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  1. Haha Christ, that penalty shout on Alegria is an absolute stonewaller. Linesman has to be doing better there as doubt ref had much of a view of it
  2. He’s on loan from that lot, what else would you expect. Same as Alegria.
  3. League looks like it’s there for the taking (again) and we are nowhere near a title winning team. Soft soft soft
  4. No Lawal but Kennedy and Oliver beggars belief imo - heck I would even have had Yeats in there with Mcginn today. Airdrie might run over us again.
  5. This is too subtle a bait and simply will not get the rises it deserves. A real veteran at work.
  6. I don’t think the FSS membership is disappointing. The scheme is mere months old. Having been involved with other similar schemes at amateur sports clubs (50/50 clubs etc), it takes years to build these up. Ideally you want a load of people getting a tenner taken out of their account every month and basically not noticing - that takes time, and to me we are well on track. If in 5 years we’re only at 1000 I’d be a tad disappointed. That’s why I was pretty angry with the shouts of “it’s failed, we’ll have to pursue a different avenue”
  7. Any genuine chance? Think it’s more likely than not - as you said it’s fairly unsustainable down here
  8. If only we’d had Gary Holt spending more money on longer contracts then we wouldnt be in such a financial mess. f**k me!
  9. this is what a biased, bad faith actor looks like.
  10. I think it's more than likely to be true, yes. AGM postponement is a major step and would not be surprised if auditors had refused to approve. The Scottish Cup being our last hope is a major lol though. There are many ways of raising funds (as we are a fairly large club) - club are obviously exploring all these options. There's no point in covering up that it is a serious financial situation - the 2 guys on the Falkirk Daft podcast were clear imo.
  11. There are definitely valid criticisms/concerns over the scheme but this isn’t one of them. Nobody is thinking “can I afford to have Christmas dinner OR spend five thousand pounds on a 10 year ticket”. Wealthy/relatively wealthy people exist. This scheme is for them at a time when the club is in desperate short term need for cash. The “mood of the nation/cost of living crisis” argument doesn’t cut it for me.
  12. Think our home record v Airdrie is somehow even worse than our away one recently. Would take any sort of win, failing to do so and it’s wheels slightly falling off the league bandwagon territory.
  13. There are some seriously soul destroying draws around so Alloa away to me really wasn’t that bad. Always quite enjoyed the atmosphere on the grass bank and decent chance of getting to the last 16.
  14. I hope the lack of Falkirk tv interviews / highlights means all the players and staff went bang on the lash after the game. Fully deserved
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