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  1. Some posts on here do beggar belief. The new bodies literally are not in the building yet. Holt, like it or not, probably does a lot of work with the current youth set up. The nature of his job means it’s a far more difficult firing/redundancy/gardening leave situation r.e contract than it is Sheerin. I have made clear however that he does need to go. Our squad is average to pish. Not going to change overnight. Give the new guys time FFS
  2. Nah not having that. That’s conspiracy theory stuff. Deans et al have been incompotent to the max. Absolutely not defending them. But they’re falkirk fans. Have no doubts they’ve been in constant dialogue with those coming in from 5pm yesterday in order to do what’s best for the club
  3. Let’s see what happens with the football operations update. Agreed it’s awkward timing. Maybe they’ll be gone tomorrow so they dont have to go through the shame of the AGM update
  4. I’m fine with the current incumbents leaving it for the new board to boot Holt and Sheerin. Of course, we all know they can’t stay, and I’m certain the current board know that. But it’s a decision that affects the future of the club, thus I think it’s only fair that that decision is taken by those who are taking the club forward. The fact that it’s a complete non decision doesn’t change that
  5. Rice gives me the absolute fear. But then again I thought at the time of appointment Sheerin might be decent. Pretty certain it will be Rice too given what I’m hearing.
  6. agreed. 2 Centre half’s who when jettisoned will end up at league 2 level. When combined with a left back who’s 5 foot when jumping. Yeesh surprised we haven’t taken more humpings
  7. No one, obviously, you were right. I didn’t think he was an amazing appointment but I genuinely didn’t think he’d be a disaster. How wrong I was.
  8. Are away fans usually in the John lambie stand? Seems a bit mental if they’ve opened it just for this game, will be lucky if we take 500 through
  9. Surely they have to do it due to contract with sponsor. I’m sure they hate putting out the tweet too given they know the venom that’ll be in the replies.
  10. This is where I am mate. Those who my entire life I've broadly agreed with, who have, since about May, been calling for lockdowns, vax passports, facemasks in every location they can think of...all because, really, they are just thick and genuinely don't really know the effectiveness of these actions. The single biggest issue, politically, for my life for now and for the foreseeable is covid. The tories, it pains me to say, have aligned with my views and have called it perfectly for the last few months. That pains me to say but if there were a general election tomorrow I wouldn't think twice about voting for them. They are the only party I vaguely agree with on by far the single biggest issue in my life
  11. Class day out to Banks Odee ruined. f**k off!
  12. Aye, allowing him and Holt to stay for these 2 league games will be the fitting, shitey footnote to Deans’s tenure. Feck me I bet the players taking themselves could muster a point or 3 out of these 2 games, nout with Sheerin and Holt running it though.
  13. Spot on. Its extremely harmful. More importantly though, it is just very very thick.
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