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  1. Anyone know how many supporters could be at the game tomorrow?
  2. Might work okay for Kilmarnock games but not for a Junior cup final imo
  3. Surely it would be common sense to award Glenafton the win ?
  4. Not good , could put some folk off going , especially neutrals etc that decide to go nearer kick off.
  5. Seemingly the scottish junior cup is tickets pay at gate[emoji17]
  6. Tough game on Sunday, hopefully a good turnout at Falkirk
  7. You know whit I mean, move the Glens game.
  8. They could maybe have moved the game to the Thursday as a one off
  9. Is that the wans that go to the Glens games that support Rangers
  10. I get that but I did see alot of Rangers tops at a game
  11. Don't think there will be many at the Glens game on Wednesday with Rangers playing
  12. My favourite away ground will be good to hopefully have a game under the lights next season
  13. That could be a massive win for Glenafton to try and stay up
  14. Rangers playing in the final on Wed I think europa
  15. Think he has scored a few goals for stenny, fast player always seemed come in from the wing, always a tough opponent when Talbot played Beith
  16. Good player, always thought we should have signed him before he went to pollok
  17. With the cup final looming against Bonnyrigg, how much of a difference do you think there is in quality between the 2 sides with them just been promoted to league 2? I know we have beaten them in the past but they have improved since then and also we have beat various other teams that play at that level and higher. I think it will be a close game but we will need to be at our best to win.
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