlights...wtf was that penalty save attempt? Just sort of lets it roll past him
  17. Dowds, Kabia, Williamson was the best RB in the league last year for the team that won it, MCcann was your player of the year before he left, Paul Watson is fine and would probably get a game for anyone but Cove and yourselves, Nesbitt was ridiculous for 2 months before either losing confidence or coached into being sh1te, Griffiths speaks for himself. We are not getting the best out of them.
  18. Probably clutching at straws, but I’m now starting to think appointing an actual football manager would at least make us look like a football team again. Names that used to be make me shudder (McIntyre, Johnstone etc) now don’t. Its the lack of competitiveness against any team higher in the league that does it for me
  19. Just howling at the idea that 6 new players plus Dowds couldn’t possibly have made us a competitive team in this division. If the new board swallow that up from Rennie we’re in for an absolute shiter of a 2022/23 season
  20. Keena scoring a hat trick tonight, the third of which is a goal he didn’t even look close to scoring with us for 2 years. Cursed.
  21. Thought there was a better chance of him being a good appointment than Rennie tbh. Had won a league with Arbroath and came with the promise of attacking football - you’ll win games 6-2, 5-2 etc.
  22. Just looking at your crowds through this period - triple digits, sometimes into the 1000-1500 mark. Imo that’s why it’s difficult, so far, to compare us to Airdrie. We’re getting 4k, or there or thereabouts, until very very recently. “Crowdwank” calls. Nah. This is by far the main source of income for teams in our league (barring the wealthy newbies ala Kelty). So our crowds are roughly 3/4 times larger. I think it’s fair to say a playing budget is roughly 3 times as large as yours ever was, even after you initially came down. It’s basically incomparable. Mismanagement of a monumental scale. However, next season is probably where you can start to compare. ST’s will be way down and walk ups will be few and far between.
  23. Such a false equivalence imo. For the love not the glory, otherwise we’d all be ugly sister fans. Now that we possibly have the right idea board wise, being up shit creek leaves me more likely to invest as this is when we need it most.
  24. A potential list of managers for next season. Wright probably unattainable. Jim Mcintyre John Mcglynn Tommy Wright Allan Johnstone Peter Houston (would be ever come back? Probably not) Darren Young Danny Lennon (might not touch us?) Jim Duffy Ian Murray (why he’d ever come to us f**k knows but added anyway) Vote now!
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