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  1. 10 minutes ago, Albertobotswana said:

    Every game I believe (certainly at this level) we can win, have done for years. Been a fan for 36 years, seen bad times and worse times.

    Did anyone think we would end up in L1 or throw it all away last year?

    Expect the unexpected!


    For the inane patter about how you’re worried that Rennie *might* be an Aberdeen fan. Who gives a f**k. Hallmarks of a troll 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Albertobotswana said:

    I'm an eternal optimist and believe that we can still win this league. Although Cove are walking it, they are grinding out results and some of these one goal difference wins could easily be draws. They will drop points!

    The games against Montrose and QP are the benchmark games to see how good/improved we actually are. I believe it's possible to get full points.

    Weirdly, it could be DAFC we get in the play-offs and our recent bounce games against them suggests we could actually beat them. I know bounce games and actual competitive games are different but the signs are there.

    My only concern with MR is that from memory his team was/is Aberdeen not Falkirk. Certainly his younger brother is and they hung around with other Aberdeen fans at school. Stephen Glass is hardly setting the heather alight.


  3. 2 hours ago, Big chungus said:

    Wishful thinking but if we went on an absolutely class run no reason as to why we couldn’t get second. Need Jaze and Anton to get 20 -25goals between them - look what happened last year when Thistle had a good January and brought in players like tiffoney. 

    Finishing 2nd or 4th basically makes not a jot of difference in this playoff system. Would still need to beat two of 2nd bottom champ, 3rd or 4th in League 1 over 2 legs. Basically zero incentive to finish 2nd over 4th.  

  4. So if all fit we'd look like a back 5 of

                           Watson Dixon ATS                 

    Williamson                                        Mccann

    Is Dixon tall/strong enough to play middle of a back 3? Not sure Watson could play middle with Dixon on the right given Dixon is left footed

  5. 2 minutes ago, Senor Bairn said:

    Sad that the possibility of having to pack in following the team I've watched since I was about 10 because of some fat 33 year old creep from the raploch scoring a few goals for Clyde potentially entices us chuck out the reputation of being family club.



    +1. Pure speculation atm though

  6. 2 minutes ago, Duncan Freemason said:

    No sign of the Keena story on the Official Site yet, which seems strange given that Sligo have announced it as well as the Irish edition of the Sun.

    Sligo haven't officially announced it. Given the only article about it came from the Irish Sun and spelled his name wrong I doubt its finalised yet. But looking likely it's true.

  7. Think that’s being harsh on east fife. They came to ours and were 1-0 up at HT and should’ve been more. Their play deserved more than what they got yesterday. That alone is far more than Dumbarton have done in their 2 games v us so far. 

    Guess the table doesn’t lie though. They’re humped

  8. Best interview yet from Rennie imo. With funds available it would be simple to sign a bunch of duffers like previous managers. He’s going down the harder route. If the right players don’t come then he won’t be wasting the cash. I’m certain he knows we need at least a CB before the end of the window 

  9. 3 hours ago, deegee said:

    Personally, I do worry that the majority of the Scottish public have been so beaten and are so meekly submissive, that there actually is a push back from getting back to normal. You see it in lots of anecdotal areas where shops, education and many businesses never did let up on social distancing, obsessive mask wearing and forcing hand sanitiser the second anyone looks in their direction.

    I frankly fear this type of forum is the occasionally mocked “ echo chamber” of sanity and for years we’ll be seeing folk walking around in goggles, hoods, masks and gloves whilst shopping in case a stranger coughs and they catch a cold.

    Boozy Cow in Edinburgh a prime example of this. Went in October and what once was an ok place in the middle of town to have a pint has been turned into a Covid hellhole. Signs about vax and masks everywhere, no getting to your seat without doing test and trace, table service only etc etc. Thoroughly miserable experience for the half hour I was there. Places like that, luckily, will be left in the gutter whilst everywhere else gets back to normal

  10. 3 hours ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    I have been told that the signings we make will make the fans go wow and not in a bad way,but no names were given.

    This was from the same guy that told me Rennie was getting the managers job a day before he was announced.

    You filthy filthy animal 

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