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  1. At least 40k between them plus Holt’s 50K. That gives you a real top quality striker or other position or 2 decent players. But hey, we’ve got dowds and Wilson 😀
  2. The covid doom mongering makes its way onto the COYB falkirk FB page....do they realise what vaccines do 🤣🤣
  3. From my understanding there is no such thing as “coming in for a round of tests” this season, unlike last. Players do at home lateral flow tests maybe 2 or more times a week - a LOT cheaper for clubs but much less reliable I think
  4. I don’t think we’re even close to being the most negative fan base in the country. Even last summer when we had an as yet unproven (bad or good) M&M, a few additions who we thought would bring some decent quality (Alston, Keena, Dowds, Morrison) the mood on here was pretty positive. Same with season before. This summer however, now we have a guy on 50k who’s job is to give us a good transfer window, has been the most pathetic in my memory and we have only been let down for the last about decade.
  5. I hope the falkirk support aren’t dumb enough to think Sheerin and Grainger are the ones to blame for the shitshow that’s about to unfurl. Unfit, unprepared, nowhere near enough quality, lack of depth, hated DOF who sniffs about the training pitch. The only saving grace is I don’t see us being anything other than abject from the start, unlike last season.
  6. This is far too simplistic imo. The real risk of transmission with 17k comes from public transport, sharing busses, cars, pubs etc before and after the game, not the couple of hours you’re outside, still sitting a decent distance from each other. Which is why I’d hope common sense would apply to smaller grounds such as ourselves where public transport to and from games is far less than rangers/Celtic in a major city. I’d hoped we’d get a bigger share % of capacity allowed into ground. Either way, I hope the club ask and keep on asking.
  7. I see Rangers have 17k next week for Livi game. We should definitely be applying for 4k v Peterhead...but the club probably just won't bother.
  8. No football for me for 17 months and now 2 away games in 4 days where I can go to the pub before for a few. Fucking, buzzing. (btw ayr tickets now on sale)
  9. Totally irrelevant to the result of course, but this offside in the first half was just hilarious. Linesman should never get another gig, our boy was still onside about a second after the ball was played ffs
  10. Spot on. Key positions more important than many think. All well and good having an adequate CDM and LB. That isn’t enough. We do not have GK CB or striker sorted. Key positions. Imo it’s embarrasing Holt hasn’t realised this and we’ll be found wanting big time this season. Would love to be proved wrong
  11. I was very critical of Holt’s signing (given hes 23 not 17 or anything, and the SD’s son)....but maybe it works in our favour if we can pay him total peanuts because of that fact and get away with it
  12. Thank feck this clown didn’t get the gig. Spouting this nonsense if he was our manager would be embarrassing
  13. Still a child, wouldn’t want to rely on him for more than 20 mins every few games or so at our level never mind yours.
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