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  1. He definitely isn’t falkirk bound so you don’t have to worry about us!
  2. Why should it? I’d rather have the playoff system, keeps the league interesting for almost every team. Aye, it’s maybe a bit weighted to the prem team, but all playoff systems have a tinge of “unfairness”. As random guy says, it’s not like the prem team have an automatic win. From memory Hamilton, Dundee and Livingston have been worthy winners from the champ. Just cos we bottled our final v killie doesn’t mean other teams have to.
  3. Best result for us I think, Queens Park with Coyle and biggest budget in the league would’ve been tough. Airdrie potentially lose manager and their best players, and even if not may still may feel they’ve blown their best chance at promotion. Pleasing.
  4. Hopkin should never work in any capacity in football again
  5. Airdrie look bang up for this. Could be a long afternoon for queens
  6. There’s a whole new board I believe all of whom are falkirk fans. Is it any surprise they have some friends? Jesus suffering fuckkkkkk
  7. Loved watching Jaze play when he was on it, which is a more glowing statement than I’ve given to pretty much any falkirk player in the last 3 years. To me he has all the attributes to be a really successful striker not only here but down south. Jacobs is finished
  8. Aye almost defo a wind up. Think Speince has previous
  9. Game was awful, quality was awful, first leg in front of that crowd was a bit of a joke. When you see the Scottish footy twitter lads say English football is overhyped, watch any of their playoffs (from the top 5 tiers) and they’re much better than that. At the same time, both teams would’ve absolutely shagged us rotten with this season’s team. Bit like Raith did with 10 men.
  10. Saw this on twitter - could apply to us next season if it’s an SPFL / SFA rule?
  11. How do you know this? Thought the council did a power of work over the gig admin stuff.
  12. Who’d people prefer out of Annan or Edinburgh City? Both a massive upgrade (away day wise) on East Fife. I initially thought Edinburgh City but I’ve just seen the wee shitey stand they’ve built at Meadowbank and thought, maybe not
  13. Really thought he was a brilliant bit of business last Summer, came with glowing reviews. Agreed have to pin most of the blame on Sheerin, but Grainger’s pre match cove interview was shameful - utter loser mentality after 3 defeats in a row, one of which was 6-0 to Queens Park 5 days previously. We then got scudded 3-0 at home by Cove.
  14. Dunfermline and QOS down, one of Edinburgh city or Annan up, Kelty up. Much tougher league but oh baby those away days
  15. It’s a lot easier to give time, as a fan, to a guy who has proven success. Not a diddy who came from American women’s football, or a guy who who put the cones out for Mcinness, or a pair whos subsequent careers have been hairdressing and estate agents.
  16. 2 year deal, makes you wonder what absolute shrapnel the Raith board were offering. Really thought we’d have to tempt him with 3 years
  17. Thought that too. Was a straight shootout pre season over which one we were gonna sign wasn’t it?
  18. I meant at the time we acquired than now, obviously very little competition there. Didn’t realise See was 27 Tbf.
  19. Fair point, seems to have done very little before his time at Edinburgh. Been scoring quite a few this season though.
  20. Fairly similar height, as I said raw when we acquired, pace on them with the ability to finish. Both would come from a team who is below the level we’d be asking them to play at. You reckon Fash was better?
  21. Ouzy See next season anyone? Very much in the Nathan Austin mould, raw but would cause bother at this level imo.
  22. Wow. That is some result. Really thought Dumbarton would have enough about them to get through playoffs fairly comfortably. Fair play Edinburgh.
  23. Edinburgh city beating dumbarton 2-0 at half time first leg, now that is an away day I can get behind!
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