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  1. Are you not disappointed with some of the goals we are conceding though, decent point today I agree but defensively we need to improve.
  2. Could be doing with some of them in the first team [emoji23]
  3. No I am just being realistic, but in a few years time it will all fall apart.
  4. Can see Darvel getting further ahead, see glasgow scored another 2 for them today
  5. Darvel 5nil think they are in with a good chance of winning the league
  6. Think the weathers to be bad for today's game at Pollok
  7. Heard its cumnock and pollok on TV fri and Monday
  8. Ok thanks, I know some older ones that go weather permitting so they cant really buy tickets through the week then it buckets down on the Saturday [emoji23]
  9. What's the story with tickets for pollok Talbot as I think the game could attract more than 1k if it was pay at the gate
  10. Whit a mind feck of a thread [emoji23], let talk about today's game [emoji1787]
  11. Played well today , apart from a couple of defensive/goalie errors.
  12. I honestly don't think we need a replacement in the sense of an attacking player as we have enough of them, I would like to see the money used for defensive type players imo.
  13. Some reports suggesting 12k transfer fee, find that hard to believe. I am thinking around 9k?
  14. That's what i'm saying , in a few years time its surely got to implode.
  15. See what happens in a few year when the money men pull the plug
  16. How much do u think Talbot got for him ? He will be on a decent wage
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