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  1. M and M. The funds were there. Genuinely laughable decision
  2. Saw this on twitter, what a great idea to let the fans pick their favoured kit, really is a win win. Would love to see something like this at falkirk Pretty much guarantees to maximise kit sales too as it allows the majority to have their preferred kit. Smart
  3. I mean come on mate. How can you not spot this whoosh
  4. Another game that would’ve been in serious doubt due to the rain now guaranteed to be on because of the plastic pitch. Say what you like about it but it’s saved us a slab of income this season already
  5. We could’ve been 0-4 up at your place. Home game in August we were lucky to win
  6. Huh? Looks about a foot away from the whole ball being behind the line Wasnt at the game tonight but seems very promising a lot of our players didn’t play well but we won 2-0. Momentum picking up
  7. It’s quite a bit too large. 0-0 16/1 mega value too
  8. It has been a bit of a surprise to me that East fife have had by far the most tinpot freakshows in their support in league 1. Thought it was gonna be a Montrose or a Stranraer. Shame
  9. Couldn’t agree more. De vita seems a pointless signing given he’s slow and small, and Todd I hate to say it seems no better than longridge or Connolly - take the 1 on 1 v hearts, pure lack of quality that is. Petravicius went to QOS a couple of weeks ago - very much a marmite player but he really would have struck the fear into some of these league 1 defences, plus wouldn’t have been a domestic loan. Would rather have had him than Todd and de vita combined probably and would have then had space for a striker/defender as a domestic loan. But then again surely we’re not better at recruitment than actual football managers...surely...
  10. This would only work with a good balance of “backups”. We currently have 1 keeper (fine), 1 striker (McMillan), 1 CB (Hall) and 4 midfielders (Mcshane, Telfer, de vita, Todd). A hopeless mix, and if either of the wing backs were to get injured or straight redded there would be instant panic
  11. The jig was up by then. The real big games were alloa and Morton and we collapsed hideously in both
  12. Yeah, I’ve done the home end a couple of times, but the difference is, I don’t act like a walloper and stand in the corner of the stand with a group of fellow fans singing songs. This lot did that from before the game even started, making them easy to spot, and should’ve been hounded out as soon as that happened. It wasn’t a Hearts section. The main stand sweety rustlers really outdid themselves on Saturday, if they’d done that in the SS they would’ve been chucked out and worse
  13. Very good day for us, barely couldn’t care less now about the hearts game. I’m on the ale
  14. I wonder if the raith fans will get the same treatment as us big bad bairns fans for complaining about the pitch. It’s shite and it makes the game almost a total lottery. Fact
  15. It’s a decent distraction but this game really does mean nothing to us, and we’ve got very very little chance of winning. It means so little that I think I’d probably prefer a stranraer win on Saturday to a falkirk win - being 6 points behind with east fife next is giving me the fear.
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