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  1. The Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the Scottish Cup, is an annual association football knock-out cup competition for men's football clubs in Scotland. The competition was first held in 1873–74. Entry is open to all clubs with full or associate membership of the Scottish Football Association (SFA).
  2. Read it all, it's self explanatory.
  3. He probably got 300 from the Winton website......
  4. Couldn't make the game but positive feedback on the setup and welcome from those who could. Always nice to hear.
  5. We always had the name, don't let the facts ruin your attempt at trolling though. The current entity has never been extinct either, we changed leagues after the league membership was transferred during an administration purchase. I'll let you find out for yourself what league Clydebank FC played in during 2002-03
  6. Agreed, I believe all parties are happy with the terms though.
  7. If it's what the council wanted, then yeah. Don't see what that has to do with agreement Yoker Athletic has with Clydebank though.
  8. Only when they aren't maintained properly.
  9. I used the three of them for a blow job.
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