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  1. Paid in full up front. No arguments from me.
  2. Took, I'd guess, 0.4 seconds. Must be the wifi down in the Clacks.
  3. Mcginn is everything I hoped Hetherington would be. Was everywhere today and very unlucky not to score with that strike. A nice change to look forward to a post match managerial interview
  4. Your posts never inferred that imo. Providing feedback that proof reading is maybe a very good starting point to social media posts is helpful, nothing more.
  5. I don’t think Blame Me has his “sights set” on anyone. He’s just calling it exactly as he, and I, see it. Feedback about how social media posts shouldn’t have glaring errors in a large whack of posts should be welcomed - some of the responses to him make it seem like no feedback is welcome (a signature of the old regime and something that is the opposite of what we should be aiming for)
  6. Won't change anything for us. Morton will get a 3-0 win, leaving them on 4 points and a +1 GD. They'll almost definitely beat Bonnyrigg, thus, we still need a point v Clyde
  7. Our injury list for a year + has been a joke - we can’t blame the pitch anymore. Is it bad luck, or something to do with strength/conditioning/physio/inadequate checks before players sign? Onto last night. Hard to take too much from it. Pitch is a mess - the pitch on the “changing room” side had a massive slope, and was difficult to play too much football on. Playing Leon Mccann CB is hilarious and shows the extend of our injuries. He did okay second half but we struggled, obviously, with long balls and crosses all night. Again, can’t really take too much from that. He Probably won’t ever play at CB again in his career. Oliver held up really well, and I noticed when Morrison cut inside and fired his 11th shot over the bar, (Oliver was fuming), Morrison’s head dropped, and instantly Oliver told him to keep his head up and keep going. Yeats and Mcginn decent combo I think. Mcginn such a leader and Yeats engine looked top notch, charging around at the end of the game. Now for my MOTM - Mackie - can play any position across the back line, numerous crucial interventions, lots of headers won, good distribution last night - wouldn’t be surprised if he plays almost every minute of the season for us
  8. It’s not nitpicking. They’re getting major details wrong often, which caused a real fuss pre hibs game, and now this Nitpicking would be incorrect grammar etc
  9. That’s the wife’s ticket going to waste then
  10. That is a disgrace of a challenge btw. Stick on red these days. Pleasing FullSizeRender.MOV
  11. Mcglynn pre season interviews were just a warm up, loved that interview post match
  12. Some of the worst managers to ever grace our club have brought in Declan McManus, Anton Dowds and Jaze Kabia in the last 2/3 years. John Mcglynn is not going to rely on our current options. If we get to the end of August it’s panic stations and forget everything I’ve posted in the last 2 months.
  13. When we walk down memory lane on this thread (which there was a lot of this summer), lots of the memories are too far back for me. Im sure I’ll be reminiscing on here in 30 years of that first half v Hibs though. As others said, Brazilian style football by a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds. Annoying we couldn’t hang on. Felt sick walking up the stairs to the exit at Full time. Remember hearing the start of sunshine on Leith and forcing myself not to turn around, as that would be my main memory of the day if I did. Glad I didn’t. Still haven’t watched past the first half on YouTube since.
  14. Let's hope it's not the same case as last season, where we seemed to beat everyone in bounce, behind closed door games, then collapse at the weekend
  15. I knew something was up! Daily record as reliable as Sick Boy these days.
  16. Does anyone know if the club shop is open tomorrow evening? Want to pick up bonnyrigg tickets but can’t go during day due to work
  17. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2022/07/06/statement-re-clarke-epos-uk-limited/ Statement from the club R.E Clarke EPOS - hope we take "them" to the cleaners.
  18. https://twitter.com/Record_Sport/status/1544327637044269057?s=20&t=yoJiFHJ3wEBmra4HJCx3sw
  19. Wednesday for ST holders only, Thursday for general sale
  20. Good to see some youth back in and around the team
  21. I don’t really get the Ugwu one. A player who’s record is decent and Morton fans on the whole wanted to keep him, but supposedly wanted to go down south. Why would he have to have a trial with us? He’s played for Mcglynn before as well? Genuinely feels like a mistaken identity case
  22. Whatever it is that Clarke Epos do, they’re still doing it - this article is from just last week https://todayheadline.co/ardeer-thistle-hugh-clarke-of-clarke-epos-uk-to-take-over/
  23. Considering this was posted a day ago on the Facebook group that somehow manages to be even worse than COYB, I’d take it with a massive pinch of salt.
  24. Got my own trebuchet out today - this lad straight into the blocked bin.
  25. He’s getting a stand named after him (according to a killie fan on here)
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