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  1. Environmental factor ok you are definitely at it
  2. Must win otherwise we're entering complete collapse territory
  3. Hope some of the old biddies who are queuing and some of whom will ask for section B7/8 are being told by staff they’ll be in the heart of smoke bombs, standing and singing
  4. Why not? He’s very open and honest on there. I do think they’ve ballsed this up though.
  5. Inverness have them online and you can pick section by section; but for us there is “no provision”? Doesn’t make sense to me.
  6. I mean we can quote league positions til the sun sets, it’s just not very interesting or relevant to any reasonable debate. It would justify Cowdenbeath being a bigger club than Rangers in 2012 because Rangers were in League 2. A funny thought, just very obviously complete nonsense.
  7. It's just a fact tbh, if you look through his clubs managed (apart from Hearts as DF rightly alluded to) Falkirk would be considered the biggest job of any of them
  8. Sounds a bit defeatist but there’s not much you can do when a team goes a whole season losing potentially 1 game. Hold your hands up and say fair fucks.
  9. Scottish cup semi and a very realistic chance at promotion, from our lowest season in my memory, and we’ve got people quoting 1984, jesusssss wept
  10. Very hard to look back on M&M’s time without remembering the complete lost the dressing room collapse at the end and some of the lowest points in our history (until last season) - I believe bainsfordbairn put a great post up on here a while back about that Peterhead away game. One is now an estate agent and one is a hairdresser. Fine professions but read into that what you will.
  11. Typical that the one bit of quality finishing came when Kennedy was maybe a baw hair offside. Penalty is a free kick anywhere on the pitch, annoying to get both given against us. In truth the performance/system wasn’t good enough and maybe in the long run it’s for the best that we realise that now rather than later
  12. No goals in 3 League 1 games is pathetic.
  13. Aye, was tongue in cheek - they’ve been getting worse this season, mentioned before I hoped Swinney can have a word.
  14. How’d you know she’s not the pyro smuggler?
  15. Cannot say I’m thrilled about that.
  16. Aye, and this is Hampden. We'll have about 20 sections to choose from when it comes to selling tickets. Makes sense to have everyone who wants to stand in the same 1 or 2.
  17. Good graphic, looks about right to me - assuming they sell from B8 downwards and C5 downwards, which I’m not sure is a given.
  18. I actually think they might have them the wrong way round.
  19. I thought we were most dangerous before you scored - we controlled the second without causing any real trouble, bit like Dunfermline last week. I find Mcglynn’s interviews when we win far more informative. I don’t think he takes well to losing at all and an interview 20 minutes after a game are never ideal anyway. But give me a manager who isn’t perfect in interviews who gets you to cup semis and fights for promotion over the lads who spoke a good game but had us finishing outside the playoff places in back to back seasons anyday
  20. Not overly surprised by that it must be said. Glad it came instantly, lesson learned for some players that their feet need to be on the ground
  21. Just watched the highlights of our last game at Palmerston as couldn’t really remember it. Burrell looked ridiculous that day, quite amazing he hasn’t had a look in this year. If Queens are going to be open again tomorrow I’d release the Burrell.
  22. Anyone know what actually happened with Alegria? Because we’ve been doing so well and now have striking options his departure is long forgotten but was a very odd one. Remember Mcglynn saying what had happened would no doubt come out but nothing clear from what I can see.
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