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  1. Very much as above. I’m gutted that it took me so long to discover FR, would’ve really loved to witness them live. Some of the live videos properly gives me goosebumps, and I listen probably on a daily basis now. Phenomenal talent and hope he found peace.
  2. Acon

    F1 2019

    I know F1 2020 is out now, but I’m not into F1 enough so spunk £50+ on a game. Downloaded the demo and tempted to buy this at about £8 off PS store. Is it worth it? I had a quick shot of it and it seems solid, I dunno if I’m just well out of practice (not owned an F1 game since the PS2 days) or I farted about with settings that made it stupidly difficult. I was in a Mercedes and couldn’t get out of last place so I think that’ll tell you how incompetent I am at it. Should i accept the driving line/breaking assistances etc until I’m more used to it?
  3. What’s the gist with Pro Evo’s online nowadays? I’ve flitted between the 2 games in the last few years, I ended up with Fifa again this year due to it being about £20 in a sale and the fact my pals all play clubs. Also a sucker for manager mode despite the lack of real improvement in it in the last few years. Definitely prefer Pro Evo more for gameplay though, far superior. Just annoyed me with online lagging more than I find on Fifa. Tried to convince my pals to convert but they’re idiots.
  4. Partner bought me this back in September and took me a while to pick it up due to RDR2 etc. Pretty much in agreement with the general gist of what’s been said already. There’s so much potential in the game but yet it quickly got samey and repetitive. Getting caught out by hordes made for some exciting moments, but overall it was pretty bland. Lost interest in the story as well. For how hyped I was for the game it disappointed, but it’s not the worst game I’ve played. Fell into the horizon zero dawn category of overall meh for me.
  5. Headhunter for the ps2 was one that I wish I had completed. I remember for years I couldn’t complete a certain level, and would chuck it. Went back to it a while afterwards and progressed well through it. Only for it then to freeze at the same point and it got forgotten about. More recently, couldn’t be arsed with Horizon Zero Dawn. Got quite a bit through it too and then it froze after me not saving for a while, never bothered to go back to it because I got RDR2.
  6. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-statement-7/ And Caldwell wins the sack race by a nose!
  7. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/06/14/por-hearts-and-league-one-duo-eye-free-agent-mandron/ Might be a bit out our range this year
  8. Said the very same to my pal, definitely sounded that way. Think there’s a player in there somewhere so a wee 2 year might be a good piece of business.
  9. In fairness, Doolan had been marking Stewart before he was subbed off. Harkins marking the area after that would’ve been better though.
  10. Erskine wearing number 10... Obviously he wouldn't be 11 but it just doesn't feel right
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