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  1. Class day out to Banks Odee ruined. f**k off!
  2. Aye, allowing him and Holt to stay for these 2 league games will be the fitting, shitey footnote to Deans’s tenure. Feck me I bet the players taking themselves could muster a point or 3 out of these 2 games, nout with Sheerin and Holt running it though.
  3. Spot on. Its extremely harmful. More importantly though, it is just very very thick.
  4. Has she not been briefed that the variant is already in Scotland? Like, has she had a complete brain fart there? Absurd
  5. Yes very true. Getting rid of the grim reaper might give us a chance of having a better list of candidates to choose from
  6. Could be a lot of shite. But do you reckon there were lots of names in the last application list that were up to much? Or was it more likely they were overall utter guff, so guff that we went out and tried to persuade a few who didn’t even apply to come to us?
  7. Because otherwise criticism of the appointment, if it goes wrong, is pure hindsight and for me isn’t credible, when no alternative is offered. I’m not saying Sheerin’s time isn’t up. But I think any grown up discussion about who is best to replace him requires names, otherwise it just becomes a list of qualities we all want but don’t actually exist in any candidate
  8. The list of names was so bad last time that Sheerin felt like the least bad option. It’s only going to be the same this time. In which case, Darren Young? If not, suggest a better name that we could get. I’m not having Rice. His off field problems coupled with our basket case club spells trouble to me
  9. Given Holt’s hands on approach to the youth team I’d be just amazed if he didn’t have anything to do with the 1st team.
  10. Nesbitt mentioning our pitch being slow, making any passing game more difficult. Why don’t we fucking water it then? Pretty sure we did when holt was manager years ago. Is there anyone in our club with a brain cell between them????
  11. Is that Mikey Doyle suspended for our game next week, or do cards not carry competitions? Having an ex bairn out might increase our chances of getting a point from 0% to 1%
  12. His pre match interview was alarming enough - pretty sure he used the phrase “get this one out the way” referring to today’s game. Losers mentality stuff
  13. Im not going to be too brutal or harsh on Sheerin. He’s not a manager, but having the fucking grim reaper Holt looming over him must be a burden. So far he’s seen off 2 managers in 6 months of football (or at least he should’ve, at any normal club sheerin would be gone last week). He’s overseen a 8 point gap into finishing 5th, and an end of season capitulation where he himself was manager where I was ashamed to support my club. He’s overseen a summer where everyone he contacted turned him down, and assembled a squad that is the worst in my living memory, all whilst smugly claiming at fan q and a’s he’d assembled a much better squad, citing Ryan Williamson as an example, who is now once again injured, for probably another month or 2. Get out of our club.
  14. Can see us scoring but as a unit we will be so far off winning the game tomorrow. 1-3.
  15. Absolutely agree with this. I’m all for the new investment. BPM knowing a few of them and saying they’re good guys is enough to convince me this is really promising. However I absolutely do not blame others for wanting more info before parting with their actual cash. It’s the same club we all want to do well and we’ve been burnt many times before, a few recently. Slamming these folk for even asking what the goals/aims/direction is will only alienate them. Time to move in the right direction with genuine openness and discussion
  16. Just can't get over that Pagel thread. Really does hit home how out of touch these people are. Her and her husband have locked themselves away for 20 months, in the only life you get, only for them both to get it, and for it to be a runny nose and some sore joints for a few days. Fucking brilliant.
  17. Good to see she's getting torn to shreds, despite turning off her replies, by the real scientists/normal people. Just epic that she thinks infection is basically a punishment for carelessness or moral failure. A mind completely warped by Covid.
  18. Unless we somehow luck into some formation or system that allows us to take 10 points out of 12 before January, I agree with you. We won’t be going up with anything less than that return. Chucking money at Holt and Sheerin in early January whilst we’re 10 points off top would be an instantly poor decision by the new board
  19. Top notch desire and header by dowds for their winner yesterday. Glad he’s our player!
  20. Don’t know but feels like cove at home early last season. Beyond that feels like a while ago too. Totally scunnered tbh. Don’t even know if sheerin is getting less out of the squad, maybe it is just rubbish. All I know is Holt is a constant in the new depths we’ve plunged who has to go. Feels like there’s little way back for sheerin due to home performances too. Just totally abject with a consistent attempt to pretend “these things happen” and we “can’t win them all” in post match interviews
  21. Alloa Montrose match thread and all they can talk about is us, whilst the content of their conversation is how we're not a big team.
  22. https://www.icc-cricket.com/news/2355681 Saw this as I follow Cricket Scotland on Twitter. Our U19s are taking the place of New Zealand U19s (who had qualified, we just missed out). No expert but it seems that minors would have to quarantine once back in NZ (due to vaccination?). To me that is utterly ridiculous. Rest of the world getting on with things whilst these young lads, who worked hard to get to the tourney, miss out on vital experience and potentially fall behind other nations? Poor.
  23. I’m also relatively positive compared to what I was at start of season, down to 3 things I think. 1) Ruth isn’t hopeless. Don’t think he’s a world beater but he’s now scored a couple of really decent goals for us and his display v Dumbarton was genuinely decent/good. 2) In Grainger we have at least 1 very competent coach, from what I’m hearing. Compared to M and M, we had none. 3) Last year, Partick were truly hopeless til about 17 games into the season. There is no formula to win this league imo. I’m absolutely not saying I expect us to dominate like they did, but even a mild upturn in form/performance (I think we may have bottomed out already with those shockers v dumbarton, airdrie etc) would see us challenging in playoff positions.
  24. Krasniqi needs to keep playing solely so I can keep singing Viva Ernaldo Viva Ernaldo Viva Ernaldo. Young team in fine form yesterday
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