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  1. Mark Reynolds joins Cove, another one we’ve missed out on
  2. Liam Craig, Paul Watson and any sort of GK upgrade would go a fair way to plugging out main issues. I expect to get none of them
  3. That’s not how the January transfer window works. Come on now. If better is available get him
  4. Killie fans are certainly not particularly impressed with Alston, slow as ever and not physical enough. Similar problems as his year with us.
  5. Leadership and game management have been 2 (more) things we've been utterly bereft of for about 3 years. It might not be Craig but whoever the new CM/CB is needs to have those abilities in spades
  6. Don’t think Rennie’s the type of man or manager to actually be upset at ref decisions. Think it was a calculated decision to talk about refs. What impact that has or whether it’s a good decision or not, who knows
  7. I agree and this is why people saying Rennie and Miller aren’t a gamble are in cloud cuckoo land. Recruitment is EVERYTHING at this level. However, nothing proven yet. I am actually glad we are taking our time. The best players often only become available very late in the window and in previous Januaries we have had 4 in the door by 2nd of January and it has done absolutely no good.
  8. What I would give for Easton btw. Just a basically perfect player at this level and probs championship too. Like having 2 players for the value of 1
  9. “Expect the unexpected” has never been less applicable than now. Year after year of failure whenever the opposition is remotely up for it. Big game next week in our battle to avoid relegation playoff spot - because that’s what it is - 3 points needed.
  10. Dowds wearing an Arbroath jacket for an interview he’s done yesterday. Silly, silly boy.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10400971/Sajid-Javid-scrap-Covid-passes-fortnight.html The theatre is almost over in England.
  12. Only been an SSC member since July - presume there's no chance I'll be able to buy an extra single ticket for a non SSC member when these go on sale 14 Feb?
  13. Letting this pass into feet sums up that miserable performance. Just completely inadequate FullSizeRender.mov
  14. He was played in a couple of positions for us last season, up top and on the wing. Has some pace, but his touch isn't the best. Scored a few for us, which is more than can be said for some of the other "strikers" we've brought in the last 3 years or so. His gtoal v Montrose opening day last seaosn gave me hope he'd be a find but never really kicked on.
  15. 2 of his 4 goals have been excellent.
  16. Will be in the minority here but I think Francis will do quite handily for you second half of the season.
  17. Shame to see Fergus go as I liked his interviews but if he took off after a week because a useless waste of a wage who all the players disliked was binned then he wasn’t long for staying anyway. Next.
  18. Especially when championship and below rely pretty much solely on gate income, due to lack of TV money. Just so so out of touch with business sense, as usual
  19. The fucking cheek of demanding boosters for big events after she basically single handedly undermined the vaccine drive 3 weeks ago. Brass. Neck.
  20. Surely nuance has to come in here. Aren't large indoor venues, with air conditioning sweeping through it, a fairly decent replica of an outdoor environment? (Genuine Q - have no idea)
  21. Can't believe my head might be staying on today. Was fully prepared for a 2 to 3 week miserable extension.
  22. Losing just a single lifelong fan who is opposed to an unapologetic rapist signing, to someone who becomes a fan because an unapologetic rapist is scoring some goals, would be an absolute travesty.
  23. No qualms at all with how FSS have handled this. Very unique situation in regards to Goodwillie, and they seem to recognise these polls etc. would really only be for exceptional circumstances - which this is.
  24. Unless we have 2 starting defenders in for this it'll be back to reality with a bump. Goals we scored against Dumbarton were goals you'd see v a juniors team, and we still gifted them 2 and could've been more.
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